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  1. My next map is taking five times as long as my previous ones. I'm completely out of my element with the map style i'm designing. My idea was a completely underground map, no natural light, but all of my previous detailing work has involved the natural light, and outdoor areas. this is something new, and damn its difficult.


    Its mainly because its not only underground, but its completely artifical. its a complex underground, so its all metal, with lava and such involved. That gives me my light source, but it doesnt make things much easier...


    This is just me venting my stress, by the way. I'm enjoying the map building, but I cant deny its a whole new challenge. Map04 i'm pretty sure ill be going back to my normal style.

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    2. Phade102


      Thanks everyone, i'm actually really enjoying the challenge, its just something new for me. I'm hoping it plays well, i'm trying to make it as smooth as possible.


      @stru Yeah i'm runnin it through Gzdoom. It uses dynamic lights, so its a bit different, but I'm also making sure its playable in a software renderer as well.


      @leodoom85 No actual cave systems here. its all a completely artifical area, my next level will involve cave systems, which I should be fine with since i'm decent at building things like that.

    3. leodoom85


      Ok. Now that you mentioned playable status in software mode, no 3D sloped sectors are allowed :D

    4. Phade102


      @leodoom85 You cant see slopes in zdoom? Thats what I was refering to O.o