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  1. So, I really want to make a set of hell themed levels using boom format. I dont think i'd make a full megawad out of them, just a few maps. But i'm new to boom format, and I need to use sky transfers. so I'm wondering if it'd just be easier to use udmf format until I figure it out?

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    2. Phade102


      @bzzrak I completely understand. But, I also want to thank you. your instructions on the sky transfer worked perfect, now i'm definitely going down the boom path.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      The easiest way to figure out how something works in boom is opening a map made in boom format in the editor, and having a look at it. In most cases this will tell you pretty much everything you will need to know wrt to how something has been made. Since sets like SunLust are made in boom-format, there are lots of maps worth looking at when it comes to learning how stuff works.

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      ; )

      Sorry for the notification