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Everything posted by BerserkerNoir

  1. BerserkerNoir

    The Doom backpack sprite looks like a dog face

    Now everytime I´d spot one ill be looking at some Brown Doge.
  2. BerserkerNoir

    TC reccomendations?

    Hellforged! https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=13397
  3. BerserkerNoir

    The first time you registered..

    I registered because I always lurked as mere observer, it wasnt until later that I properly learned English to communicate properly. And I dont think Anime and Doom has anything to do with Each Other, is more like Doom is so good that even Anime Fans can appreciate it.
  4. BerserkerNoir

    I need a little help.

    The thing is, GZDOOM fixes "bugs" that can be used as features, so if you want to do speedruns you got to play it in a more conservative Sourceport.
  5. BerserkerNoir

    save spamming while playing

    I only use save a lot in First time maps, in the Iwads I barely save at all.
  6. Seems an Aesthetic choice rather than a hidden Language of Sorts.
  7. BerserkerNoir

    How much space does your folder occupy where you play doom?

    35GB, at least 10GBs are from duplicated .bak files since i mess around by editing them.
  8. BerserkerNoir


    I used LZDOOM before because of older hardware. but now the GLES renderer in the latest releases made change my choice since I can play with max performance with the latest features.
  9. BerserkerNoir

    IDCLEV cheat not working in custom mapset

    Are you by chance using Wadsmoosh? If youre taking Doom 1 map slots, how you get teleported to Doom II maps? Or I am missing something there?
  10. If humanity doesnt get wiped from Nuclear Catastrophe or Something else, it will be running for a very long time.
  11. BerserkerNoir

    So I emailed John Romero and here's what he said

    Damn, Sigil for Doom 2? Thats 32 levels, Its gonna take long but it will be worth the wait. And that also means more custom music!
  12. BerserkerNoir

    DBP38: Chronicles of Ghost Town

    GZDOOM is to blame, lots of linedefs in sight always destroy framerate, regardless of how powerful your processor and GPU are. This also happens in Ancient Aliens and some maps with ample spaces.
  13. BerserkerNoir

    DOOM Retro v4.3 (updated October 15, 2021)

    Is there a way to implement more brightmaps from the side of the user? or is it hardcoded in the Sourceport?
  14. BerserkerNoir


    In no specific order: High Noon Drifter Brutal Doom Beautiful Doom Final Doomer Death Foretold (D4T) Embers of Armaggedon Doom Incarnate Enhanced Vanilla Project Project Brutality.
  15. BerserkerNoir

    would this even in theory be possible

    This should give you an idea, even with tweaks you might suffer from slowness.
  16. Only time will tell, this basically means the story is still in a cliffhanger, the last word comes from Hakusensha since theyre the ones that basically own the rights now.
  17. BerserkerNoir

    Good weapon mods?

    You looking for ZDOOM mods? If so here is one of the best with Vanilla-ish Balance. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=55061
  18. BerserkerNoir

    Incredible photos taken from your port of doom

    I never have enough BTSX.
  19. BerserkerNoir

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    In the old doom is like, just the setting and vague references about the UAC and the experimentation. in the Newer Entries its fine, could had been better but its just complementary to the game.
  20. BerserkerNoir

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    A good spin-off (?) Good take on the weapons, except for the spray machine that everyone knows.
  21. No, everytime is the same thing with all those paranormal vids. I wanted to experience it Firsthand but nothing happens even when there are allegedly Ghost encounters in certain areas. Unless I get a paranormal experience, a real one not because someone told me, I wont believe there are any of them.
  22. BerserkerNoir

    What soundfont do you use to play doom?

    SC-55.sf2 the classic of classics.
  23. BerserkerNoir

    Favourite Source Port?

    GZDOOM for the EyeCandy, then PRBoom+ for Mapsets that lag a lot in GZDOOM.
  24. BerserkerNoir

    Why Are Arsenals In A Lot Of FPS Games So Standard?

    My guess is that most modern games try to appeal with the "realism" in the weaponry. With Less Sci-fi in the armament.
  25. Well I am relatively new to the Doom Comunity, even so my first Megawad was Marswars (yes that one). I got to play it in 2015 and got it through a Wad Sharing group in MODDB.