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  1. Map 03 of Experiement Zero is 99% done, just a few minor bugs to fix and a few missing textures to sort out.


    There will be a public release of it tommorow. it was originally going to be private, but due to the nature of the map (Its slaughter-lite) I feel it needs a public release so Multiple people can test it. From map04 onwards, Testing will be Private by @MysteriousHaruko and @leodoom85. Anyone else who is interested in testing is more than welcome to.

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    2. Phade102


      I'm anxious to see if you like the encounters with them. Its very difficult to place new monsters in such a way that they dont unfairly ruin the gameplay. I managed to deal with them, but I know where they are, so its not a surprise to me. But to other people...Well, thats what testing is for.

    3. leodoom85


      Gotcha. I'll be sure of doing a video or a proper review.

    4. Misty


      I'll be happy to test your map tommorrow. I hope, I won't feel so tired for video recordings like today ;)