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  1. This single room is taking about as long as it took me to finish a whole level. I'm not sure if that mean i'm putting much more attention to detail into it, or i'm just not doing it good enough.



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    2. leodoom85


      @Phade102I see what you mean :D

      Sometimes, planning a single area of the map as a whole can take you more time to complete for several reasons...

    3. Phade102


      This is one of the first major areas of the map. So I need to make sure it flows properly. I think Its working so far.

    4. MrGlide


      It'll get faster as you keep making maps. I will make the suggestion to leave as much Detail out as possable until the map is balanced, flow is down and combat scenarios are good to go, at least within the immediate area that you're working on. Just my two cents.