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  1. Is it OK for me to plug a different thread? http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11778 It's about two wads I made, and I'd say A#1.WAD has a **** of a lot of monsters in places. DEAD.WAD does too, but not to the same extent. Give 'em a try and let me know if you enjoyed them. EDIT: ALways. Shoot. Cacos.
  2. bunge

    Two WADS for your enjoyment.

    I doubt you'll need to post it, the FTP server was just full at the time. I'll get it from there, or the other link tonight. I can't believe that this thread has inspired me. I've got a new idea in my head already.
  3. bunge

    Two WADS for your enjoyment.

    Nanami, the FTP site was full. I'll keep trying until I can get it though. Just reading what you've said is making me envision new levels...it's an addiction even after a few years off. I can still feel it. It's bad. Good. You know what I mean.... As for OS X, I redownloaded Hellmaker and we'll see if I can get something new done. I do have a third level I was working on, but maybe something completely fresh to start again would be good. And I thought the author of Hellmaker would have responded because I actually paid the $10.... If you haven't played A#1.WAD yet, I say give it a try. It's a little more spruced up than DEAD.WAD, but nothing like what I imagine Nanami's level must be. I love Doom. Belated happy birthday.
  4. bunge

    Two WADS for your enjoyment.

    Finish A#1? Well I did finish it...sort of. It's got an exit and all (and I think it's even marked! ;) but I just had to cut away some. Now I've grown into what I have and don't want to change it I guess. Plus, Hellmaker was OS 8 compatible (and some versions of OS 9) but I've been using OS X for several years now. A damn shame the author never responded to my emails about getting the thing carbonized for OS X. Needless to say what I cut out could be the basis for a new level, but I'm kind of out of the scene now. I get the muse now and again (like when I see a wall and think of it as a texture...) but without the Mac tool it's not gonna happen. Nanami, when you say architecture, are you just referring to the look or also the layout? I worked really hard on the layout (and mostly avoided Grey64) but I guess that kept me from really glorifying the look of the maps. Not my strong point really. I'm glad you've all enjoyed them so far. I hope you're not jumping too much. ;)
  5. bunge

    Two WADS for your enjoyment.

    I'm really sorry about that. It was my first wad though. Thanks for pointing it out. That's what the monsters and ammo are there for...killing. Can't let any of them survive.
  6. bunge

    Two WADS for your enjoyment.

    Feel free. I'm glad you liked (?) them because they took some work. As for ammo, I tried really hard to get a good balance of monsters, health and ammo. It took many hours of playtesting. 80%? You can do better.... Cheers! PS Would you mind sharing the link to your site? Thanks.
  7. bunge

    Two WADS for your enjoyment.

    They will work on a PC, even on a 486. I just realized that they are "stuffed" instead of "zipped", but a modern PC should still be able to open them. I'll put up some unstuffed versions just in case....
  8. http://homepage.mac.com/bunge/FileSharing1.html A lurker here.... I'm currently sharing two old single player Doom II wads I created a number of years ago. I've always enjoyed the wad reviews on this page and was always too lazy to get mine put on ftp.cdrom.com or wherever. I'd like to make a couple of points. First, these wads were designed with one intent: to kill you. Not by putting 50 CyberDemons in a little room, but with ingenuity and (hopefully) some class. A few friends and I used to get together and make wads for each other solely so we could watch each other die in the levels we made. So, some of this is (hopefully) sadistic. Second, these are old, old-school wads. They have no special features and shouldn't require a port of any kind. Some big rooms might be helped by a port though. This also means though, that they were built WITHOUT jumping in mind. As a matter of fact, that could/would screw up the continuity of the levels and render them impossible to finish. They were designed to kill you, not be pretty. If you're the type of doomer that likes to use a chainsaw, not because you're out of ammo, but because you like to use a chainsaw, then try these levels. If you like the gritty, dirty original graphics, then you'll appreciate this level. If you like some interesting level design, then you should like these levels. We tried to be sick bastards to each other and I hope it worked. One last note. There are different styles of players, and all are welcome. But, me and my friends always play Doom the same way. The object is to kill all the monsters and find all the secrets no matter what. To us, it never mattered if you could finish a level in 10 minutes or 10 seconds. If you didn't get those 100 percents at the end of the level, you might as well have died. Last but not least, Dead.wad was my first wad. It might still have a little glitch or two, but it shouldn't have anything major. A#1 was originally created on a 486 DOS machine that couldn't handle all that I had envisioned. So I had to arbitrarily cut off construction with about 10% to go. Ultimately I did start to make a final version when I had a better computer (a Mac with Hellmaker) but by then it was kind of too late. If anyone wants to tweak these, feel free. If anyone were interested in finishing A#1 for me, I have a version that's stunted I might share. It's got one feature I had to cut out that I'm dying to see being used.... Otherwise I hope you have fun. -bunge
  9. bunge

    thoughts concerning a Doom movie...

    John Carpenter has stated in the past that he'd do a DOOM film in an instant. He'd be perfect. If anyone could make a good DOOM film, I have no doubt that JC could do it.
  10. bunge

    Doom Reviewed

    Are the 24 levels rehashes of the old levels, or are they 24 original levels?
  11. bunge

    Doom Movie Interview

    "I have no plans to make computer games, but if they offered me "Doom", I'd make it in 2 seconds." - John Carpenter
  12. bunge

    Literary Update

    Will there be any posting of the remaining WAD files, or possibly a complete ranking? Even if the remaining WADs aren't ranked 1-130+, they could be tabulated in some fashion, showing the rankings from each judge. That way those of us that entered a file could get a general idea of how poorly we did compared to some other WADs. :)
  13. bunge


    I'm a Mac user and (as far as I know) can't use BOOM compatible levels. So, if you can hear me Linguica, Megawads or not, if all of the plain old DOOM levels (if there were any other than mine :) could be made available in some fashion I'd appreciate it.
  14. I'm using an editor with plain old DOOM II on a Mac. I want to make sure when I have a finished level, I can build the nodes on the most up to date nodebuilder rather than the one included with my editor. Is BSP 2.3 the best? What version of BSP is MacBSP created from? I have virtual PC and will process my finished WAD file in any way that I need to in order to create the best possible finished product. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance....
  15. bunge

    Playstation Question...

    I asked this on the editing forum and unfortunately the answer I got was a big "no". But does anyone here know if it's possible to swap out a level on the Playstation version of Doom and replace it with a home made level? If so, how? Theoretically, it should be possible to replace one of the .WAD files while burning a new CD-R and then play it on a MODified Playstation. Unfortunately the .WAD files from the Playstation disc are "compiled" in a different format. Does any existing editor read these .WAD files? Thanks in advance, Bunge.