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  1. Wasn't entirely sure this was worth a forum post, but I need some tips for my map.




    Basically, I have the flow of the map down, but this room is just stumping me. I've set the sky to the hell sky with a transfer, but I really cant think of what I could put in the blood. The player enters the room from that little area to the right of the megasphere, but i'm drawing an absolute blank as to what to put in here. can anyone throw any suggestions my way?

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      Very nice!


      One more thought, since I see this thing shaping up: What if you were to put the mancubus at the "corner" of the path rather than at that end? This would remove the player's ability to hide from it, and it would also force the player into a more precarious dodging scenario, since they might have to step off the path into the blood to avoid fireballs.


      Just a thought.

    3. rdwpa


      There's always room for masterminds.


      Looks okay, although I think 'making the walls more interesting' (less square, less monotextured, perhaps broken up by some sort of vertical beam pattern) is also a valid alternative to putting lots of stuff in the blood itself. I posted some months ago (in a thread you started) about how some of the most complex stuff visually has relatively simple floors.

    4. Phade102


      @42PercentHealth Thats a very good suggestion, forcing the player to tackle the mancubus like that.


      @rdwpa I will be adding a bit of Scenery behind the 'walls' to make it look nicer. this is honestly just the first pass over, i'm focusing on the playable area first then adding the detail later. The room right now looks really ugly, but I'll take an in game screenshot too because that isn't the sky either, its the red hell sky which really makes it look nicer. I'm going to be putting some hellish cliff textures to make it look as though the player is going through a more hellish landscape. But I definitely agree with what you're saying, and I Know that when it comes to playing a map, the floor is the last thing people are going to look at.