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  1. Zaiman12345

    Looking for some American Soldier/CIA sprites

    I've been thinking of a military-style WAD for a while now, and if anyone could make these, or maybe even make a straight-up pre-made enemy, that'd be great!
  2. Zaiman12345

    New source port desired features

    REQUIRED: 3D model support, real freelook. (like GZDooM) DESIRED: Pixel smoothing NOT being required, I like my pixel-y sprites and textures just the way they are, and multiple render modes for slower computers. AND, something really cool for Classic fans, True Classic mode! Classic rendering, pixel-y view, only vanilla mods, etc. Just a thought, since DOSBOX can be a pain, and other, more classic ports aren't fully classic.
  3. Zaiman12345

    Going Nowhere Fast [Community Project]

    This wad looks great!
  4. Zaiman12345

    Hell's Train Station

    The difficulty choices change the projectiles and placement of enemies and things, very nice touch. The map is stitched together into one megamap, which can be annoying if you don't save, but removing delay is great. Overall, the level design is open enough to hide secrets, but linear enough that you probably won't get lost. If I were to give it a rating out of then, I'd say a 7-8. It's short, so if you just want to waste an hour, then I would recommend it.
  5. Zaiman12345

    Demonic Revival Prequel

    It's at the end of the tiny hallway with no doors, signaling to either press all the walls or just the one at the end.
  6. Zaiman12345

    Demonic Revival Prequel

    What secret doors? My collaborator could have added them, but where are they? If it didn't look like a door, but it was, and it didn't bring up a secret text thing, than it was just a normal door.
  7. Zaiman12345

    Demonic Revival Prequel

    Originals made by Zaiman12345, then revised & compiled by JagDogger2525. Constructive criticism and suggestions for the future accepted. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7xeCM7GbqKYQlZTa2dyOXhfOEk Hope you enjoy! (Requires a sourceport such as GZDoom and a copy of Doom II.)
  8. Zaiman12345

    Second Level Pack

    I have a Mac, and I have only 10 dollars. Can't get Doom Builder 2.
  9. Zaiman12345

    Second Level Pack

  10. Zaiman12345

    MY FIRST DOOM WAD (Do not suggest playing)

    Hopefully I will, and thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm working on a second map pack already, so wish me luck and I hope you'll have more ideas for improvement.
  11. Zaiman12345

    MY FIRST DOOM WAD (Do not suggest playing)

    Already done.
  12. Zaiman12345

    MY FIRST DOOM WAD (Do not suggest playing)

    Thanks for the feedback in less than a day, man. I'll keep it in mind for the second map pack I make.
  13. If you want to get the wad and play it, then the download is here. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7xeCM7GbqKYZ25jbHVlNFRkVEE By the way, this thing was made in 3 1/2 days with around 3 1/2 hours of work each day, including obscene amounts of tutorials.