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  1. is this better than GZdoom Builder?
  2. Is this GZDoom Builder?
  3. Here is the file. :)
  4. Could anybody please tell me what this means and how do i fix this? The textures screwed up somehow and i don't know why.
  5. alright thanks mate :D
  6. lumps? I don't think i have any on here
  7. Keep in mind that you need the Moonman mod in order to play it.
  8. After writing the MAPINFO i tried to make it so that after i would complete the level, it would go onto the next level in the wad "Map 3". But after i test the game with or without monsters, the NEXT command doesn't seem to work for me and it just ends with the ending screen. Can anyone please help me on this problem and how to fix it? Thanks
  9. Hey there guys, As of right now i am trying to make a megawad mod consisting of custom textures, monsters and sprites downloaded off Realm667. So far i read the tutorial on slades wiki about importing textures and so far as i dragged everything from the texture wad to my wad, i have been having buggy problems as i tried to move them under the ENDMAP lump. So far i've imported my own textures that i've downloaded off of google images and so far thats been working ok. However when i've imported textures from the DukeWad and the Episode5WAD and so far i have been getting some bugs. Such as the textures being corrupt when i put the duke and ep5wad textures below my custom textures, and even if i put Ep5 and DukeWAD above my textures ive got from the web then everything looks ok whilst your in 3D mode in GZ doom builder, however when i run the game it pops up with a error message about Patch names and texture names What my level looks like at the top Same with the 3d preview The wad at the moment. When i put the textures below my textures I get this shit But when i put them above my custom textures i got from google images Everything looks ok but when i test the game. I get this crap Is there any way that i can fix this? Could you please tell me what i'm doing wrong if the patch files are supposed to be different or something? Thanks oh and i got an error saying that gzdoom has stopped working