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Tose Borojó

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  1. Tose Borojó

    I finally bought Doom Eternal

    Actually a bit misleading title. I bought Doom Eternal for PS4 last year, and played a lot... but not enough A few days ago, I saw a deal on steam and got both Doom 2016 and Eternal. Finally playing on a decent PC. But i suck. Any suggestions?
  2. Tose Borojó

    Simple cosplay Doomguy's Helmet

    This is my first eva foam work. I hope I can eventually do the rest of the suit (until then, it will be a night lamp)
  3. Tose Borojó

    Excited For Eternal?

    I was saving for a high end PC, but then I got divorced. I'll play it (a lot) on the ps4
  4. Tose Borojó

    3D Doom Art

    That model is awesome, I was wondering if could share the .obj file to convert it into a pepakura model and do it in paper. This is a small example of what I'd like to do with the bfg (unfortunately, I haven't seen any .pdo files of a BFG)
  5. PSN Just downloaded Doom for the multiplayer after a loooong pause after the campaign. Loved the game. Now, I'm ready for the crucible. DonBoroto
  6. Tose Borojó

    Your Bad Video Game Habits

    Skipping cut scenes, getting lost in the story, missing details because I feel like time is going to kill me ingame Screw you Super Mario, you made me fear not speedrunning
  7. Tose Borojó

    Fidel Castro dead at 90

    He fought capitalism all his life Died on Black Friday Damn