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  1. @Dwaze try to replace the SDL2.dll, SDL2_mixer.dll and SDL2_net.dll files from choco release.
  2. @VGA thanks, in previous post I just copied nickname after "@" character and it's not triggered. @Dwaze open "crispy-doom.cfg" config, find "use_libsamplerate" parameter and set it to 0. It resolves the problem for me on any versions.
  3. @fabian is it possible to add a switch function between versions of SDL libraries?
  4. I tested last devbuild and there are no microfreezes, also I noticed that sound is more correct, in release version sound is louder and sounds a bit different. So I clearly understood that reason of most problems is new SDL libraries. @fabian I really hope you add a separate release based on the choco SDL libraries - it would be perfect.
  5. I tested a bit more the new version and there is a new critical bug - microfreezes. :( I tried to on\off uncapped framerate with vsync and it didn't help. It's very strange... Did you compare carefully the sound with and without libsamplerate? With libsamplerate music is louder than other sounds. Anyway, it would be good to add libsamplerate option in crispness menu.
  6. At last! No cartoon sounds anymore... BUT! :) I still need to set "use_libsamplerate" option to 0 to get normal sound balance. Maybe you re-release it with turned off libsamplerate option? P.S. Force correct aspect ratio option in setup app is no need anymore...
  7. Is it possible to add such a version of HUD? With white titles near the values and with\without doomguy face.
  8. Why last dev builds don't support uncapped framerate? I turn it on and don't get any difference.
  9. fabian, thanks for the aspect ratio option, but with sound is all the same in dev builds, I need to set libsamplerate option to 0 in config file to get normal sound balance. I hope it wouldn't need any more in release version.
  10. fabian, also add please libsamplerate option to in-game menu or disable this shit function by default like in choco. And I hope you restore 16:10 aspect ratio without picture cut, now its no way to turn it on correctly.
  11. I tryed to set 16:10 aspect ratio in dev build and got this. I hope in next version it will be fixed.
  12. I always turn it off, but there is no use. He did the same what I did and get classic Doom with disconnect.
  13. I have few questions: 1. How I can set the pixel perfect 16:10 aspect ratio? fullscreen_width\height parameters don't give any result. 2. How to play custom maps in multiplayer? I add wads in settings app, create a game, then my friend connect to me and see classic Doom and get quick disconnect. I'm not a programmer, sorry.