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  1. A Berserk Based Weapon Set for Hexen/Heretic.
  2. Kadingir Sanctum is not neccesarily of the known Human/Sentinel origin. There might be many dimensions with Human Parallels, and their weaponry looks rather primitive. Possibly another of many worlds hell has Conquerered and from other Eras maybe?
  3. BerserkerNoir

    how old were you when you started playing DOOM?

    10 years old, my First Experience was with Doom 64.
  4. BerserkerNoir

    DOOM II: Resurrected - A DOOM II Remake

    Will brightmaps be a thing? They could help to make it look even better than just using Dynamic Lights.
  5. BerserkerNoir

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    One question, I want to know if everyone gets the brightmaps from BTSX EP 2 switches working in hardware renderer (gzdoom). Because I just see brightmaps for all textures except switches. Tested in modern and old gzdoom. Just to know if its an issue on my hardware.
  6. BerserkerNoir

    looking for maps to run with the dft (death foretold mod)

    Ancient Aliens might be another good mapset to play with. At first I was looking for mapsets like you, then gave up and played whatever I found lol.
  7. 27 Years Old. I finished it the very first time in UV, trying Nightmare with Extra Life Mode.
  8. BerserkerNoir

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Nomination for D4V, impressive use of Dehacked.
  9. zdoombrutalblood on the console, it can be modified from 1 to 5. Being 5 the highest, its weird that you cant modify this on the menu, newer GZDOOM versions lets the "add option" thing and lets many mods to work together without issues.
  10. BerserkerNoir

    GZDoom lags as soon as I start a new game

    same thing with me, and its related to sound somehow, playing with "no sound" Option makes everything smooth, why the lag then? Again, seems to be Windows 10 Issue, because before the auto-update everything was fine.
  11. BerserkerNoir

    TNT: Revilution

    This has become one of my favorite mapsets, the difficulty is just right and the detail is pretty good. I liked this wad so much, that I made custom brightmaps to use them on GZDOOM. Sadly, some of them wont work properly because of mapping reasons, Like some custom textures are a replacement for another.
  12. BerserkerNoir

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    +1 Doom 64: Retribution by Nevander.
  13. BerserkerNoir

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Sounds like you playing with a gameplay mod. I have a shitty quad-core 1.99 GHZ and 8 GB and no graphics card, and it runs smoothly.
  14. MarsWars TVR! and Zone 300.
  15. BerserkerNoir

    Cabro's legacy

    Un excelente wad.