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  1. fabian, thanks for the aspect ratio option, but with sound is all the same in dev builds, I need to set libsamplerate option to 0 in config file to get normal sound balance. I hope it wouldn't need any more in release version.
  2. fabian, also add please libsamplerate option to in-game menu or disable this shit function by default like in choco. And I hope you restore 16:10 aspect ratio without picture cut, now its no way to turn it on correctly.
  3. I tryed to set 16:10 aspect ratio in dev build and got this. I hope in next version it will be fixed.
  4. I always turn it off, but there is no use. He did the same what I did and get classic Doom with disconnect.
  5. I have few questions: 1. How I can set the pixel perfect 16:10 aspect ratio? fullscreen_width\height parameters don't give any result. 2. How to play custom maps in multiplayer? I add wads in settings app, create a game, then my friend connect to me and see classic Doom and get quick disconnect. I'm not a programmer, sorry.
  6. kb1, here is a link.
  7. I replace 5.3 exe with the one from the daily build, type in game SDLAUDIO and result: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, WASAPI (with P) and nothing change - cartoon sounds. Which ones? And what about exe, should I keep daily build exe?
  8. ckjb1969, thanks! It completely solved all problems with sound ("cartoons" and balance) but in dev builds. In release version sounds become... "truncated" I guess and still has balance problem, 100% it's because of SDL libraries. I hope fabian will disable this bug option by default in 5.3 version and find way to replace SDL libraries.
  9. So there is no solution? :( Of course I can, but there is no option to turn on vanilla menu with exit sounds (without ENDOOM screen) to get full vanilla game look. May be just add a parameter in the config? It would be best to add the vanilla menu option (turn off by default of course) in the Crispness section in the settings app, so that you can first customize the game, and then turn on the vanilla menu (with exit sounds) at will.
  10. I try 5.3 version dev build and seems there is all ok with sound at last (correct balance), so I want to ask: is it possible to add a choice between dev and release sdl libraries in 5.3 version? Cuz I have big problems with release libraries - sound is very quiet and very unbalance + cartoon style if more than 2 audio channels. P.S. Any chances to see vanilla mode - high resolution rendering + uncapped framerate only? :)
  11. How to do this? Detailed instruction please.
  12. I guess "smooth" is wrong word. I mean mouse input becomes more accurate.
  13. I didn't notice any screen tearing, but gameplay became less smooth. :\
  14. Of course, game runs much smooth with uncapped framerate without vsync on my 60Hz monitor. And it would be more convenient for me to have an option in game.
  15. When I choose more than 2 audiochannels, I hear cartoon sounds. And it's no matter what sample rate is. P.S. Can you add vsync turn on\off option in crispness setings please?