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  1. Much like pretty much everyone else said: Its a art form. I could write walls of text explaining what and what, but chances are it has already been told in this thread, so I will keep it simple: For me, games are art. It can inspire me, it often does, it provides a cinematic like experience similar to an adventure, no matter the quality. If there is no plot, I make the plot. If the graphics are horrendous, I can bear through them and see something else. I will rarely dismiss a game and call it bad unless they devs really want to drive in some stupid point about, I dunno, like: "boo hoo humanity is weak we will die boo hoo", I can say "fuck this game" just because of these cliche points, no matter the gameplay. The worst form of irony: Having a player character be a human who will mow down hordes of demons and zombies and then just say "lel humanity is fucked ecksdee". Stuff like that will make me dismiss even the best of "masterpieces". Don't bother playing on the nihilism card with folks like me; that shit is overdone. That being said I can really like all sorts of games, even those that have bad gameplay and are literally considered the worst; to me, there is nothing a good atmosphere cannot fix. Make it overly edgy and "satirical" and prepare for a spitfest. If I wanted to be told how much of a zombie I am for the government or the Illuminati I would open up FB thank you very much. I don't care that I like shooting pixel people, nor do I care about the mental image this can create, if you want me to feel bad, just lemme connect to the characters and then do what you want with them, rubbing it into my face that I am a "murderer" will most certainly have me groaning in boredom instead of gasping in shock. That. Either way, games aren't really worth obsessing over or spending 80% of your time on them. I understand developers and designers who live off that kinda work, but just pouring time and money into something trivial without getting anything back other than "experience" and "memories" is just... kinda lame to me. This is kinda what bothers me with professional speedrunners. These people dedicate their time to learn an entire game engine piece by piece, element by element, to maximize their gameplay... and then what? It just doesn't impress me. If some of these speedrunners use their game knowledge to make games, then I understand, and even accept that notion: having a lot of experience under the belt with speedrunning helps to ensure the smoothest of gameplay; an excellent idea. But if I were to wait for an appointment in some hallway, and was given a opportunity to watch someone livestream a speedrun through Half Life; I would rather stare at the wall and be entertained by my own thoughts. There.
  2. Not that weird, but I installed Brutal Doom in my high school's shitty computer. Not really that hard to install really, only problem was that the teach' hated me a lot, and not due to that. So every time I played it would be an competition of FPS skill, and how fast I can alt-tab out of Zandronum (no OpenGL for GZDoom :D) at random intervals.
  3. Currently thinking about making Doom maps that follow floor maps of real-life houses and mansions to the exact point, in a 1:1 scale, then filling those maps with monsters, ammo and all things Doomy. An idea I don't want to make a thread of is what I wanna ask: Do you think, that, if you ever are given a floor map of a modern spacious house, that you could make a good Doom map out of it? Could you make an entire megawad with using real life floor maps as a base for the maps themselves? If so, boys we have another community project :D Relating to the topic: I never was really afraid of the dark, just was afraid the "unknown things lurking in the dark", but I kinda grew out of it I guess. I still love having light rather than darkness; you see, a lot of stuff I can do get "halted" by a sudden lack of light, and I prefer to dodge the "screen" whenever possible. When its night, its night, and it's time to get some sleep, even if it is maximum 6 hours due to exams fucking me up :(
  4. Oh shoot I forgot to add that part, thanks for reminding me.
  5. This is my approach as well. Thanks Memfis, you just spared us all from my writing by keeping it nice and clean :D Besides the quote, I also wanna add something: I may appear as a absolute frontal noobface when picking the first option in the poll, but that is simply my style. I don't really feel like just mashing buttons and thinking about numbers all the time, paint me green but a traces of plot rolling around can get me going. I cannot imagine myself just staring at the screen at shooting monochromatic gatherings of pixels all the time, there has to be some sort of a plot or story when I am playing something, and when the maker/developer doesn't provide one, fine, I will make one myself. That is kinda what made my day back when I had those bootleggy types of "pocket games" that had like "99 games" which were actually just like 12 of them but in diffrent colors and intensity. One game had me control this letter H and shoot little bits at other letters H. Number crunchers are probably fine with this, but I wasn't. I had to envision a cinematic like experience which explanes why am I fightning against these other Hs; one of these variations involved me piloting a turtle-like mecha and defending a park/house/school (whenever I was) from the enemy mechas which rolled into the area and tried to outflank me. These "games" didn't have complex AI or astounding graphics, nor did they ever bother telling a story, but just imagining the plot moved me forward, I didn't want to see a "You win!" or anything, nor did I want to get above the previous high score, no, I wanted to be a "war hero who fought with all of his spirit, defending this single chokepoint, until he was overwhelmed" Who were the enemy? Why was I fightning? Reasons changed as my mind was racing, but in the end, there was never a game that I have played without envisioning a movie out of it first. This is the same case with me today playing Doom. I am not having fun just by shooting at demons, there is probably a stupid reason somewhere, and that is why I look into the plot. If I am not satisfied with the plot, or if I don't find any, I provide my own scenario and skip the text walls. But if someone has already made a story or a plot or a premise or whatever, I feel a bit glad knowing that someone had the same feels as me one day and that my curious ramblings of where I was a kid are not invalid at all, and that inspires me to make wads and stuff as well. Say what you want, but sometimes I could pick a terrywad instead of a good map just because of the " " " " "plot" " " " " ".
  6. Did you ever hear of the "stalkers" that hike into the area on occasion? If not, this article should be interesting: Either way, you aren't alone on this that is for sure, a lot of people who played the STALKER game series got hooked into the fandom as well, and there are LARP sessions and whatnot dotted somewhere around Eastern Europe. Its just one of the tragedies people get drawn to, nothing weird about that, if the Columbine can have its own fandom then I dunno if there is a limit to these wonders :D
  7. Reviving this old thread with fashion. I have so many of these alternate universes, it gets silly. I did, however, condensed and mashed up a lot of them to create "main alternate universes". Yup. For every genre or idea there is an alternate universe, sometimes it is the same planet with diffrent timelines, sometimes its multiple planets within the same time span, stuff like that. So, for my urban adventures, I pick modern day Earth, with some things shifted for my use. For instance, in my variation of modern day Earth, we tend to walk among "energy benders", people who can manipulate energy, similar to the way elemental benders in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" do. Of course, they cannot just make all energy dissappear or make godlike beings out of themselves, they have to focus and specialize, create special tools and devices to help themselves, and they gotta form a society already :D Energy benders, for instance, can focus a lot on being fast as fuck, and if they decide they would use their energy bending for some zapping or enhanced parkour, they would practice "particle recycling" (similar to the way jet engines, and by extent, warp drives work, only way too much downscaled). If an energy bender wanted to make explosions or make heat, they would have to hone in their mind and body in a instance that, by a simple gesture or thought, they could make fireworks :D It gets more and more colorful as it gets. I recycle the usage and concept of "energy benders" across every "world" I make, like, having magic users not summoning demons and spirits to grant power, but warping some matter, recycling air, or similar "bendy" stuff. While also, along energy benders, there exist the "unusuals", a caste of young children and teenagers who alter their image and their strengths by the will of their emotions and personality. Unlike energy benders who are often independent, "unusuals" like to band together, and they often have their own corners, and even rooms, inside their respectable schools. Regular people, out of some reason, despise "unusuals", and a lot of "regular" kids find bullying "unusuals" to be real fun. Unusuals, as a result, often wear protective armor, either platemail or kevlar, depends on the individual, but as long as it grants protection from harm, an unusual would have it on his body. Unusuals are often recognized by the fact they wear tactical armor in public; something that is quite "unusual". Unusuals don't really have a specific name they like to call themselves, but often form "protection guilds" within schools, like "Order of the Plated Heart" for example, which grant guidance and protection to the otherwise innocent unusuals. You can tell how much a unusual is being abused by the armor he is wearing. If he is wearing some strange greaves and or boots, with nothing else, he probably only got "dipped" before getting protection and support from other unusuals. But, if you happen to see a power-armor clad unusual, or a robotic individual (some unusuals "shape out" their own skin and muscle in favor of "steel"), then that kid surely didn't have a great childhood. So it is always a bit sad to see a character who doesn't even have a square inch of skin exposed; it often means they have it rough. A lot of drama involving these unusuals happen in form of stories; most often its the "least harmed" unusuals who still want to be "regulars", be themselves, and yet not be a subject of ridicule, and so they often get flak from other "experienced" unusuals for not wearing protection and not hanging out with other unusuals, while regulars want to teach some sense onto the unsuspecting unusual. Here is a example of that: There is this one boy, who has pale skin and quite bright hair to follow. His form is quite "fragile" so to speak, as his form is similar to a "moth" so to say. For his "fragility" he can float and fly into the night without effort. His best friend, an tactical-armor-gasmask-clad friend implores that he talks with the Forgekid (guy who helps with "forming" armor) and gets protection, at least in form of light armor which would protect his legs and his arms. Of course, even a pair of boots give quite a restriction on his free floating form, so he is relucant. Then he meets another unusual, which is another "moth child" (its rare for unusuals to have similar "powers" and meet each other), this time its a she. Unlike him, she just doesn't have a single care of this world, and not even her friends can talk into her to get some protection. The two meet of course, and spend a lot of nights flying around the city, dodging criminals, helping out people, and just flying around the night lights, "dancing". So here is the problem. They don't want to get protection, and by extent, have a hard time flying, but they understand the point of the protection they are implored to seek. They narrowly dodge dangerous people at 2am all the time, and are afraid of being caught. But they love flying and dancing at night, so the story unfolds. I guess, unusuals are supposed to mimic bullied children who are special in some sense. Unusuals are by nature quite friendly and docile, not a single one exists that wishes harm upon anyone. It can happen that a unusual like that pops out, and then it is trouble (instead of forming armor, they form weapons. Shit happens). Unusuals don't preserve their unique willpower as they get older; as soon as they finish puberty, their reality-bending "powers" get minimized down to at most 10% of their "true" power (usually its 1-5%). In return, people don't despise grown up unusuals, they turn out to be great people and all, and depending on how "experienced" they are, they can be social butterflies or shut-ins who are paranoid of the world. That is why it is often good news to have a "unusual" grow into adulthood with merely nothing more than a pair of gloves as his protection :D I also have a whole theatre of original characters who are either mundane, posses some form of a special ability, or are similar to the energy benders and unusuals described above. I split most of these groups by interest, age, location, and mood. I have two-three "active" groups of characters (fit for a roleplaying session tbh) as of now, and I used to have 5 of them active at some point. Most of these are highschoolers, yeah, but some of them are middle school kids. These are all protagonists by the way, and if I were to start counting all my side characters and villains it might take a while to write this post. Other than that, lemme mention another "world" I use for science-fantasy stuff: Its called Prashna, an Earth like planet which is quite smaller than actual Earth, and it mostly consists of tundras and deserts, and similar forms of it. There are some greens here and there, and the icy caps, but the main factor lies in the whole "dust" atmosphere of it. Prashna is a indirect translation of the Croatian word "praĊĦina", which in English means "dust". This world doesn't have too much humans living in it, there are probably two three, maybe five "big cities" on it (the continent atleast), and the rest are villages and gatherings. This world draws a lot of parallels with the "Mad Max" franchise, coupled with some m-anime I had seen, and then it is like this: At least 70% of people living on Prashna are farmers who had found good soil amongst gaps of rocks and gravel, and often live just to tend to the vegetables and fruits. There aren't any wars going on, but people still own guns and weapons, and that is due to the wildlife on the planet, composed of often quite brutal animals (imagine Doom pinkies and imps) who like to raid small settlements in search for food, be it vegetables, fruits or men themselves. Almost all of the predators are omnivores, and are perpetually hungry. They originated from an alien asteroid which hit the planet in the long distant past no one can remember, spreading monsters across the continent, slowly replacing the bears and the giant elk which often prowled and grazed across the plains. Often, true heroes here are those who hunt down and kill as many of these creatures as possible. A lot of people get buried in the Tomb of Heroes if they were killed protecting their small tract of land, either from the creatures or other humans, with higher regards towards those who lasted long. Prashna is a strange world. It can happen that people who died come back from the dead, it isn't really unusual, so a lot of care goes into preserving the bodies of "heroes" in case they rise again. Meanwhile, beggars and low-lifes just rot away, not even considering reliving their lives. Indeed, those who resurrect are shown to have tremendous willpower and determination. It takes a lot of focus for one's soul to "turn on" its own corpse, and have it live again. Other than "heroes" and "warlords", there are "chi benders" (energy benders) who, instead of surviving and harnessing, live to study and know the world they live in. They can be found mediating in the plains, blending in with the stones and bushes. They often travel across the continent, instead of sticking onto a parchemnt of land like everybody else. They like helping other people, and can protect themselves using their "chi bending" skills to cast fireballs, wave spears, phantom punches, stuff like that. Its mostly unique to every "chi bender". Now, on Prashna, those aren't the only types of people one can meet. Every human being is a interesting character in their own right. Oh yeah, did I mention there are often old fortresses and dungeons found across Prashna? This is where the 30% of other type of people like to spend their days in, and that is why we have "heroes" and "warlords", who, instead of tending to the soil, they harness resources for various campaings, and fight monsters on a regular basis. Occasionally, there can be a band of "heroes" who choose to clean out an old crypt and put the souls there in ease, and a "warlord" can gather an army with which he can take over a village or a stronghold, and in turn gain feudal power. Its an interesting world, and I like to experiment with it. This is just the top of the iceberg though, when it comes to creating universes. That is kinda my forte. But I don't have anymore time to talk, so I am ending it here.
  8. Dropping a "hi" at a fellow ace. Also same with being "neutral". Its just draining to invest precious time and energy into politics and stuff online. Better to play games and/or do something creative for all the time spent making memes and/or pointless discussions over the political compass. Also; not getting the hype over sex.
  9. On the "alcohol/caffeine/SOOS" topic: Thing is with wine and stuff that it can often be sweet, as in fruity sweet. Ppl who say they drink it for the flavour but drink bland grape oil either don't know what they are missing, or they know exactly what they are tasting, or what they are lying. I myself never drink alcohol, but I don't mind some on a good occasion (and these don't come in much, maybe once a year, or maybe once in two years, or maybe twice in a year, it varies). I don't mind having a taste if its some special sweet mix, but if the only solid reason to drink alcohol is due to social obligations, then I refuse, and engage in something else. It's better to keep a clear head. This might be me talking though. Caffeine? Well, coffee, while I can drink it, I don't really belong to those people who cannot start a day without one. Tea has caffeine, yeah, but to me, even that is skippable entirely, but I do like a nice hot cup due to other benefits (like, chamomile for calming etc.). I never drink coffee just for coffee, nor I would probably understand why some people worship it, but eh, I guess I saved some money at least. Sauce and condiments and stuff? Well, I dunno. I really don't mind sauce if whatever I am eating is not a vegetable and is on a plate. But if I have a sandwich or anything "handheld" for that matter, I would love to cut out every type of slickery and slicky saucey stuff from it and keep it mostly dry. I hate getting messy, so two-three drops of whatever is more than enough to spice things up, anything above that, really, runs a risk of dripping and... well, yall get the idea. During high school me and my friends visited this "sandwich shop" during lunch breaks, and the employees there knew me as "that weird dude who doesn't want mayo on his sandwich" (everyone else wants mayo, I guess, its really a lot of it), and whenever I requested one over a friend (while I ran off to do a chore or something third), the guys working there would just be like "Did the no-mayo guy send you?" and they would understand what needs to be done (I always asked the same stuff, and you guessed it, all "dry" and solid condiments). It's not like people worship the mayonnaise or something, I guess they just found it odd that there was always one customer, and not even that regular, that just ordered sandwiches without precious majonez and that "tasted as Sahara" :D
  10. While at it, here is my excuse: Exams. Yup. Might not be bad as a death case or a injury or a major power blackout, but those bitches soak up 90% of my free time, I couldn't really find myself mapping without doing something I enjoy first at least. Yeah, yeah, I am a bad mapper, could have done it earlier, I deserve all the bad names you can plaster on me. Now lemme do another warmup for a exam tomorrow :)
  11. Where is mah boi Keen? Other than that I HATE SEAFOOD *whips out chaingun, wipes out the entire restaurant* (this thread alone is a good idea for a jokewad about Doomguy taking monsters out on a seafood date only to realize he hates seafood and now has to shoot every monster patron in the restaurant)
  12. I call all "former human" types of enemies Zeddites. Like, Deadites + Zombies = Zeddites. Get it, anyone? (this one was for realsies though, cannot bother typing "former humans", like eww that's too long and boring, zeddites are kewler.) Whenever I see a bunch of revenants I internally yell "Its a bowl of freshly-peeled and pissed agitatoes!". Archviles were always "walking USB cables" after a joke my older brother made while watching this movie about a robo kid and a human mother or something, and the robo kid gets awaken in the distant future where everything is freezing and the first creatures who greet him are the "walking USB cables". Archviles have a similar physiology so the name remained.
  13. Yall heard of idclip, now prepare for the super secret idclap: The player character gets stuck as if surrounded by walls, but as a result, is invulnerable to any sort of damage coming at him. Also, typing in "idclapclop" does the same but the player character lets go of all weapons it has which in turn fly around and shoot down everything. Its buggy because weapons keep shooting at actors and attacking them, and so they occasionally get stuck attacking lightning posts or gore scenery. Really a waste of ammo, tbh. I remember my first time typing in "idclapclop" while having a shotgun and SSG, playing Doom 2. I swear I thought the shotguns were killing everybody but they just focused on some stupid torch, by the time I "idclapclop"-ed again I lost 80 shells :,( its a good cheat code though, but only for pro players, really.
  14. Reason why I did I spam bzzrak's notification inbox with likes so far is because... well, I too thought I had a anxiety issue or something as well. Turns out I was just afraid. Took me a while to realize that. Yeah, there might be actual cases where someone might have actual anxiety issues, but a lot of people are just scared and experienced, and need help breaking through on the other side. I didn't really have anyone hold my hand when I went through, but when I finally made it, oh boy, is it comfortable in here :D Either way, don't think by your inner guts all the time. Research if you've gotta, find a occasion you can use to breakthrough. It doesn't have to be a teen-movie party nor a game-show, just... if you think you are not gonna like it, there is a chance, much like with anything else in the world, you would. If people can discipline themselves to get fit or to study better, so can you. Whatever body particles and chemicals fail at, discipline can probably make it up. Can it? Yes or no? Well if life is about the journey then the answers lie on the end of this one :D Point being; I am not advocating yes or no here, I am only advocating experimentation and self-research. Generalized statements are usually repulsive when dealing with this subject.
  15. Here is a question for yall: This one subject needs work to be done on a computer (programming for example), so will I get distracted either ways if I bring it into the library? Today I went into library to study for this exam, and frankly I learned something, yay! But the other subject I have a exam on requires use of a special software not found on library's computers. Would I be able to focus properly like I did today if I brought over my laptop which I coincidentally use for everything else (i.e gaming and web surfing)? I mean, results may vary, but is it worth a try?