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  1. Still making progress, although I can't seem to leave "finished maps" alone :) I think I'll release this project in 6 map wads and then compile them later. Mega-wads take too long (but are awesome)... :P
  2. Oh, ok. I'm only familiar with UDMF, sorry.
  3. Did you use a skybox or did you edit mapinfo to change the sky?
  4. Try it without the " ,0". Like this "SetMusic("MAP02MUS"); Use Slade to determine that the music file is in your wad.
  5. Thanks. That's perfect because I'm taking the over-all feel of the System Shock games as inspiration.
  6. Testing is always messy :)
  7. Man, love your work on DU, and I was wondering, did you make the textures? They look awesome!

    1. Payload4367


      Thanks. I did not make them. They are from Dark Forces. I love 'em too. You can get them (and many other cool ones) from here: :textures available for everyone to use.

    2. Expolision Studios

      Expolision Studios

      Really? I didn't recognized it. Thanks!

  8. Finding out what this whole "decorate" things about ;). Success!....after hours of frustrating trial and error...whew
  9. Does' a map ever really get "finished"? ;) ... p.s. it's rhetorical.
  10. Playing through Panzer General (the original) for the millionth time. Best rock, scissors, paper turn-based game ever.
  11. Thank you. I was unaware of this. Is this something I put into mapinfo or is it a setting in GZDoombuilder?
  12. I've never played the "new" Doom. I've never, not once, played Doom online. lol(and I know this is hard to believe...but true) (probably the reason for the above) I'm not a very good player:)
  13. I'll check it out. The codes only lead to secrets so, unless something else is happening, you should be able to finish all maps. Thanks for the heads up.