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  1. @Neurosis Spreading info by itself might not be that bad (it still is dangerous, by a margin) but bullying someone into learning about it is what sucks. Dip into any comment section of a article, and you will notice at least one person berating another and calling them names and everything just because they don't have the same info as them but want to share their opinion. Not enough that there is always someone torturing someone for not knowing, but then, when asked "what can be done about it?", all they could say is " Nothing. We are fucked (because of people like you)". These are some serious blows dealt over nothing, probably entire viewpoints on life shattered, and thus are a very good and solid reason to ditch social medium. Actions like these would bring info at a price of a huge chunk of morale and optimism the person might have gathered before-hand. Bullying people into thinking they are doomed is a sin basically, a quite big one (can't remember how is it named), and it is branded as a sin for this reason, basically rending someone's spirit over nothing that important. And humanity went through worse shit than this. We'll make it. Not everyone, but mankind will presevere, and prevail. We are smart enough, we might just start freezing ourselves and send ourselved flying into space, potentially on course to a Terra-like planet. I mean, some of the worst diseases which had been thought that they would kill us all off have been eliminated. The Roman Empire fell, making many people think the world was over, yet civilization as they knew it managed to resurrect. The Church itself testifies how resilient and adaptible people can be (refer fo Dark Ages for this one), once they are together and they share a goal. We might wreck Earth, but we will walk along just fine. Because for every potential action we had designed and predicted a reaction, and made protection if that reaction was negative. We are all smart, each possess a trait that would help in its own direction, it is just that many are hopeless. Which is why the New Testament applies nowadays.
  2. Aaaand this is where religion starts working. Not to many people know, although its right there, that a sin can be made by thought, word, act, and ignorance. So, more often that not, people care about what happens around, because morals, upbringing, and lack of need to act greatly upon the call of urges. This includes me as well. However, being concerned globally 24/7 when you have more pressing urges is just downright ridiculous. Our Lord made it so. Folks and politics made it so. Social media had un-made it so. Jews have this special rule that they can ditch their faith in case of a imminent life threat, not so sure about Christians, should check it later. Either way, the social media and all the info rush had made today's population feel so endangered by something happening not to them, far far away, that they are most likely to give up, ditch their faith in anything, and assume a faceless identity, since "someone is going to fuck me up, why bother?". I am not saying being informed is not bad, but much like how it usually goes, excessive consumption of anything is bad. This is a problem to many a teens in USA, from what I can gather. Regular grown-ups as well. Just giving up hope on progress and mocking anyone who thinks otherwise. That... is bad. Yeah, minding your own buisness is not not bad as people think. Because either way you are working to securing your own foothold, building your own house, raising your own family, planting your own tree, living your own life after death. If the local opportunities suck, check again. If they still suck, either move on or start your own shit. If that fails, do the other thing, rinse and repeat. Caring too much about what you cannot affect immediately is a waste of precious time. What I am asking people is to, just sometimes, think locally and do locally. When you want to set out and help the world, start off small. Don't make any big sacrifices until you are sure you know what are you doing. Plan accordingly, observe what is happening between A and B, not A and Z. Think of yourself in a while. Support the local infrastructure. The world always needs heroes, but getting economic superpowers over night... I wouldn't count on that. Unless you people had already done that, in which case... You know what you've gotta do.
  3. South Eastern Europe. You can get here during summer, tourist season is about to begin. Either way, I got this general feeling that everyone is being way to much bothered about what is going on. This whole race for information, to see who is going to fuck up the most, is taxing people's time and health as well. Yeah, people are arguing about stuff. People are called out on ignorancy and stupidity. But who is actually doing anything about it these days (except businessmen, celebrities and whoever you see doing politics on TV)? All that you had said is true, but is anyone you know actually doing something about it? No, arguing on the internet does not help. Yeah, it might be fine and dandy to have a good diagnosis of stuff, but not doing anything about it is like going to a doctor who says you've got a pretty much a curable form of cancer, then having the doctor sending you home without any medication or therapy. All this non-doing is what makes people sad. Depressed even. This constant info rush and feeding makes people feel trapped, makes them feel unworthy of anything, like whatever they do won't matter. And what is better? Being "ignorant" and actually doing something useful for the local enviroment, or being "informed" properly and moping around? I do not know a lot of people from the second category, but any popular comment section of any article will have them. So, what I do? I drop from the whole info race. I enjoy living my humble life, and I mind my own buisness at hand. There is a lot of work to do, and it is better to start somewhere, and progress as you go, as you level up. Take my village community. Not everyone is a scientist, nor everyone is super-filthy rich or associated with any global name. All hard-working people, with their own families, and a pocket-ful of local history. A new thermo-electric plant was supposed to be built near a lake (that already has a dam providing power from running water). One may think, us poor villagers who don't know shit, would gladly accept it and let it stroll by, except we didn't. People did research, consulted with experts and professionals in real life and internet, did some math, and finally came up with a conclusion that the plant would do more harm than use since it wouldn't provide enough energy that would cost at least a thousand of people moving away, the local flora and fauna choking in exhaust, and general temperature rising (also a cause for forest fires, which are BAAAD). So what we did, made a petition, heckuva lot of people signed it, and the petition was passed succesfully, therefore the plant was never built. And as such, everyone has their homes, the legacies are secured. No one's backyard is getting invaded by another, and pretty much everyone is happy now. This is just a example, of what can a pocketful of non-scientists do, so imagine what could happen if more than half of the world united. If you could toss away the new kings and emperors of old, and put heroes in their place, more than a half of the things you mentioned would become history. Sadly, no one has time for that bullshit! We have to digest a lot of articles on the internet, and fight over in the comment sections! That is more important than, god forbid, doing something. No wonder old people complain so much. Yeah yeah, people are slaving away, yadda yadda yadda, look, people also made armies in the past. People also made revolutions in the past as well. Shit either got worse or better. Just look at hooligans, at vandals. They are doing something. Doing something bad, yeah, but if a pocketful of wankers can cause a massive headache to the local force, then one can imagine a pocketful of good-willed people can cure such headaches. Scale that number up by billion, and the world could be fixed. Aaaaaaaand I ranted it up again. Yay.
  4. Has anyone else noticed that often these kind of people, when refering to Bible, specifically refer to the Old Testament. Like, they behave like the New Testament is Half Life 3. Old Testament is most likely a set of guidelines on how should the God's "favored people" behave in order to stand out, in order to remain solid, so that they won't dissociate and become like the rest of the folks during the time (read, pagans and atheists. And some politheists). The "favored people" of his had expanded, and rooted in history already. Bravo. New Testament is basically our Lord, now that he has a basis for his Church rooted in the world, has it spreading the Word, of love and unity, because when we can all forgive each other and unite, we can beat down anything that might dare to test or challenge us. He sends in his own "avatar", his son, Jesus. From this point on, any new follower of the Word is a Christian, sans for Jews. New Testament has us loving our neighbors as we would love ourselves. Have us hate the sin but forgive the sinner. Have us see and realize that we are not alone when we are faced against troubles of the whole world. Meanwhile there are people who look at this and go " Yess... YEEEEEESSS!!!", and use it to impose their own rules under the excuse that they are "God's Chosen", these people were your kings, leaders, emperors. Somehow, in our new modern era, this mentality has infected a lot who cannot be considered nor kings nor emperors. They believe that they will redefine the whole world by following the Old Testament. Thing is, the world does not need the Old Testament yet. It would be needed when a world wide global mega crisis occurs. In this time of spiritual crisis, New Testament is exactly what we need. No, there is no global mega crisis happening right now. Ya I ranted up, what I had meant to say that people who dare call themselves christians yet haven't even seen the New Testament, thinking it would appear in cinemas next year, should not be taken seriously and word-for-word. Which is a problem since a lot of people do exactly that.
  5. Made something edgy the other day. Called "In His Image", like one of those many edgy "what if man was wepon?" shit.
  6. Anyone can stumble upon a problem. Most often, people learn to overcome them like everyone else, but there are times when one designs or implements a radically diffrent method that achieves the goal or is quite close. Not everyone is skilled nor has resources to do the same as anyone else, and the other percentage of people who haven't given up surely managed to come up with their own way of doing things. So I ask thee, netizens of Doomworld, how did you manage to overcome a certain issue when dooming; when mapping, when playing games, when scripting, anything, and what happened afterwards? Do you still use that method? What people think of the method, those aware of changes? My example: I had always wanted to make a weapon mod, but drawing and coloring down every frame by frame is annoying to me, and I am not really sure how to do it. So as of lately, I have decided to do it id software style, making "weapons" out of cardboard and paper, then grabbing my smartphone and video-ing myself doing things with it (firing, reloading, aiming), and I am currently learning how to implement the frames as anyone else. I have not dipped into this project yet but it is one of the things I plan to do this summer. Taking photos and videos like this isn't my first time doing it. I had often made poses and took pictures of myself so I could draw my frame and pose down and add details afterwards. I am still experimenting, but to me, it is a heckuva lot of fun to do, playing around, making poses and silly expressions, then drawing them down later. So, what do you do when you can't do?
  7. Thing is, I wouldn't mind if it was a paper book or a .pdf, but there is something about audiobooks that repulses me. Especially if they are that long. I would rather read than listen, because I can determine my own pace and take breaks. Audio books are such a drag for me. Also what is with all the hostility? Did you write that book?
  8. The title doesn't promise. How the fuck is anyone going to bother through that? These types of audiobooks are like: Is there a 90-second long version of the same title?
  9. I had always thought I had social anxiety and that I am in general really a un-sociable person, until my subconscious had enough of my cringe and told me having social anxiety is a fucking luxury in these days and I am a extremely sociable person who had been so much in isolation that I might act weird or get overwhelmed at first. Basically, I was starving myself socially, like a wolf who always ate grass, until he ran for it and brought down a deer. Thankfully, I got around that and have no issues now, and finally, I am that other person who does not have a issue in those modern webcomics dealing with anxiety and stuff. Yeah yeah, social anxiety is a real thing and not a luxury, but tell that to my mindset and my mentality of a SPESS MEHREEN, and let me grab my stopwatch first so I can calculate how much would that argument last when confronted with my mindset, my willpower, and my imaginary 10mm Chaingun. And yeah, what I am saying its all in your head. If one could grab the train thought that they are actually fine and dandy AND HOLD TO IT, like, hold onto it like you are going to die if you don't, hold onto it like you will lose your paycheck if you don't, hold onto it like it is your own goddamn kid, and there would be results. So, nowadays I do not care if I had lost relations to my high school friends or not. There is always room to improvise, and if I get alone and lonely, there is always myself I could high five with. Basically, ignore the logical aspect, and embrace your lunacy. Humans aren't robots or machines. We need variety as much as plants need sun.
  10. Troo dat, but something tells me someone is going to beat me even at that and post a speedrun about it
  11. Absolutely motherfuckingly nothing. Because whatever I do, there is someone who is doing it better, and in a wild case that during some point in space and time I had managed to do something better than anyone else, it gets no recognition so no. That or I have no clue about what achievements are and the norms which classify a achievement in Doom (game and community). At this point in time and space I can only gain experience.
  12. Doom 2 I guess MOUNT AND MOTHEFUCKING BLADE (bannerlord I have long lif I cannot base my decision on this alone) (I've also gotta learn how to mod to implement wh40k elements into it) (and counter strike) If I get to have it on Steam, instead of having a pirated copy, Garry's Mod! I remember I played this a entire year 3-4 years ago and I did not mind!
  13. So yeah, I tried to install boom and prboom+, did, got confused a bit, played a bit of vanilla Doom 2, played Haruko's map, got extra confused, switched over to GZDoom, still a bit hard on UV, but that is okay. Btw, I guess a bit more ammo wouldn't be too distracting or too bad. Sooo, I tried my map, obviously IT FEHLED to load, then I opened Slade 3, made a very short map, which, of course, did not work (either Doom is not a good compability option or whatever, this port doesn't have a console I could use to see what was the problem), but I guess I found some strange link from the internet and today, a bit too late, I found out that there was a topic on the forum with prboom+ and whatnot, so soon enough I will download it. Not tommorow tho, I have a exam on Friday. And like I had said numerous times beforehand, I won't get my hands dirty till the end of the month. For now I am only trying out stuff, learning bits here and there (I have learned to use GZDoom way too well in comparison to Boom). That would be me for today. Now I have to gather energy for the cram session tommorow. I might drop another "slow" update on Tuesday, maybe not.
  14. That part at the beginning, when you find the missing scientist and shit turns up. Looking at the screens, well... Interacting with them... Then hearing the marines over the 'com, then when the scientist gets possessed, first time I played I was confused and didn't fire at the scientist until he attacked me. I came to play Doom 3 after I had finished Mass Effect, and right during that segment I realized: "Yep, its a clusterfuck.". I dunno if I was scared, panicked, or impreseed, but either way, a moment that really left a good starting impression that this game isn't going to suck. From there on, various spooks and stuff as well, but no one had mentioned the intro part so far.
  15. Oh good, I was thinking it would be that earrapey high pitched: KHHHAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIAAAA*S*T*A*T*I*C*AAAAAAIAIAAEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA*STATIC MOTHAFUCCKAAA*EEAAAAAAAIAAAA sound they put into those earrapey "meme compilations". That fucking sound alone made me drop the whole meme charade.