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  1. Apparently i'm a bad person for using cc4-tex O.o but its such a useful and massive amount of textures. Sadly, it means I'll need to upload my wad to mediafire or something noww, because its too big for doomworld, haha.

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    2. Nevander


      For Mediafire, just right-click the page first. Then click the download button as normal, shouldn't open then in my experience.

    3. 40oz


      using cc4-tex doesn't make you a bad person. It is widely used, often pretty poorly, which gives it a bad reputation. It helps to not require the texture pack to be loaded externally. Include the necessary textures in your maps wad file and don't inflate it with the unused stuff and you'll be fine

    4. Cynical


      bzzrak has it right -- we all already have cc4-tex.wad, just release your wad with only the map.

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