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  1. hey look its the best girl

    1. TheUltimateDoomer666


      I have no idea what girl it is.

  2. konamikode

    ZANZONE: Shareware Multiplayer Community Map Project (?)

    I'll take a stab at ZAN08. As for your map, I find the text on-screen a bit cheesy and unneeded, and some areas need to have more detail. The jump pads are cool too ;P
  3. konamikode

    ZANZONE: Shareware Multiplayer Community Map Project (?)

    I'll try testing it out with a 2nd player sometime to see if it plays decent.
  4. konamikode

    ZANZONE: Shareware Multiplayer Community Map Project (?)

    If you can get ZAN01 finished/presentable and some textures up, I'll probably help out. I've always had an idea like this before edit: will we take advantage of the skulltag weapons/textures/enemies or no?
  5. konamikode


    Hard G for me. Excited to see this intense... "battle" play out. What pronunciation will win?
    Surprisingly well made. Some enemies used fireballs to attack, but i'm not sure if there was a way to tell if it was a variant or not, but I didn't really pay attention so I can't say much.
  6. konamikode

    [Conceptual Resource Map] Akzos City

    Holy christ, this looks amazing! I love zDoom works like this, shows the potential power that (sadly) many people don't use.
  7. konamikode

    Doom 2: Update

    We could always have 2 versions of the project; one more faithful and one more "remastered" like
  8. konamikode

    Doom 2: Update

    Can we make it a rule that we have to COMPLETELY REDESIGN MAP28? Like change its entire... level I mean, if your wondering why, play map28 Oh and for a basic "progress report", how does this look?
  9. konamikode

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E3 (Surprise!)

    MAP30 is a masterpiece, never have I played a boss level just so... brilliant. It's really hard to explain why I love it so.
  10. konamikode

    GBA Doom II Modding Tools

    is there any rom-to-gba cartridge sorta thing out there, because I would love to play some of this on the go
  11. konamikode

    Doom 2: Update

    I can try to work on MAP02 of Doom 2. I'm not the best at this kind of stuff, but I'll try :)
  12. konamikode

    UAC Doom - Part 2

    It's fun, fast-paced action and some cool traps. The "toxic" wall texture is repeated a bit too much in it's area, but it's just a small nitpick. I found myself later in the level to be confused, specifically past the "yellow" door where things got a bit confusing for me. It's still a pretty solid level, and it's fun, so I really can't put it to shame. Good job!
  13. konamikode

    Plasmatology Vol. 1

    This author's 2nd map is much, much better than this. Awful visuals, not very fun gameplay... just not very pleasant to play in general. If your looking for a quick, fun map, check out this guy's second map he created: Trigger-happy, it probably has what your looking for.