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  1. Very nice map! Ill be posting a gameplay later; just curious, whats the name of the music? I recall hearing it somewhere before, but I dont know any details about it. Edit: I played it with Mods and some modifications.
  2. BerserkerNoir

    Escape [Boom]

    Played it with PB and different music, hope you dont mind. Nice texturing, I love dark bases.
  3. BerserkerNoir

    Uac outpost map

    Pretty nice map! I played it a few days ago, but forgot to post my video here.
  4. BerserkerNoir

    Flesh Halls

    Excellent Map!
  5. BerserkerNoir

    [GZDoom] Four Rooms

    Played it a non vanilla way, nice map!
  6. BerserkerNoir

    Blood River

    Neat Reimagination of BloodFalls. I played it last week, but forgot to share it here. 5/5
  7. BerserkerNoir

    Low End Hardware

    Only LZDOOM, newer versions of GZDOOM are prone to lag on older machines. Theres no way around that.
  8. BerserkerNoir

    Body Of The Beast

    into the Bellys Beast from TNT would fit perfectly for this map. Going to give it a try! Edit: A bit too short, but nice attempt to make the map look like the insides of a giant beast.
  9. BerserkerNoir

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    nice map. It was very tricky in some parts. Not gonna lie, some parts made me rage lol. but thats on me, I used BD Monsters to play. 5/5
  10. Excellent map. Some parts caught me with my guard low.
  11. BerserkerNoir

    Prometeus Complex - UDMF tactical-oriented map!

    Yeah, I managed to get out, no problem with that. Good that the Yellow Card thing is fixed. I just beat it a few hours ago, ill upload a gameplay of it once it gets processed. Edit: Here is the LONG run on this map.
  12. BerserkerNoir

    Prometeus Complex - UDMF tactical-oriented map!

    I played this with LiTdoom not sure if the Yellowcard was intended to be an skull, but I never found the card, had to spawn a card manually. And I cannot find the exit after restarting the energy.
  13. BerserkerNoir


    Any Screenshots? Needed Sourceport? Also check this
  14. Nice map! Short and simple.
  15. BerserkerNoir

    'The Chasm' but it's an actual Chasm

    I loved the design, very intuitive.