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  1. Progress!



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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      You don't say...


      Still curious how this is set up mechanically, and especially if it is failsafe, or in some way abuseable.

    3. R1ck


      This made me somewhat an inferior mapper.

    4. Phade102


      Theres no scripting involved. none at all. I'm a bit surprised that the idea of the barrels hasn't been done before O.o


      @R1ck You are NOT an inferior mapper! Please dont say that, theres nothing wrong with how you map so please dont say there is. We all map in different styles, we all can make things unique from each other. If you remember, I mentioned in one of your screenshots that I loved how you did the lighting and such. that in itself proves that you are far better than me in some aspects.