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  1. Phade102

    Are Secrets Really Necessary

    Secrets are absolutely not necessary, but they encourage exploration. If you are designing a linear map, having a few obvious secret areas in them can make people think outside the box.
  2. As an avid wolf 3d mapper, I can tell you that it is INCREDIBLY difficult to design a unique level in wolf 3d. Being limited to a 64x64 box, on a flat 2d floorplan gives you very little room for originality. So when a level with that originality comes along, it wont take long for people to steal it and hope to claim it as their own.
  3. This is definitely a scum move, but one that probably happens all too often. its impossible to go through every map for a community project and compare it to every other map in existance. this time Dragonfly was lucky that some people DID notice (Probably because Torm kept the Egyptian theme) @Dragonfly If you wish to re release a version of skulldash without this despicable map, I would be happy to design a new map for that slot for you. Torm has shown on numerous occasions (Including his entire site) That he has zero issues with stealing content from other people. IMO he is a blight on the community.
  4. Just realized my map made it into the 1.0 preview picture =D So happy
  5. Phade102

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    Apologies to all who thought my comment was an attack on RR or anything in general. It was a poor choice of words on my part and that is the last I will say on it.
  6. Phade102

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    I watched you making a few of these maps, and they are impressive and show just how talented you are. EDIT: I see my previous comment was poorly worded and taken the wrong way, so I've removed it.
  7. Phade102


    Hey hey, I never once said you suck at mapping. Quite the opposite really, you have the potential to become a great mapper. all i'm saying is you need practice and you're thinking a bit too large scope for your current skill level. its not me saying you're a bad mapper, its saying that baby steps are the way to go.
  8. Phade102


    I am looking at some screenshots of your maps, and I believe you are looking at a far too big a project for your current skill level. with massive unallignments, what looks like untested maps, and now you wanting to add a ton of custom monsters, it seems that you need to take a few steps back, start with some basic levels, learn from the start and not rush straight to the end. Theres a reason maps from the 90s are pretty much universally laughed at by todays mappers, its because back then people really didnt have a grasp on the finer aspects of the engine (And the editors avaliable weren't as great) but you do seem to be at least willing to learn, which is good. However, your project right now looks like another 90s style custom project, and that probably wont turn out all that great. I would suggest you go play doom 1 and doom 2, pay attention to the map design, encounters, ect, and see what you can learn from those. replay the maps over and over if you have to, but right now I just believe your project is too ambitious.
  9. Phade102

    how do i add monsters with source code?

    If i've learnt anything from this forum, its that you aren't really sorry. Using the source code to change things needlessly complicates things, and will force people to use your own source port, all of which has been said above. its better off using DEHACKED. Also, you claim you are making a wad for 'purists' but you are adding tons of custom monsters, and monsters that for the most part seem to be grossly unbalanced. What you are attempting to do will not appeal to the purists, and I cant tell you who it'll appeal to either. But I do wish you luck in your work
  10. Phade102

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    Blood is amazing, a really underrated gem. Blood 2 is....yeah...no.
  11. Phade102

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    The creators have worked their butts off getting the project to the state it is in now. I doubt there will be any adjustments to make it work with zdaemon, but theres no reason you cant do the fixes yourself.
  12. Phade102

    What's Wrong With Having More Ammo?

    What you need to understand is that ammo quantity can be one of the BIGGEST adjustments to difficulty beyond simple monster count. If you have ample amount of ammo, you dont need to be afraid to use your bigger weapons to kill some weaker monsters. Whereas if your ammo is more limited, you need to make your shots count, you cant afford to be wasting rockets on basic enemies, or bullets on enemies that are designed to take hundreds, when you can use a more powerful weapon. Its all about difficulty. People want to be challenged, not given a walk in the park, and unfortunately the BFG edition does add a bit too much ammo, but it is my belief that the bfg edition was designed for people that weren't used to doom.
  13. Phade102


    Sadly it just proves what was already on peoples minds. The contest suffered from terrible management skills, and to be simple joels laziness. Joel was more than happy doing doom once a week for a contest, when it should have been more, and people have held off releasing their maps for it. But @Benjogami is right, it shouldn't have taken this long to verify the wads, a minimap check, a quick noclip run through is all it really needs. But I do hope the moderators are alright, I know joel is since he still streams regularly but its a shame this contest crashed and burned.
  14. Phade102

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    I'm with you on map 10, its an absolute work of art, so beautiful and so fun. an open layout done right.
  15. Phade102

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    No more of my stream links in this topic, its not about my streams but this amazing project!
  16. No, because Bethesda would be unable to capture the essence and the feelings of what made the original game so good.
  17. Phade102

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Stream is over, I shall continue in the next few days!
  18. Phade102

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    This would have been a cacoward winner for sure! Next year its definitely gonna be in!
  19. Phade102

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Oh...Maybe it was released past the deadline?
  20. Phade102

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Phobos? what is Phobos? if it didnt get a mention it probably wasn't really looked over in time?
  21. Phade102

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    I can tell you guys now, you wont have to wait long for eviternity now (its on the list of 'what are we waiting for') since it releases in just a few hours! Also, big congrats to @YukiRaven You may not have won an award this year, but the runner up trophy shows that you are still amazingly talented and capable of making works of art. I know right!? It should have won all of them!
  22. Elementalism is only one of the very few wads that will require advanced features (at the moment) so dont worry, there will be a lot of other amazing doom wads you can play =) I'm sure there will be plenty of videos put up and such of the levels once the wad has been out for a while! But I understand that you're frustrated that you wont be able to play elementalism. sadly, for the scope of the project the team is thinking of, it does require those advanced features.
  23. Phade102

    Best community project leader?

    While he hasn't led a 'community project' in a while, Dragonflys management of skulldash was incredible.
  24. I didnt start this, bonnie. as much as you'll deny it, the fact is I merely stated what was on everybodys mind.
  25. Considering bonnie was outright abusive to people who wished to leave the project, saying he was 'glad' they were leaving, I wouldnt hold much faith in this project at all. Bonnie doesnt really respect anyone in it. I'm sure I can help find somewhere for your wads to go.