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  1. I asked this in the editing questions subforum, but I figured i'd ask here too incase people were checking here.


    Does anyone know the best and easiest way to move a map from doom 2 :Hexen Format to Doom 2: UDMF format?

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    2. Phade102


      That doesnt seem to help much, it doesnt tell me exactly how to convert it.

    3. Misty


      You should grab converters and check if they work. 

    4. leodoom85


      I convert it by doing this: First, load the map in GZDB. Then press F2 for map options. After that, change the Hexen format to UDMF (of course, you need to put the base resource first before doing the change). Now, you'll have the map in UDMF format. And one more thing, go to Mode-->Nodes viewer mode, then press Rebuild nodes in the Overview option. And there you go, simple as that.