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  1. Progress on Map04 - Midnight Rush. And a little show of whats to come...

    ExperimentZero (edit area) at 2017.06.28 02-12-26.096 [R2787].jpg

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    2. Phade102


      @MysteriousHaruko Agreed, but I suggest starting with cc4 tex because it has a wide variety of textures so you can find the style you like then go from there, thats all.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Personally, I would recommend adding in gameplay and the required functions as soon as possible, so the map can be playtested. While you work on more detailing, you can easily make some adjustments to thing placement etc as you go along, based on feedback gathered. Adjustments to areas in favour of thing placement can become more and more difficult with every hour you put into details, because the more details, the more nodes you move around in case you need to edit terrain etc.


      Personally, I don't mind things looking "bland" while a map is in a "beta-state", and I'm relatively convinced that lots of people here might see it the same way. Having a finished product to show sure is nice and all, but if you're fortunate to actually know someone who is willing to playtest an "undetailed" map, make sure to put that to good use.

    4. Phade102


      I do like to do that myself Nine Inch Heels. This map I had the layout already planned, so I kind of just went with it. but as I build, generally I add the gameplay aspects before details.