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  1. You can't deny the usefullness though. Although the quicksave & quickload kinda "lessens" the effect (YMMV), it can still serve as good practice on handling future encounters on other maps. Some people cannot beat certain maps even with constant quicksave & quickload spam, and some players, like me, like to practice their fingers first to see how fast they are in action and what they can do in the certain moment, then after finishing a map with quickly-saving/loading, repeat the same thing in one go entirely, without any saving at all. It can save some time, as getting to the same point at the later part of the map and dying at the same point can really frustrate people into giving up. I know everyone here on Doomworld (even the noobfaces) are demigods of determination and self-torture with 20 years of experience, and that dying 50 times at the second-latest room in a map is nothing, but, think of the children. They have to see what got them and what they can do about it really quickly before starting over. About the thread: I like to explore optional paths first, so I always take my chance to look up the tiny alleys or vents or cracks in the walls. However, I can get really frustrated when I accidentally wonder down the right path, but that frustration kinda washes away. I rarely try to save at certain choices, unless I am so emotionally invested that I want the best ending to happen, so with what can be described as magical fangirling power (I am a guy) I try and engineer to have the best thing happen. It can be especially heartbreaking to be forced to see your favorite character getting rekt by the bad guys no matter what you do. I consider that good game design, no matter how heartwrenching it was or how much of assholes devs are. When conflicted with a serious choice inside a game, I always do what my character/me would do. So lets say my character is a Paladin of Kawaiiness and Cat Smiles, and that he is on a quest to exterminate a vampire lair while posing intensively and blowing kisses. However, he then figures out the vampires were kidnapping people to keep them safe from the Lord Asshole who was gathering a army to march to east. Lord Asshole is a lazy fat asshole who doesn't know anything about war and just sends people to death. And so my Paladin of Kawaiiness is split on exterminating the vampires fully or helping them protect the local people by turning on Lord Asshole. This, in long terms, can mean that by a) Lord Asshole has a entire village worth of men dead in the next battle and b) Vampires were trying to take over the county and Lord Asshole was their latest enemy. So what does Korbi do? He exterminates the vampires! Then he takes the people himself and attacks Lord Asshole and after some super intense combat (posing) Paladin of Kawaiiness eliminates Lord Asshole becomes the Lord Paladin of Kawaiiness, bent on protecting the innocent from low-fashion dickheads while posing. Of course, if the game allows me to do so. Either way those vampires are going to get fried >:3 I try to apply that logic in every game, and usually don't feel bad for not choosing the other option, if the game is open enough to allow near infinite options. Games like Undertale though, have me replaying them multiple times JUST to see what happens. Same with Stanley's Parable. My soul was not calm until I figured out all the endings to the standalone HD game.
  2. Both things can get annoyin out of sudden and often causes rage so you cannot deny the similarities in this case.
  3. Cars can be fast, cars can be slow, and their speeds can vary. Try braking suddenly though. Same with puzzles in some cases (not all).
  4. I like puzzles myself, but I am going to stick with OP here. Doom itself really isn't a game that is focused at puzzles. As far as I can tell, PC games before Doom were largely focused at puzzles and people hated Doom because of its straightforwardness and rather lack of "tact and thinking" as well. A lot of modern games go away with puzzles or minimise the puzzle element... That doesn't mean they are bad games. There is a difference between puzzles and strategies in games. Some gamers are exceptional at puzzles but require multiple attempts and trial-and-error experiments before finding a strategy which works the best, yet some gamers suck at puzzles but can tell what they gotta do with what they got right away. Please don't confuse the both. It isn't a matter of intelligence either really. Some puzzles can be dastardly stupid or poorly designed to be easily "broken" and hardly doable. Which is why exstensive testing is really required when fiddling and creating these things. And I can agree with "pace-breaking". OP probably wanted to tell that while these puzzles aren't that "hard" to solve, they can be tedious and can draw stuff out. Like, waiting for this pillar to raise, waiting for a NPC to struttle over to this point (Half Life is notorious with this one), having to run the tiny ball through a maze all over again, it can really be boring. Sometimes this make gamers think that the usually-proper solution ISN'T the proper situation, just because its "meh". Besides, not everyone gets off solving puzzles. Not everyone orgasms when solving a sudoku, some people are just " eh", and some people are both way and can just say "Huh nice. Now lets move on". This thread proves it alone. I am the type of "puzzleer", who, while disliking overly-complicated puzzles, like doing so when under pressure. My favorite gaming moments consist of solving a puzzle while under attack or heavy fire, which is why I love Half Life so much I guess. Sometimes I would even ignore the enemy while trying to solve the puzzle just to add pressure. However, I understand OP's viewpoint. Sometimes doing the same puzzles and minigames over and over can be annoying, especially if the game hypes up a chase sequence but then gives you a puzzle. I get a feeling myself like the game is telling me: "Hurry up but take your time". Yeah I like pressure during puzzles, but I would like to shoot my gun as well, spend some ammo. Some of my favorite shooters don't have puzzles, and I like them because of that. Yet some of my other favorite games have excessive amounts of strategy and self contained puzzles.
  5. After some super intense scheduling action we had found to have 1:00-2:00 PM (CST) to be the best time for us, maybe a bit later even.
  6. In teh name of our team, SkawtonDreddnut, I shall speak. Me and ShotgunDemolition had both started to go to college at the same time tournament started. Thou mayst wonder what the hell happened in the between? Well my access to my primary gaming platform had been lost, and I had been setting up a auxiliary platform for a while. It should work by tomorrow. We haven't forgotten about the tournament, and in fact, we had been looking forward to it, but higher education takes it's toll I guess. However, that doesn't mean we don't want to play. It is just that things happened in the meantime. We kinda expected college to interfiere, which is why we put up our availability as "upon agreement with the team interested with playing against us" or something like that, when we signed up. But this kind of interfierence just screwed some things up. We are just coming a bit late to the fray. And if that messes up our score, so be it. If there is anyone to blame, its technically me. ShotgunDemolition just got to be that unlucky to get punished by teaming up with me. Doubt any "relocation" or team switching or any of that mumbo jumbo is going to help now, I am fixing up my method of playing and should be available very soon, and ShoDemo was bombed with college stuff as well. Harm has been done, nothing can be said to disprove it. And I am willing to receive a penalty for not saying anything beforehand. Note: I still won't take any flak for being "unmotivated" to play or any of that type of crap, problem is not personal, more technical if anything, and if I am going to be punished just because I didn't look like "someone who wants to play" then I can and probably will freely disagree. Ranting about "team spirit" towards me is not going to prove any sort of point nor will hasten or change the course of actions. Unless someone wants to shit at me for not being punctual, I can always take that crap, and technically judging by the full story, only 20% of the blame goes to me for deciding to pursue higher educational courses. Who needs em anyways :PPP jk just a forward notice. tl;dr stupid crap happened, we are going to ride in a bit later like some anime villains. Nothing else but a rather long delay.
  7. Okay, Brutal Doom survived! What makes my heart warm is that there wasn't any "well, he deserved the C&D, hyuhyuhyuh >:] " posts in this thread. You guys are really mature, and I didn't said that "ironically" or with sarcasm, I was genuine! Of course, you were worried about the entire Doom community, but still, there were a lot of opportunities for the comments like this one above. I don't really have much to say, other than, if it went bad, I would have just said "oh well" and focus on my life right now. Modding scene isn't the one I have any sort of contact with, and which I cannot influence (although I played almost ALLL the gameplay mods and I surely await for more!). Still, made this post to thank you guys.
  8. Huh, is that so? No more status updates to be shown on the main page now right? That means no one can feel bad for seeing somebody's status update by the side, right? That means no one can feel like somebody's super valuable status update is covered with a pile of "spammy" status updates since there is no pile in the first place, right? That means that now, if one doesn't want to read someone's thoughts in the first place, but want to complain that they do, that they have to dig around people's profiles to find their "spam", right? I guess, according to that logic, my status update ban (and the reasons it is there in the first place) its pretty much useless now :P
  9. The cousin who would be anywhere but here. Who also thinks he had figured out life and wants to do art for living. Also consumes all cakes and sweets. And then it turns out he was actually chill but in the shadow of everyone else he looks like a failure.
  10. Final version of "Half Rats: Parasomnia" is getting released on Halloween. Of fucking course I cannot wait, who the fuck do you think I am?! Sadly, since I live where I live and there isn't much to do for Halloween that is the only thing I am looking forward to.
  11. I would like to apply, but I don't have any idea with whom can I pair up with nor what is my power level :P I guess if I find someone, I would end up on Division 2 because Doomworld is a fightning anime and I am the noobish character who wants to fuck up the main heroes bad, and pose a lot while doing that. I've already got Discord, but I am not so sure about my (webcam) mike, as I haven't used it much. Icantypequitequicklywhenunderpressurethough. And while everyone is soo busy reading my texts I collect frags and win lololololololololololol Practice servers you say? Do I have to pair up beforehand? Can I just roll in at random and be paired up with a random soul? (and before anyone answers why shouldn't I look for other servers, I really doubt survivalcoopinvasion+brutaldoom+complexdoom+ancientchillaxvult is a good ground for training for a more vanilla style thing like this tournament) Probably related: Theme tune for whoever pairs up with me :PPP
  12. Can someone tell me the results? I havent watched it and I don't have time to really. Putting it in a spoiler should be a good countermeasure for people who want to watch the stream later or something I dunno...
  13. Yall who have mentioned historical people, I have a question. So Hitler didn't exist?! HITLER WAS ANIME ALL ALONG?!? ( look at thread name :P )
  14. Just continue reading, you can handle a little irony can you?
  15. Oh gee, yay, we should stop eating meat because our trucks guzzle gas and our fridges require super deadly gasses to function. Yaaay. Tell me guys, how much does a single swing with a cleaver damage the ozone layer? Must be a lot right, like, where would I go with the things later? Have you fuckers ever heard of drying the meat? Or have you ever thought how did the people of old used to storage meat, before refridgerators? They would cover them with salt, smoke them, or add spices, depending on the type. Either way, if its the exhausts you are worrying about, you don't have to outright fucking ban meat from everyone in the world. You have to realize just what kind of moral damage you are risking. You are literally telling people who work in boatyards all day that they are having a handful of weird peas for lunch. Do they really care about how benefitial they are? Do they really care about how good they are as a replacement? Yeah, you can use your arguments that law doesn't say anything, that meat processing harms the enviroment, that meat is in general heresy, this and that, but you aren't going anywhere with that Every time I go on internet and I see this I just flip out thinking how you guys simply don't care about the people, like whatever you impose on them should be a painful lesson. You think regular people are going to stand with your crap? No! This is just forceful feeding of strange beans. People aren't animals, no matter how much you drivel on how close we are. People have free will. Unless you have guns and biological weapons at your disposal, people won't give a fuck. A solution I propose here in this special case? Teach people how to preserve meat WITHOUT fridges and electricity. Say that you are teaching them how to cut down on the electricity bill, and most people would be interested. Meat this way is often tastier, I know, I live in a community like this. Now if you are going to say importing salt and/or spices and making a fire inside a fireplace would harm the atmosphere you are just being too much cynical and worried, and when you get too much cynical and worried, you simply give up. One thing at the time. Start locally. Then grow. Then say gg ez. Yeah there would still be trucks and planes transporting meat, but once people know how would they live on without trucks (have their own cattle), they wouldn't mind you banning them. See? Now both sides should be happy.