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  1. MrDoomMaster

    DsDoom Music

    Hi, I have DSDoom working on my Nintendo DS running with R4DS, however there is no music in the game. I have OGG files I can use for music if I need to, but it was my understanding that there was already music in the WAD files. Does anyone even know if music can be played in DSDoom? I'm no doom source port expert, so every little detail is helpful. Thank you.
  2. MrDoomMaster

    PSX Doom Port

    Thanks. Any special filenames Doomsday expects the audio to be? I'm sure if I named the files FOO.OGG it wouldn't work. How does it know what OGG files go to each level in a WAD?
  3. MrDoomMaster

    PSX Doom Port

    I'll take option 1. Where do I start? Any special tools I can use to extract music from a WAD into mp3 format? Thanks for the continued help, I appreciate it!
  4. MrDoomMaster

    PSX Doom Port

    Thanks, that was the problem. I can play the maps now, however the music isn't working. I imagine that's because I'm not using ZDoom, as the website explicitly states that the console music WADS only work on zdoom. Is there any way I can get them working in Doomsday (JDoom)?
  5. MrDoomMaster

    PSX Doom Port

    Well I downloaded the ConsoleDoom.wad file and I'm attempting to load it in doomsday, however it isn't working. At the bottom of this reply I have pasted the output log that has the error in it. Could someone tell me why it is failing? I'm very new to the doom port thing, so I may not be loading it correctly. In the 'Addons' tab I'm checking the boxes next to the PSXDOOM.wad (which has the music) and the ConsoleDoom.wad (which has the maps). Will the console doom WAD also update the HUD to look like it does on the PSX version? Thanks. Con_Init: Initializing the console. SW_Init: Startup message window opened. Executable: Version 1.9.0-beta5 Jan 9 2007 (DGL). G_PreInit: Registering Bind Classes... Parsing configuration files. W_Init: Init WADfiles. W_AddFile: data\doomsday.pk3 W_AddFile: data\jdoom\jdoom.pk3 W_AddFile: D:\doom\wads\doom.wad IWAD identification: 00cdce4c W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta033.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta034.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta035.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta036.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta037.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta038.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta039.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta040.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta041.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta042.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta043.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta044.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta045.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta046.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta047.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta048.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta049.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta050.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta051.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta052.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta053.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta054.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta055.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta056.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta057.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta058.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta059.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta060.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta061.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta062.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta063.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta064.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta065.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta066.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta067.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta068.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta069.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta070.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta071.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta072.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta073.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta074.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta075.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta076.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta077.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta078.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta079.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta080.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta081.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta082.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta083.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta084.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta085.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta086.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta087.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta088.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta089.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta090.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta091.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta092.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta093.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta094.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta095.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fonta121.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb033.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb034.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb035.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb036.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb037.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb038.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb039.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb040.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb041.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb042.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb043.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb044.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb045.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb046.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb047.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb048.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb049.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb050.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb051.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb052.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb053.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb054.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb055.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb056.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb057.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb058.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb059.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb060.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb061.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb062.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb063.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb064.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb065.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb066.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb067.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb068.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb069.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb070.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb071.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb072.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb073.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb074.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb075.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb076.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb077.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb078.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb079.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb080.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb081.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb082.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb083.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb084.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb085.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb086.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb087.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb088.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb089.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\fontb090.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\m_therm2.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\menufog.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\pal18to8.lmp W_AddFile: data\jdoom\auto\.basedata\sndcurve.lmp W_AddFile: D:\DOOM\wads\cdoom_legacyptch.wad W_AddFile: D:\DOOM\wads\PSXMUSIC.WAD W_AddFile: D:\DOOM\wads\ConsoleDoom.wad Reading definition file: defs\doomsday.ded Reading definition file: defs\jdoom\jdoom.ded Applying Dehacked: lump 2982... 138 sprite names 974 states 140 things 8 lights 112 sound effects 68 songs 351 text strings 27 particle generators 22 animation groups 49 surface decorations 37 map infos 6 finales Sys_Init: Setting up machine state. Sys_Init: Initializing keyboard, mouse and joystick. Sys_InitTimer. Sys_InitMixer: SB X-Fi Audio [8000] Sfx_Init: Initializing DirectSound... DS_DSoundInit: EAX initialized. Sfx_InitChannels: 16 channels. DM_WinMusInit: 3 MIDI-Out devices present. DM_WinMusInit: MIDI initialized. S_Init: OK. R_Init: Init the refresh daemon. R_InitTextures: Missing patch "BODIES" in texture AASHITTY
  6. MrDoomMaster

    PSX Doom Port

    I don't know if I'm just being silly or not, but I am having a hard time navigating that site. I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Perhaps it is just named differently than I expect? What files do I need to download? Thanks.
  7. MrDoomMaster

    PSX Doom Port

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a good port of the PSX versions of Doom, and Final Doom on the PC? If so, could someone reference me to where to find them? Thanks.
  8. MrDoomMaster

    Club Doom on PC Doom?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if all of the bonus levels on the version of Doom for PSX were available on the PC version of Doom? If not, I'm sure someone has made a wad for PC that is an exact replica of that on the PSX version, maybe? The level called "Club Doom" on PSX Doom was, regardless of how easy it was, the best level I've seen. It was flashy, had nice music, and was fun to play. If anyone could help me out, I would really appreciate it. The levels called "The Marsh" and "The Mansion" were also favorites of mine! Lastly, would there be any way to copy the Doom IWAD off of my PSX CD and use it on the PC? The copying part I can handle, but would it be compatible? I doubt it. Thanks everyone!
  9. MrDoomMaster

    sectors... UGH!!! HELP!

    Nothing to look at, I just don't make each sector separate and then merge it over. I create each sector in turn, going in either counter or clockwise, and I make sure the point I created it at is where I end it, even if some lines are drawn over others. The 2 lines would then become one, a two-sided linedef.
  10. MrDoomMaster

    Make event happen upon monster kill?

    So what do I have to do to make this work? I already started making a map, set to use doom2.wad. I need to be able to make certain doors open after X monsters die
  11. MrDoomMaster

    Make event happen upon monster kill?

    would you have to program a configuration file for the map, in order to create your own triggers & actions?
  12. MrDoomMaster

    Make event happen upon monster kill?

    Hey guys, Just wondering how I can make a door or something else trigger when a certain group of monsters are killed. I know this is possible because if you take a look at the level "Redemption Denied" on the PSX version of doom, the Spider Master Minds are not released until all of the Barons of Hell are destroyed. Anyway, if someone could tell me how to do this I would be appreciative! Thanks.
  13. MrDoomMaster

    sectors... UGH!!! HELP!

    I find myself creating sectors in a VERY unusual way. I'll explain the proceedure below, and I hope someone can tell me an easier way to do this: I create the first sector using lines mode. The sector is successful. My second sector I don't make seperate, I just start from one of the verticies that are already part of the sector I previously made, and I create a sector that is already using one of the lines that made up the previous sector. So, while I'm drawing the second sector with lines mode, I have to eventually create a line that goes over one of the previous 4 that made up the first sector. See how this is? Once I get to doing this to a whole bunch of others, the lines get out of perspective, and I have to manually make them into sectors. I do this by highlighting all of the linedefs that I want to be into a sector, I go to the properties window for all of those linedefs, then I go to the tab that lets you change linedef graphics, and in the box where you can select a sector number for each sidedef, I give them all the same number, and it makes them into one sector! This really works, but it would seem very time consuming and confusing once you get into 100 sector levels. Anyone offer some assistance?
  14. MrDoomMaster

    Best Level Editor?

    I just need to know how to assign certain line defs to a sector. If there is a linedef making up the sector of a door that is attached to a sector of a room, I want that one line def to be used for BOTH sectors. I don't know how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Remember, I'm using Doom Builder.
  15. MrDoomMaster

    sectors... UGH!!! HELP!

    why is creating a door so difficult? my god... I even read the tutorials... this is crazy. Depending on what direction I have the linedefs pointing, the graphics get all screwy... it seems like I have to have the back ends pointing outwards in order for the textures to show correctly. I have tried so much to make this work, I can't do it. Can someone tell me how to make a damn door? I need to know what I'm doing wrong. If someone could take a look at my map, that would be great.