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  1. Progress on map03. Room is now populated with ammo and monsters! (And Leodooms favourite monster makes its appearance finally!)



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    2. Phade102


      @leodoom85 this map hasn't been released, so you definitely haven't played it. However...594811891331d_ExperimentZero(editarea)at2017_06.2003-31-17.903R2787.jpg.eff7d456d168a3eb84c10254d71c4b71.jpg


      ^ This one you have ^^

    3. Myst.Haruko


      @Phade102 After you finish your wad, you'll clean unused stuff and your wad will have more space.

    4. Phade102


      @MysteriousHaruko Yeah I already plan on doing that. but cc4-tex.wad is something most people have, and including it in the wad adds like an extra 20 mb of data that...just isn't needed.

    5. Myst.Haruko


      I think,you can manage everything into pk3 file, since your wad is for zdoom based ports and they won't have any problems, unless players use old versions of these source ports. 

    6. Phade102


      Ill take a look. to be honest i'm not sure how to do a pk3 file, but i'm going to worry about that down the line. for now, an external cc4-tex.wad will need to be used, but that really shouldn't be an issue, since its one of the things most people have.

    7. Phade102


      By the way @leodoom85 the reason you think you've played this before is because you played the previous map03 which is now map02. I was not happy with the previous map02 (The aquaducts) and I could not find any way to fixing it to ever be acceptable in my opinion. so I removed it from the wad.

    8. Myst.Haruko


      I hope you have copy of previous map02, in case if you change your mind ;)

    9. Phade102


      @MysteriousHarukoI absolutely do, I saved it to a seperate wad file =)

    10. leodoom85


      "By the way @leodoom85 the reason you think you've played this before is because you played the previous map03 which is now map02."......ah, that makes sense...

    11. ImpMan11203


      Looks good!