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  1. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Will be working more on this map pack once I'm notified by others again.
  2. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    So anyways, progress is coming well and what I recently did was added MAP16.
  3. Blast88

    My Doom Wad: COMPUTER_CENTER.wad

    Hey good map even though there was a lot of missing textures and that remix of E2M9 was awesome.
  4. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Thanks. :) As for what source ports I used to test this, it was Skulltag and Zandronum. When playing Zandronum, I sometimes used Brutal Doom and Complex Doom (with the LCA alongside).
  5. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    So anyways everyone, as of May 4, 2017, I got more progress being made in Delta Domain and things are going fine and well.
  6. Blast88

    Try these free sky textures for Vanilla Doom

    Wow. Those skies are nice. I'm impressed of what a good job you've done making them. I'm going to use some of those skies. :-)
  7. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Now before I give what update to tell, Let me wish a Happy New Years to everyone! Now as of today, I've put in more screenshots of Delta Domain. :)
  8. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Looking into this thread. That's what.
  9. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Just so everyone knows, this thread has been updated to be more interested.
  10. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Now if you want me to release a 4 map demo of this wad, then I can do it so you guys can get an idea of how it's going to be. Also, about when you said about starting as a mapper, this is not my first time being a Doom mapper because I've been Doom mapping for a long time already and I'm somewhat getting better at it. I also plan to post more screenshots so people can show even note interest into this page about Delta Domain.
  11. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    I knew you weren't being an ass since you're an awesome man and we're quite good bubbies. :) I understand what you were saying and I will post more screenshots. I remember when you were posting me screenshots of your work on MAP06: Cliff Refinery, I thought they were very good and awesome. But anyways, have a good day. :D
  12. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    I did planned to show some screenshots of the project but that was for later so I can think about getting the pictures working well.
  13. Blast88

    [WIP] Delta Domain

    Hello everyone. Today I will reveal my big project in progress on Doomworld as I've been waiting to do that. This project I'm currently making is called, Delta Domain, and I'm the leader of the project and this is coded by TheV1perK1ller. I also have other people helping me with this megawad as well. Delta Domain is a level pack part of the Necrophobia Mod Series I'm creating for Doom 2 and there is a storyline for the Mod Series I'm making. Now on the bottom will be the stories. First one for the entire Necrophobia Mod Series and second one for Delta Domain itself. Story for the entire Necrophobia Mod Series: In the event after Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom: TNT Evilution, and Final Doom: The Plutonia Expirement, the Hellspawns once again invades earth after they've created an alien cult group called, the Necroners. Another war comes into play against the evil aliens as they want to become super powerful so they can turn the world into their hellish totalitarian global civilization. This alien group has manipulated some humans and had them become brutal dictators in certain nations and now you got another world threat to deal with. Will you be able to defeat the Necroners and stop them from taking over the world or will this group use a supreme power to turn earth into a hellhole? Delta Domain Story: In the year 2180, monsters are everywhere, helping the Necroners turn towns, cities, and nations into one worldwide hellspawn civilization and the Icon of Sin has resurrected and is now hiding in the deep core of hell. So what you'll need to do is go through the missions to kill as many monsters as possible as you can through out techno places in and out of the city before you go inside the hell and find the deep core to destroy the Icon of Sin once again. Now if you think there's anything in the storylines that needs some changing or fixing, please let me know. Now here are a list of maps that I planned out for Delta Domain: MAP01: Baseport (By Blast88 and TheV1perK1ller) - Done MAP02: Egg Mines (By Blast88 and TheV1perK1ller) - In progress but close to being done MAP03: Metal Station (By Blast88 and Skybreach) - In progress but close to being done MAP04: Freight Trains (By Blast88) - Done MAP05: Cylinder Facility (By Blast88 and Skybreach) - Done MAP06: Cliff Refinery (By Blast88 and Yugiboy85) - Done MAP07: Chaos Square (By Blast88) - Done MAP08: System Workbench (By Darkstar Archangel) - Done MAP09: Toxic Plant (By idsoftwarelover91) - Done MAP10: Cybernetic Center (By Darkstar Archangel) - Done MAP11: 'O' of Destination (By Blast88 and ZeMystic) - In progress MAP12: Transmission Machinery (By BlazingGaming) - Done MAP13: Heat Street (By iYago) - In progress MAP14: Operating Infestation (By Blast88) - In progress MAP15: The Grand Factory (By ZeMystic) - In progress since it will need a bit of expanding MAP16: Digital City (By iYago) - Done MAP17: Power Academy (By ZeMystic) - In progress MAP18: The Field of St. Cenitive MAP19: Newow Palace MAP20: Techno Base MAP21: Hell's Delight (By Blast88) - In progress MAP22: Mountain Depot MAP23: Magma Caverns MAP24: Deep Citadel MAP25: Demonic Temple MAP26: Obsidian Keep MAP27: Infernal Halls (By iYago) - In progress MAP28: Oasis of Anguish (By TheV1perK1ller) - In progress MAP29: Crimson Fortress MAP30: The Core Showdown MAP31: Castle Wolfenstein (By TheV1perK1ller) - In progress MAP32: Cyber Grosse Now if anyone wants to join the help with me on this project, I'll be more than happy to accept your help request. As of 12/1/2016, here's some previews using screenshots and as of 12/4/2016, more screenshots came out as well as a demo of this wad: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ccariov22cp5dco/DD_Demo.WAD