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  1. BerserkerNoir

    How to get a quality sleep & less stress?

    Stop drinking Coffee, turn off all your devices with screens (TV, SmartPhones, Computer etc) 2 hours before going to bed. Blue Light from the Devices makes the Brain Think its still daylight. Just by stopping the Coffee intake should be enough.
  2. BerserkerNoir

    Gravity of Phobos and Deimos

    Think that Phobos and Deimos have been terraformed, and that hell needs gravity as well.
  3. BerserkerNoir

    Rust - Single map for Boom

    Is the wad available anywhere? The DropBox Link is dead.
  4. BerserkerNoir

    i need to find the best doom mods

    Check these: Guncaster High Noon Drifter Dusteds Pandemonia Death Foretold (Doom 2016 Mod) Schism Embers of Armageddon (Nearly accurate Doom 2016 in Classic Doom) To name a Few.
  5. BerserkerNoir

    fellow doomers, any mobile games you like?

    Mobile as in Phone? Or Portable Console? I dont have any consoles right now, but for Phones I play: Girls Frontline and Mass for the Dead (Overlord).
  6. Brutal Turok, yes Even more than it already is.
  7. Voxel Doom by Cheelo. Faithful and with reimaginations of objects that didnt have multiple sprite angles.
  8. BerserkerNoir

    Neptune, My First Major WAD!

    Thank You!
  9. BerserkerNoir

    Subtle Sparkle [Various minor odds and ends for GZDoom]

    Ill be testing them! The Changes are minor but Neat. A good Replacement for Troo Cullers is Softshade, its similar and its compatible with custom Palettes.
  10. The original Palette its well, not bad, but its tiresome seeing the same colors all the time. Custom Palettes with more Shades of Purple,Blue and Green are a good change and look pretty good!
  11. BerserkerNoir

    Neptune, My First Major WAD!

    It seems the wad is no longer in the provided link.
  12. I started playing PWADS for the first time in 2015, and then I picked Valiant, the first episode was manageable, the next ones were a bit too hard for me.
  13. For GZDOOM mods is quite useful, there are mod with DOZENS of KeyBinds, and having some of them on your mouse is quite handy.
  14. BerserkerNoir

    Voxel Doom Releasing Today

    Nice!!!! Ive been waiting patiently for this, going to tell everyone in my channel about it!
  15. Dozens of Chaingunners Sniping from a very long Distance... With an Archvile Behind them.