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  1. I nominate DBP10: Earth Ends. When I had a first quick look it seemed to be a random jumble of mismatching textures, but it became clear what it all meant to be when actually playing it.
  2. Graf Zahl

    Good music

    35 years old, still hasn't been beaten. :)
  3. Graf Zahl

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    This makes me smile. :) The good thing here is that NFTs are already crashing hard now - when it's a relatively new thing. It's a clear sign that the market at large has no faith whatsoever in this nonsense, regardless of the relentless push by interested parties. Like any sane person here knows and many already have stated, it doesn't hurt to repeat: Ultimately this is a device to separate stupid people from their money. Those who started it got rich quick - those who are stuck with the worthless merchandise are screwed.
  4. Graf Zahl

    Your favourite sound in Doom

    Tie between Archvile and Revenant death, both are extremely satisfying to hear. :)
  5. Graf Zahl

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    One thing here should not be overlooked: Recently, both Microsoft and Sony have been on a buying spree for game studios. So there's quite a bit of market consolidation going on right now. And both Microsoft and Sony are heavily investing in game subscription services. On one hand it's a bad thing that competition is diminishing, but on the other hand these subscription services might allow to undertake some riskier experiements once in a while because the financial risk is more evenly distributed. I guess we'll see how this plays out. At least the business model is more honest than making people pay $50+ for a digital copy of the game the user never really owns. I still prefer older games from the Quake engine (1, 3 and 3) era - I wish there'd be more of them. I find the art style infinitely more appealing than modern games.
  6. Graf Zahl

    Doom Floppydisk 1.1v sell

    LOL, that price is definitely a *bit* outlandish. Equally interesting, there was a link on that page to a Redneck Rampage CD in its original packaging (not sealed) for €200. It's also unlikely to be sold.
  7. Graf Zahl

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    Market analysts suck. It's a typical case of misidentifying a certain group's behavior. Yes, we love our mods - but really - getting a new professionally made game in the same art style every now and then would be even better. But how to buy if there's nothing on offer?
  8. No. You can put everything in there as-is, even the CON file (which you still have to specify on the command line, but reading it from the GRP file is not a problem.
  9. Graf Zahl

    Box office flops

    I know. It failed for the Dark Universe because they never managed to establish the franchise in the first place, and the DCEU had such an uneven start that its reputation was damaged enough to not become a reliable household name. I know he has many fans, but Zack Snyder was not the right person to hire for such an undertaking. For Marvel it worked because they didn't start big. The MCU was only formally established when things were already going well and the bean counters started to take control, seeing endless riches. Here's the problem: Starting a franchise is still risky business. It only becomes a cash cow if it is already established and working like a well-oiled machine. The latter is also important, see "Solo" for what happens even with a big household name like Star Wars when there's reports of trouble. Here we got the typical "Me, too!" moments of people who didn't want to invest first into some actual substance before reaping the rewards. Marvel got this organized perfectly, there's virtually never any negative reports about their productions, so no negative buzz. They know perfectly what to do to not alienate their core fans and how to play the reviewers.
  10. Graf Zahl

    World War 2 GI Re-Release worth playing?

    The operative term being "in comparison to". >D Yes, it surely is the "best of the rest", but in terms of absolute quality that doesn't say much.
  11. Graf Zahl

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    I don't think so. Younger people who grew up on games that became ever more photorealistic will have to change their expectations to accept graphical standards from 20 years ago. And not all will. It's not "caring about graphics", but learning to accept a very different artistic standard than what is technically doable today.
  12. Graf Zahl

    World War 2 GI Re-Release worth playing?

    Try to get the DN3D expansions if you haven't yet. Aside from that, there's also Shadow Warrior and Powerslave/Exhumed, but that's pretty much it. The remaining Build games (i.e. Witchaven and TekWar) are also very high on the shit scale.
  13. Graf Zahl

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    If you feed the monster, you will eventually become part of the monster. Those who have seen the light will try their hardest to go out of its way! :P
  14. Graf Zahl

    World War 2 GI Re-Release worth playing?

    This one's definitely not worth buying. Avoid at all costs! Same for NAM, essentially. Somehow the makers of these games managed to emphasize the worst aspects of the Duke Nukem game engine in their games to virtually render them unplayable.
  15. If you need help for Build games, it may be helpful to register on a forum focussing on these games. Maybe SLADE works for creating GRPs? I never tried, because all advanced ports just work as well with zips. If you are lucky, JFDuke does, too.
  16. Graf Zahl

    Scientists prove that AAA gaming sucks.

    Remind me again - why are we discussing this on a forum for a 27+ year old game? I haven't played an AAA game since Quake 4 because I refuse to buy DRM'd products as a matter of principle. Everything that came after Half Life 2 was the inevitable consequence of authenticating games with online services. At this point I think the only viable countermeasure would be to outright prohibit such schemes on games that target minors, but our laggard, aging politicians which mostly come from a pre-internet generation are simply too far behind the curve in these things that they can do anything. What's good to see is that indie releases really have increased over recent years where fully developed game engines have reduced the barrier for entry quite significantly. And once a player gets past the visual barrier of not expecting photorealistic graphics in an otherwise well-made game, the chances are high that they rather pay for 5 of those games, than one un-fun AAA abomination. We'll see how this works out, but I'd expect the indie scene to grow steadily.
  17. Graf Zahl

    Box office flops

    It's the perfect nearly risk-free business model for bean counters. Until the day comes where it stops working. And that day will always come. Even for Marvel. It may take many more years but it's inevitable that some day it will run out of steam if they keep using the same formula over and over again.
  18. Graf Zahl

    Box office flops

    You need at least triple the cost to break even, but this depends on the marketing budget. Roughly 50% go to the theatre, so you need to earn double the production + marketing costs to break even during theatrical exhibition. Of course, these days secondary markets are already factored in the calculations, otherwise the 3x factor wouldn't even be enough. More like $44m https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt5834426/?ref_=bo_se_r_1 Ouch...
  19. It indeed sounds like the bug you describe. This was fixed in Boom where ZDoom got it from as well. What can be really nasty here is the naive way in which Doom originally checks what actors may be affected by a sector move. It not only checks those which are touching the sector, but instead everything that touches the sector's bounding box!
  20. Graf Zahl

    Box office flops

    Here's mine: Below It wasn't even given a proper theatrical run, but I'd consider it one of my all-time favorites. Sometimes I ask myself what incompetent morons decide when to shitcan a movie before it opens and for what reasons. I'm still waiting for a BluRay. :(
  21. Graf Zahl

    Box office flops

    No, it made back 4x its cost at the box office and that doesn't even count home video gross. It most certainly made a profit with these numbers.
  22. Graf Zahl

    Box office flops

    Note that there's a difference between a flop (i.e. a movie that did not make any profit) and a critical failure. You seem to get hung up on the second, not the first. The Emoji movie may have been a critical failure (and most deservedly so from the few snippets I have seen), but by no means a flop, it did not cost enough to be unprofitable. On the other hand, Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), despite its $600m international gross definitely must be considered a flop, with its $210m+ budget it probably never made any profit.
  23. In some parts the new settings menu is better than the old one, in others it is worse. Using Open Shell I can access both, so nothing is lost. I am far more bothered with the dismal state of digital audio output on PCs. I still need to use the analogue output to get it to my 5.1 receiver because HDMI is such a big fail for sending audio and video to different devices. Overall, settings setup is strangely inefficient everywhere, not just Windows, Linux or macOS. These things are hard to do because if you got 100 people you get at least 50 opinions of how things should be done - get 500'000'000 people and there's no way anymore to get some coherent data.
  24. Graf Zahl

    The game you want to make/be made, that can't

    Redneck Rampage: The Next Generation It would really be interesting how such a setting would look with modern render tech.
  25. Graf Zahl

    What's so special about /idgames?

    So... majority: map will still be available in 20 years. you: WTF have my maps gone??? >D The big advantage of /idgames is that the entire community has a vested interest in not letting it die, so even if the current maintainers go, someone will continue their work, ensuring that all hosted work won't get lost - not to mention the search engine that's also available. Any other place will just disappear if its maintainers lose interest - especially commercial sites like moddb that make a living off the content they host.