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  1. I'm thinking about hiring someone to create a weapon for me that would be impossible for me to make because I can't wrap my head around code. Is this an ok place to ask for that? I've always had a fascination with the arch-viles ability to rez it's allies and I'd like to see this ability given to the player. I'd want the Gauntlets of the Necromancer ported to Hexen. With a bit more range, damage, and small lifesteal on the main attack. The alt-fire would resurrect corpses to fight for you for 30 seconds before dying and they wouldn't target the player if hit with friendly fire. Would be even better if the Rez ability cost a unique ammo so it couldn't be abused. I'd make a hell of a wad based around this weapon. How much would you charge for a project like that?
  2. Loving the green textures man, your map looks cool even with the errors :P
  3. CursedHeretic

    Hexen unique class?

    So I should inherit from doomguy instead? I'm so confused on what to do because I want custom weapons as well and hexen only has 2 types of ammo on the hud..
  4. CursedHeretic

    Hexen unique class?

    I'm having some trouble with this... Is anyone up for chatting in steam or facebook? I don't think I can figure this out on my own and I hate having to bother the entire forum with my noob questions :\
  5. CursedHeretic

    Hexen unique class?

    Ok so what I need is a Cleric that can use any weapon I give it in Hexen including custom ones. Is this possible?
  6. Are there any wads that are just repositorys full of goodies like monsters/weapons/textures that a person can use with GZDB quick and easily? I *HATE* slade with a passion and I just want to make cool maps with new stuff and have it WORK.
  7. CursedHeretic

    Realm 667 importing

    Can you dumb that down a little for me I still don't have a clue what this means. Also I put the gzdoom pk3 file in gzdb and excluded it from testing and a lot of errors went away but now I can't switch weapons in test mode? (i reset the controls still no) And the decorate folder is still not showing so I can't place or see any the weapons I added... This make brain sad https://1drv.ms/i/s!AoqLXhDyvT8HbkR28tSeTt4SOcI Am I suppose to add the weapons as resources in gzdb too? Aren't they part of the wad now that they are sladed in?? Perhaps I should also mention this is a HERETIC wad im trying to make?
  8. CursedHeretic

    Realm 667 importing

    Damn dude this is pretty much exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for typing up that guide! Ok so even following your instructions I'm still messing something up bad. This time I just wanted to test heretic based weapons from realm667. Can anyone tell what I did wrong from these pics? https://1drv.ms/i/s!AoqLXhDyvT8HbIdg3mQ8A-c5tt8 https://1drv.ms/i/s!AoqLXhDyvT8HbasiuCQsdO-Xi-U Sometimes some of the stuff I download looks messed up in slade even before I add it. Like the colors are inverted or corrupt or something. Whats up with that?
  9. CursedHeretic

    Realm 667 importing

    So I want to import a ton of textures/monsters/weapons from realm667 for testing before starting a long wad but I am having a rather difficult time doing so. I just copy and paste their content into my map through slade, make sure they have a 15000ish number if they don't in their decorate file, and hope for the best. But half of them come out broken or not working at all. Is there an easier way to do this? Slade makes me want to claw my eyes out. I want to test a LOT of downloaded stuff so I have over 100 wad files I need to merge. Please tell me there is a better way lol
  10. Hey guys I figured it out... I just had to remove one of the resources guess they were conflicting. All good now :)
  11. Please be more specific? The errors in the bottom right should just be missing sound stuff I deleted and random crap from merging wads. If you know what I'm doing wrong I'm desperate to start my new wads :\
  12. CursedHeretic


    Thanks Dragonfly :)
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n3l6f32py83m3s5/Hubris%20Containment%20Sector%20%28Final%29.wad?dl=0 Thinking maybe I should uninstall all of GZDB and start over? Lemme know if the map works for you (both in game and for editing)
  14. Yes all my resources are in the map already using slade. That's why the game works fine when I play it through gzdoom. But for whatever reason GZDoom is not showing the resources even tho it should already be part of the map :\
  15. Why did all my custom monsters/objects disappear in gzdoombuilder? How do I get them back? The map still works fine but the entire decorate folder in gzdb is gone. This happened after an update. Reverting back doesn't solve it :\ https://1drv.ms/i/s!AoqLXhDyvT8Ha4j0Qo-23j7xxxE