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  1. I'll take a stab at ZAN08. As for your map, I find the text on-screen a bit cheesy and unneeded, and some areas need to have more detail. The jump pads are cool too ;P
  2. I'll try testing it out with a 2nd player sometime to see if it plays decent.
  3. If you can get ZAN01 finished/presentable and some textures up, I'll probably help out. I've always had an idea like this before edit: will we take advantage of the skulltag weapons/textures/enemies or no?
  4. Hard G for me. Excited to see this intense... "battle" play out. What pronunciation will win?
    Surprisingly well made. Some enemies used fireballs to attack, but i'm not sure if there was a way to tell if it was a variant or not, but I didn't really pay attention so I can't say much.
    I don't know what I expected.
  5. Holy christ, this looks amazing! I love zDoom works like this, shows the potential power that (sadly) many people don't use.
  6. We could always have 2 versions of the project; one more faithful and one more "remastered" like
  7. Can we make it a rule that we have to COMPLETELY REDESIGN MAP28? Like change its entire... level I mean, if your wondering why, play map28 Oh and for a basic "progress report", how does this look?
  8. MAP30 is a masterpiece, never have I played a boss level just so... brilliant. It's really hard to explain why I love it so.
  9. is there any rom-to-gba cartridge sorta thing out there, because I would love to play some of this on the go
  10. I can try to work on MAP02 of Doom 2. I'm not the best at this kind of stuff, but I'll try :)
    It's fun, fast-paced action and some cool traps. The "toxic" wall texture is repeated a bit too much in it's area, but it's just a small nitpick. I found myself later in the level to be confused, specifically past the "yellow" door where things got a bit confusing for me. It's still a pretty solid level, and it's fun, so I really can't put it to shame. Good job!
    This author's 2nd map is much, much better than this. Awful visuals, not very fun gameplay... just not very pleasant to play in general. If your looking for a quick, fun map, check out this guy's second map he created: Trigger-happy, it probably has what your looking for.