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  1. Progress on Map04 - Midnight Rush. And a little show of whats to come...

    ExperimentZero (edit area) at 2017.06.28 02-12-26.096 [R2787].jpg

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    2. CzechMate29200
    3. Phade102


      @CzechMate29200 Honestly though, you'd be better off using cc4-tex. You're allowed to use it in the confinement project that you're making a map for, so what better time to practice? Cc4-tex has a massive amount of textures in it, enough to make more than 32 unique looking maps with. its really cool.

    4. Misty


      Cctex4 has variety, but other texture sets shouldn't be ignored too. Check Cage's texture compilations from realm667 page. 

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