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  1. Finally my time has come, I love my friends so much. During my high school years, a small "brigade" was formed out of a select group of individuals, which I was part of aswell. Note: out of a strange reasons, I sometimes called my friends by their name and added -kun or -chan afterwards. I myself am a energetic fucker who is into thrash metal, anime, violent video games and I am anything but a simple guy, and I am really tough to handle according to some most all people. AT: Guy who was kinda hated by everyone in class, but he didn't care since he had his own gang outside of class who all liked him. I took liking to him due to art. He is a photography nut with a more prosperous future oriented towards art than I got with my drawing skills. Appears to be kind of a dick, but for some reason I like that guy because he has more or less a general idea about all-the-things, and talking/debating/joking with him was easy. Plus it feels mighty good when correcting him. He is into rock and really old musical stuff, and when he isn't travelling into the past, he likes to listen to more simple stuff. Isn't really a gamer nor does he watches shows, and when he does, he rarely talks about it. AD-chan-senpai: Girl who was my "lab partner" in computer-related classes (had more of them), kinda quiet. Excellent student, hated school with all her might, and was somehow brutal. I guess this brutality is why I like her. Blunt, honest, but not rude (people often confuse the two), and also very productive, if not quiet. In classes, I would conjure the solution to every task, while she formulted the results to be more "readable" (read as: write that shit down in the notebook for later review), and passed around the code/sketch of the task to these other girls who were closer to us to copy. Has a simple taste in stuff, nothing too complicated. Listens to the same stuff as AT, and this is what they mostly talk about. That, or something in general. Also, this friend comes with a special power called "Minding her own buisness" as in, she didn't rat me out whenever I played Brutal Doom on school computers. Plus she saved my ass multiple times before-during-after exams, which is why I treat her with great respect and I would fight for her honor. She literally helped me graduate. I imagine her to be a very succesful person, unless she falls into depression or something (I hope she doesn't), because she is really worthy. SSG (yes, you read that correctly): Dude who is relatable on multiple aspects. We are both history freaks, we both are "isolated from civilisation" (living way too far from cities and towns), we are both met with the concept of physical work on the countryside, and we really like weapons, warfare and strategies/tactics/logistics. He is kinda simple of a guy. Much like AT and AD-chan, looks like your average dude. In fact, underneath his appearance, hides a totally awesome persona. I am talking about a dude who built himself a longbow, a authentic British longbow, although not British, still works like one. Besides that, he is addicted to Total War and all stuff related to medieval warfare, while I am more for modern warfare, although we can both draw lessons from our preferred time periods. Either way, I like hanging out with him because he is so relatable to me, plus, he had some social problems, like bullying and general social dickery, which I really loved helping him with and talking about it. I guess we are really connected somehow. IG-kun: Guy who is too fabolous to be. I haven't met a more good-looking guy than him. Newest fashionable clothes, hair to die for, skin, tan, all nailed perfectly. Not to mention his personality. Straight up bishounen. No wonder he had two girlfriends (as in two at the same time) by the time school ended. Either way, he was a really good friend underneath his beautiful skin. He did not have good grades though, but he got through. He is a good guy because he listened to my problems, he understood my lunacy and we kinda both "freaked around" time to time. He was really tolerable of my black comedy attempts, he understood everything I said, and didn't freak out whenever I called him "IG-kuuuuun" time to time. Besides that, he is a gamer, and often plays CoD2 if not other shooters time to time. He also obtained me games when I couldn't (by borrowing them) and helped me with some PC and phone issues. BZDoom (yeeesss): Guy who cannot give more of a fuck. Nice beard, bad attitude, and chronic lateness to school. His hate for school can only be comparable by AD-chan's. Besides, he plays World of Tanks with SSG and IG and GK, and when in not in a mood for "tankiness", he talks about general stuff. He is a metalhead who cannot understand that Sabaton is power metal, but besides that the only connection we share is just... metal. That, and I love fucking around with him by being myself (he cannot tolerate my rather "liberal" views that much) when discussing. In general, guy who most of the time was at the wrong place and would more likely want to be somewhere else (his favorite pub to be honest) GK: A fellow village-man, we are relatable by our ancestry, and the fact that he understands people. Plus, he was the earliest bird who got the driver's license, and often rode me, SSG, IG and BZDoom around, and when he wasn't, he was talking about WoT, about general affair of things, or was hanging out with this other guy who was buff as fuck. Really good at school, knows his shit, and kinda doesn't fuck shit up. I would say he is a combo of AD's working qualities and BZDoom's tendencies. Either way, for a while, he was the only one who could bring around the boys. So I think by so far you can get a general sense of a person I was. If you still did not get it, I was the most "craziest" out of the group, with my tendency to throw anime references around, drawing chibis, jumping and hopping around, making weird noises, drawing attention, going extreme with my tastes, playing Brutal Doom, playing Warbringer when possible, reading books during lessons, going to "strange places", and in general I behaved quite liberal in a conservative setting. I guess in a western world I would be Tuesday. But in Slavlands, people like me don't survive long without some sort of determination, luck, and charisma. I knew a guy like me. He became a "deliquent" not long after.
  2. I used to have a Croatian Shepherd not that long ago. She was removed from the household because no one but me could handle it and love it as I did. Was a explosive doofus, hugged everyone familar and borked only once a week. I was becoming more of a animal with her to be honest, with all those walks into nature which soon turned into mad dashes into hills and howling (I was a mad motherfucker that time). Might be a pleasant sight for someone who has a werewolf fetish, but even for those a 6 feet tall thing roaring at his dog can be weird. I still have cats around. There are like five of them who are close to the house, but the "real cat" is Coaly, a cat unique by texture because, while every other cat has some sort of hue (green brownish black combo), Coaly had the same pattern but a black-and-white hue applied to it. Compare old televisions vs new. Either way, cats are nice because on the countryside there can be fuckers called snakes and mice, and having two cats is more than enough. Plus, you can always dump leftovers to them, and save garbage bin space for something that isn't consumable but is still waste.
  3. I had only drank wine in my life, and even that rarely. Never did any other drug nor will I ever. Meanwhile my friend who is one year younger than me drank so much alcohol he could fill a cellar (stuff like votka tequila this and that) and did all sorts of drugs. People have yet to decide who is more saner, me or him?
  4. Despite whatever pop culture says, hell is indeed not a "place", not even a " alternate dimension", but a really shitty sensation riddled with desperation and spiritual constipation of not "seeing" God and hanging out in heaven, laid upon one's soul for a eternity. I say hell reflects the feeling one gets moments before death, so ones who are happy knowing that they didn't depart the world with debt and dishonour upon their name should reach heaven, and those who have small doubts but remain faithful have to go through purgatory first, and those who are stricken with guilt and desperation of epic porpotions, knowing what they leave behind them and all, curses one to hell. At least what I think. This can also be a reason for all the ghosts as well. Imagine being so pissed off by in-justice (a subjective term) laid upon you that not even Hell cannot contain you, and you break over to the other side to show some motherfuckers where did they do wrong. Except every motherfucker looks the same, but if you keep trying you might hit the one responsible, over time. One by one, just to correct this shit. Hell, other motherfuckers might learn from this as well, so it is all good. Meanwhile from our perspective the ghost is fucking up everything it touches because someone had pissed it off and now it won't rest even after the guy who pissed the ghost off gets rekt, and now we have multiple dead bodies and one really pissed spirit. Catholic fluff isn't far from my statement when it comes to "hell". Basically, not some sort of a alien dimension like in Doom, a place filled with fire and ruins and demons or whatever. In fact, no game can properly simulate "hell". Not even that new Agony game. It is a sensation, not a tourist resort. And I think that @Nine Inch Heels almost nailed it totally. Not only it is a very lonely place, but it is literally a feeling only comparable to having yourself erased from Recycle Bin. And this goes on forever.
  5. Yall fucking are not even born yet. When I was born, the Roman kids down the block still played with their wooden swords. Fucking Anno Domini babies, no wonder they have no taste in games.
  6. Half Life 1, which also doubles as my favorite game serie... Coincidence? Could it be that everyone's most dearest game is as old as themselves? What about you guys, huh?
  7. Urban stuff. Cities, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals. I would like to play mappacks dedicated solely to this. I just don't have the patience to play through 25 maps in a megawad to see a pile of bricks. Also vast outdoors area. And not that shit with having a 1024x1024 playable area and infinite horizon effect, or any mountain/hill shit. Massive plains, actual hills instead of "caves inside hills". Tight outdoor areas feels like a self-defeating concept to me. I had grown myself to hate Egyptian and rainforest themes and settings. And not in Doom only. Any other game with Egyptian/rainforest setting or combo pisses me off for no real reason - I guess it feels like a very cheap alternative to "experience places you hadn't seen before oooh mystery". ... I am a picky Doomer.
  8. Dunno to whom that comment is pointed, but once you think about it, it applies to both sides equally. In fact, it applies to everything.
  9. All this constant spam against 40z makes me wanna have 40oz winning this duel just so everyone else could be so shocked no new threads would appear for three days straight.
  10. I usually like ice cream, specially chocolate or fruity types, but too bad I am feeling extra rebellious today so no like for your post
  11. Oh, don't be silly mah boi. Everyone says Doom 2016 instead... ... Do you, guys?
  12. Well in a world where modern games require 8 gigs of RAM to function on lowest settings, first hl1 and even TF2 feels like stuff that can be ran on potatoes. Plus, its really good.
  13. Praise Valve, for while not having new games, it has surely given the community a opportunity to make some content on their own. And their tech is kinda like the new Doom, can run on shittiest laptops, Source is really a great thing. So whenever I hear news like this, I turn my head to the community, and play hl1 mods or any source mod in fact. Cheers.
  14. I AM BATTLE_KIRBY FROM THE FAR FUTURE In the next 10 years, someone, whos name I must not say (in order to preserve time & sppace continuum) told me to wait till the Year Of Our Lord 2047 to remind you how necroposts might be annoying. At least in future Doomworld, any reply to a post older than a day issues a ban because... well it is HERESY This itself makes me want to scratch my brain with my sentient back scratcher. This sensation is driving me nuts. Here is something I can drop though: EVERYONE WHO HASN'T MOVED TO NOVA TERRA 5 AND REMAINED ON EARTH IS DEAD! *zaps back into the future*
  15. I just watched the first and last one, because I was worried about my internet connection spazzing out, and dat practicality. I can testify for Lucky Star and K-on! as well! Both are amongst my favorite ones (along with Haruhi), but I guess I will have to refrain from spoilers, but y'all have my word on them.