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  1. When you're a pinkie and you see dat doomguy down the corridor.
  2. well, clearly no signs of being either male or female or both but neither. All we know the manual refers to as "he" because the manual is that kind of manual which calls everything "dude" and this is a manly game for manly men-emperors of mankind and its humanoid shape. But I like to call them "walking USB cables" because they are thin, tall, slender and you are going to have to twist around the room to get on with it (yay im funny).
  3. I always thought archviles were a "it", a la "walking USB cables" on the entire interdimensional gender spectrum.
  4. What is wrong with vanilla? Dont mind me, usually I find Smooth Doom or similar overhauls justified. Unless the difference is small, reskinning ONLY ONE weapon looks pretty out of place for me, no matter the quality of it. Maybe because I either go total overhaul or do nothing about it. Either way, unless someone has composed other skins that can be arranged per will or something, I just find it jarring to have ONLY ONE weapon reskinned and calling it a day in modding "career"
  5. Pinkies! Naw seriously, I just love making some wide maps with houses and barricades and whatever, and then stack hordes of these guys on the end of the maps and then putting some friendly marines and having a zombie-shootfest. Usually meeting these guys in other maps either have you falling back or l33tpunch1n6 them around. Their encounters can be considered fully melee if players wish to engage some fisticuffs. Not too many monsters go full melee (sans lost souls), as others either don't bother with melee or just swing their claws when close. Pinkies have balls, they rush, route, and surround the player at every chance. Not to mention they are the closest thing to classic zombies this game didn't have till Doom 3, as I often draw them in fan-art as hungry dog-like beasts who want to sink their teeth in the nearest warm flesh when provided. Often their encounters in drawings would have Doomguy rolling around and wrestling with the damn thing, even when armed with a chainsaw. I would like to put Lost Souls as my second favorite if they didn't have so much health in the first place and if they could get a bit of a damage buff. Art-&-gameplay-wise I consider them "living bullet" type of enemies. But two shotgun shells to take one down is just too ridiculous. How tf can I get to the pain elemental unless I can chainsaw my way in and get rekt by these assholes. Usually mappers hide them around the player's sight so that they could spawn multiple lost souls in without the players looking or place them in long tight corridors where getting to the pain elemental is a challenge. Pain elementals alone aren't a bother if the people didn't insist to put a helluva other critters next to them. Just a waste of precious ammo... Anyways, pinkies are the coolest for me.
  6. Me: I should really work on my final paper.


    Creative Urges: Good story plot! Like a pro-procastrinaaaator has to finish---


    Me: No, I really mean it. My future depends on it!


    Creative Urges: Sounds like a good time-traveling jokes.


    Me: I'm serious!


    Creative Urges: You should continue writing that stupid fic you started last night.


    Me: Fair enough. I cannot let my plot bunnies run away!


    Creative Urges: Gooood, let the procastrination flow through you... >:)

  7. Moar gunz the better. Im serious. I dont care about balance, I care about the feel one gets when one discharges the weapon into a corridor or a tough monster. Even if the mod uses vanilla skins, moar gunz the better. Even if they are ridiculously overpowered, moar gunz the better. However, I hate mods like those who just have three guns or fewer and all are overpowered. That is just plain boring and monotonous as hell. More than 12 should suffice. Similarily I dont like weapons that LOOK overpowered but can't even scratch a itch off a back. That is just plain ugly. Unless the mod has custom monsters with 1 hp or something, it can be a bore wielding the Jesus Gun which looks like it could raze a skyscraper but I am bothering with the basic of zeddites. I guess those mods that add just ONE gun (and don't just replace one weapon) are fine as long as they are original and not some "chaingun replacement (iz gud i swer on my vodka)" stuff. Stuff like revolvers, assault rifles, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, knives, akimbo pistols, plasma drills, shortguns (smol cute shotguns that shoot fast), (cross)bows, magic staffs, trappers (and many others) are welcome to me. BUT NO RESKINS! I just can't play a "gud mod" that just makes the chaingun look diffrent or something. Or mods that dare the replace weapons from the original arsenal without a good reason. I understand if the mod was a practice mod for the big thing, but basing all your glory on "I made a shiny chaingun reskin" is just... stupid. You are talented, you can do better! But as i said, moar gunz the better. If you are thinking should you put a revolver or a flamethrower in your new mod, just put both and let people pick. It is not like more weapons could slow players down.
  8. I remember playing Nosferatu a few years ago. General plot goes like: Your sister is getting married to some obvious vampire guy, and everyone in the family is coming to his castle and get kidnapped for a big ritual. You arrive a bit late, and you are tasked with rescuing your family and your sister and stopping the vampires from doing The Big Bad Thingtm In regards to gameplay: It feels like a standard shooter with some B-horror-movie elements. The arsenal is pretty interesting, with the Holy Chalice (or whatever) being the BFG of the game, able to one shot monsters and vampires (or at least stun them so you could pick them off easily with other weapons). Every playthrough is time based, and you would have to hurry to save your relatives before they get killed, and not to mention stopping the big bad ritual. And on every playthrough the dungeon randomizes itself and switches rooms, hallways or replaces them completely. It was a good game when I played it. Reminded me of Return To Castle Wolfenstein with its graphics. But none the less, well designed concept of the general vampire idea, and for the first time YOU DON'T HAVE TO ROOT FOR THE VAMPIES YESSS--- I mean, pretty much any other game after that either had vampires as protagonists or they weren't bad enough assholes to hunt down and exterminate. Nosferatu fed my hunger to exterminate these bitches for a while.
  9. Depends. Touch his skin, you touch 5-6 wet baloons simultaneously. Touch his horn or tooth, you touch your own tooth basically. Touch his eye or "pipe", you are going to want to cut your hand off after that, unless you like gooey warm stuff.
  10. cuz this isnt your regular hell duh! Maybe not the right compartment to deal with. It is possible to have succubi bait people and aliens into going to hell factories. Maybe wild sex is just a big PR stunt. I see it like that. PS oh yeah like I said, farms as well. If you wanna breed soldiers for the demon army knock yourself out :D
  11. Probably because there arent many super shotguns in the facility? I mean look at the weapons zeddites use. These are all common weapons you can find around almost every corner. But there isn't any super shotgunner around the facility. Why? Just because there are too few of these weapons, so the demon generals overlooked them. Otherwise there would be ssgers and doomguy would be able to grab those ssgs and stuck them inside his backpack for later akimbo use. What I am saying, for the doomguy to be able to throw and just pump ssgs out of his backpack, there would be a good reason for that, a army of ssgers after him. Luckily there would mostly be just 2 guns. And you never know when one of them might malfunction. Call it: a) gameplay balance b) plain rarity of these guns c) general logic behind having one of these guns around.
  12. Apparently, the guys at id never taught about players ever coming close to these baddies, judging by their attacks. Probably a oversight by the devs.
  13. I cannot understand properly what does the picture show.
  14. Idling chainsaw sounds a lot like the other machines in the facility, so they probably ignore it thinking it is a roomba making a sweep or something(demons dont know shit). But the monsters are always always alert, and have keen senses otherwise how would they find humans? No one would really swing a fist randomly unless they want to tear down a wall or a obstacle. Occasionaly a monster does that, others check what is happening and then judge based on what they see.
  15. Available units are on standby (sleeping most likely), until go time, where they live up, and probably eat corpses, make a mess, yadda. During planning, big demon spirits just abduct aliens and people and bring them into hellish factories to spawn MOAR DEMONZ for us to shoot. Growing a army, really.