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  1. I haven't encountered any vanilla or Boom map which, in lack of an ACS print() feature, would use wall textures with text, optionally scrolling left, to give important hints to the player.


    I figure I'd use such textures to give mission briefings to the player at the start, then teleport him into the action area.

    1. Graf Zahl

      Graf Zahl

      Eternal Doom also has a few maps using some text on wall textures to explain what's going on.

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  2. Hey Graf, how hard would it be to allow mapping of Heretic/Hexen inventory items to hotkeys in GZDoom? The Hammer of Thyrion source port for Hexen 2 does this, so I actually use items in that game. :-P

    1. Graf Zahl

      Graf Zahl

      All Binds will be remembered. So yes, 'Bind <key> use <artifact name>' is all you need. If you check Hexen, that's precisely how it maps the keys for the special items, except the Flechette which suffers from a weird implementation decision way back in the earliest years of ZDoom...


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  3. If you're not served by WCVB 5, Boston, (and care), I'll either have a link to the segment, or the actual clip on my YouTube Channel.

  4. Bloodshedder said:

    I'm pretty sure this has gone on long enough.

    The state the community degenerated into such a state that respected and talented individuals are leaving or considering leaving is an important subject, one which deserves a chance to actually be discussed more than any other subject. The fact at least two of Doomworld's moderators wish to try to deny us this right rather illustrates the low to which we appear to have sunk.

    In fact, Bloodshedder's statement could be equally applied to Doomworld's current moderation "policy". While some of DW's forum staff are doing an admirable job, others most certainly are not. Moderators are supposed to act impartially and for the greater good, not because they're in a (seemingly permanent in some cases) bad mood, nor for their own personal interests. In some cases, I'm not sure why certain staffmembers were ever hired in the first place, given their behaviour and attitude before they were hired... some of them seem to have been given power merely because they were friends of other staffmembers, not because they were the best choice for the role.

    Oh, and let's not forget that one of the people involved in illegally obtaining KDIZD resources just happens to be a DW moderator...

    If I end up getting banned simply for providing this little bit of criticism, well that'll prove my point more than I ever could, and I hope anyone who's actually read this will bear that in mind. I love Doomworld, and the whole point of this little rant is I want it to go back to its former glory - in the case of both staff and forum-goers.

    1. Graf Zahl

      Graf Zahl

      Seeing this entire thread and especially the moderators' responses there's only one thing to say:

      You all suck!


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