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  1. Kroc

    The Force Engine Version 1.0 Release

    A common frontend, ala MAME or RetroArch is still a valuable thing because it ensures game specifics are separate from hardware. We have a port of Doom to PSP, but will there ever be one for TFE? If the front end were all shared then this would problem would be moot. Good point regarding how different the "feel" of FPSes can be and that this wouldn't translate to shared code. That said, data-driven design could be used to parametrise behaviour much as Doom has been redefined via PWADs and Dehacked. This is all off topic however, so I'll leave it at that.
  2. If the product itself can't easily be sold, because of currently borrowed assets, I wish they would start a Patreon so players can at least contribute for their _time_, if nothing else.
  3. Kroc

    The Force Engine Version 1.0 Release

    This is not aimed at lucius themselves, but I wish there were a "ScummVM for FPSes". We have lots of separate projects to painstakingly reverse engineer various FPSes but all these projects struggle in their own ways and a lot of effort must go into building the basics of input & rendering when that could be reused. I wish we could combine these things so that when the engine overall improves or gets ported, lots of games automatically gain the benefits.
  4. Kroc

    The Force Engine Version 1.0 Release

    The SDKs for XBox / PS / Switch are proprietary and *cannot* be linked against GPL code. This is ultimately why Nightdive have to use their own engine, Kex. In the case of Quake I & II, even though the source is available, iD, as owners of the copyright, can licence a closed-source version of the game. For Quake II, the "game" is separate from the engine and communicates via an API, which is why some code is available for Quake II Enhanced but this is a special case unique to Quake II. As for The Force Engine, it's probably a matter of sharing "knowledge" (implementation details), I can't imagine they can include GPL code unless they intend to open-source the entire game. Either way, it's good news for Dark Forces fans. Even with a remaster available, it will be a proprietary engine that won't get ported any further. TFE will remain the only solution for ongoing improvement and porting.
  5. Kroc

    Doom 32X Resurrection

    Incredible achievement Vic! Ares runs too slow for me, but Kega Fusion runs fine, however mouse sensitivity is too low! Is there a way to configure this? Lastly, SIGIL has been ported to PSX by GEC, so you could perhaps use those levels for D32XR as they will already have been simplified?
  6. "Could this man be one of my people?"
  7. Fascinating. "Stunning" is perhaps what I would call it. It has the language of Doom mapping but from a first-time mapper, and one who had never played the game either at that! It's taken 30 years to build up a 'language' of the way maps should work, how secrets should behave, what textures do what. All of that is here and yet it's fresh and new too. Even besides the touching story that goes with this, it should be liable for a "Newcomer of the Year" Cacoward, at least a mentionation.
  8. He's been doing SIGIL2, he was live-streaming it roughly 2 months ago -> https://www.twitch.tv/theromero
  9. Sorry David, this was a long time ago and I just remember a number of small bugs. I think a posted a few in the RAMP2022 thread.
  10. Hey David, please set a minimum GZDoom version that maps must work on as last time, RAMP wasn't even compatible with itself; I had to play with multiple versions of GZDoom to get all the maps to work without error D:
  11. Kroc


    It's a DOOM community inside joke, in that everybody's first map in the 90s was a recreation of their house. "myhouse.wad" is neologism for a dull, low-quality, first-time mapper map typically ignored by the community. This wad plays into that by naming the map in a way that purposefully undersells its depth. :)
  12. Kroc


    Yes, new people joining this thread, please share with us your personal experiences, this is what we want to hear -- there is nothing new to discover in the WAD that hasn't been already plumbed since the beginning of the thread. If you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes, please read from the start of the thread, refer to the [Wiki page](https://doomwiki.org/wiki/My_House), or watch [YouTube videos](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iq1-TZXz9xo) on the subject! P.S. @DavidN Could you create a playlist for your three MyHouse videos please?
  13. Kroc


    The irony is that the more this goes mainstream, the less I know who TF these people are playing it :P I'm more hyped for Decino than whatever one-video-away-from-a-crime-against-humanity popular YouTuber is next. -- edit: This is very good playthrough! He's very perceptive!
  14. Kroc


    Is Nightmare mode being the easiest to play some kind of suggestion that a nightmare is easier than facing reality?