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  1. So i'm hoping I can get some advice, and I dont want to make another topic for it (Its doom related)


    As a lot of poeple know, i've been working on a wad called experiement zero. So far i've done 4 levels (The 4th level i finished a few hours ago) and I really enjoyed making them all.


    The problem i'm having now, is that level 4 is of a quality so much higher than the previous 3 levels, to where I feel the first 3 levels should be part of a DIFFERENT wad, they feel completely disjointed.


    So what I want to ask is this. Should I move map04 to map01 of a new wad, and continue from there (Since i've found the mapping style I love) or should I just keep going? i'm unsure what to do, and i'd love any advice.

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    2. everennui


      I feel like when I'm burned out I think about more technical things. Things that don't require a computer. The burnout shows you your limitations. It shows you what you're capable of and it makes you realistically evaluate your goals.


      Everything in life is a learning experience. Burning out is part of the experience. Everyone gets to that point at some point. There's a reason why the topic is discussed semi-frequently.


      You can release single maps and compile them into one set. I feel like the feedback point is somewhat misleading.


      Burning seems to be unavoidable to me. That's just how I am. I tend to put my all into everything until there's nothing left and then I chill until I refill. Burning out from mapping is not good nor bad. It's just part of the process for some mappers. Idk, it fits my MO.


      Maybe I shouldn't say megawad. 32 maps is not for anyone, but I think 16 it so maps would be a fair number. That way you're actually mapping. 


      Either way is fine. Maybe make as many maps until you feel like you've got your style down. I feel like the first maps are just practice.


      Burnout and refuel and use your time wisely. Go hard and push yourself until failure. That's how I recommend learning. Don't keep mapping if you're burned out.


      When are you burned out. You'll know because you'll start sacrificing quality just to get it done. It usually happens to me quiet often. 

    3. everennui


      Of course it all depends on the scope to. 32 two hour slaughter maps is way different than 32 which UV Max maps. 

    4. Phade102


      Thank you all for your awesome help. I think i'm going to release map04 as map01 of my new wad, just as a teaser to see if the playstyle is what people are interested in. i've recieved good feedback from my private testers so far.