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  1. Post a picture of yourself!

    I should feel guilty for having this much fun....but I don't \m/ \m/
  2. Post a picture of yourself!

    Life is good :)
  3. What are the best "Vanilla"-style Wads?

    GZDoom 32 map megawad with "Vanilla style" gameplay. New skies and music but textures, weapons and monsters are vanilla.
  4. Dark Universe wad. Released.

    Thank you for taking the time to try it out. Glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Dark Universe wad. Released.

    Thank you. I took all your comments and criticisms to heart and hope you enjoy the final product.
  6. Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    WOW! Impressive play-through. Kudos on the pistol starts and all the secrets. Excellent doom skills and I love your play style. That was fun to watch. Thanks a bunch.
  7. Dark Universe wad. Released.

    Part one of this project has been released. Link in OP as well.
  8. Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    Badass as always. Love me some Trailblazer. Jumping is fine actually, it just makes the maps easier. If you play on UV it skips the prologue gameplay and puts you right in the action. Thanks T, that was a great video.
  9. Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    That's true. It was designed and tested for vanilla monsters/weapons, although it is still playable with PB, just considerably harder (most of those errors don't affect gameplay too much on UV). Playing on UV w/vanilla stuff will put you right in the action as well, skipping the "peaceful" opening that is present on HMP.
  10. Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    I will get on it as soon as possible. I already have most of the ideas worked out. As of now, though, I have been recruited to make maps for the Black Mass Project Brutality campaign, so I will work on that exclusively. I map at a pretty feverish pace so, hopefully, that won't take too long. Thanks a bunch for giving this map set a spin and I am glad you enjoyed it.
  11. Dark Universe Prt1 Released

    6 map pack for GZdoom/Doom2. Small to Medium sized maps. Maps can be completed rather quickly (just find the switch that opens the exit and then find the exit), with lots of secrets, switches, scripted events, and hidden areas full of the stuff you might need to survive the next map. HMP and UV difficulties available. MOUSE LOOK REQUIRED. NO JUMPING/ CROUCHING. Intended for vanilla monsters and weapons but works well with most mods. idgames link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dupart1 Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fci7243p02movdq/DUpart1.zip
  12. Please help me with megawads

    A GZDoom megawad I made in 2017:
  13. Share a random fact about yourself

    I am 51 going on 25:)
  14. Share a random fact about yourself

    Its' my Birthday!
  15. Dark Universe wad. Released.

    The maps are designed with vanilla doom 2 monsters. I was playing around with the Dark Forces mod for the hell of it, which randomly replaces the original monsters (with mixed results sometimes). Thanks for the feedback.