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  1. (Born and raised, still is Catholic, probably won't stop being) I already had some sort of sermon here, but I had been writing now for half a hour and probably would continue for much, but no one would bother reading it, so lemme short it up: Heaven or Hell, as far as I am being taught, is the final result your soul experiences after death and after the Judgement. If you were lead to heaven, you would feel relief, that goes on and on. Kinda like when you were holding in piss and made it to the toilet, and then letting go. Heaven is like that. Hell however, is the eternal sensation of discomfort and distress. Thing is, you are supposed to automatically acquire either of the sensations as soon as you enter either heaven or hell. In what form it manifests, it is unknown. This might feel like bogus and old man tales, but kinda makes sense once you think of it. Our bodies are oh so temporary, but our souls are eternal. Our soul's input and output was determined by our body, our senses and our thoughts and emotions. Your soul is "watching" you right now, checking on your internal gauges, and decides on how you should feel. Of course, everyone has a different view, everyone has differently attuned senses, and while you might think you are doing the good thing, other guy would call you a villain, and so on and so on. Thing is, your soul is always unchanged by whatever happens, but what it can do to the body is limited, but that varies. That is why you get a lot of people who feel immense guilt over doing something oh so simple and forgivable, yet there are people who murdered left and right and had many nights of innocent sleep. Either way, once you "pass on" by dying, your soul is free to fly. And all of your mortal senses and opinions are gone for now. Upon Judgement, your soul already knows where will it go. Judgement isn't a 15-minute court case like in the movies. Judgement is instantaneous, and it happens soon as your soul flies off into the immaterium. Some souls are stuck on Earth, therefore ghosts (but not the movie kind... nothing about religion is like in the movies), but as soon as they can fly off and receive Judgement, they are dispelled. And so, once you reach Heaven or Hell, you wouldn't be bothered by guilt, depression, pride or anything like that. In Heaven and Hell, your soul receives the same treatment you deserved in the "mortal plane" (we can fly off planets now, so...), because during "your time", your soul was invurneable, but now it can feel pain or relief, and is given so. You wouldn't feel pain in Heaven because your soul knows you don't deserve it, while in Hell, you won't feel anything but distress and discomfort. Where does God come in on all this? Is he the part of Judgement? Yes and no. Thing is, your soul can already tell where will it go, but if the 15-minute court case happens, God is there like a parent to a toddler, able to tell you are lying and bullshitting your way out of your soul's fate. Its kinda useless to try persuading him otherwise. (Abrahamic) God is unlike other pagan gods who were just powered-up people in charge of a certain element, and who could be convinced, seduced, or intimidated. This is kinda why Christianity is kinda awesome to me, when my God can just be like "nope, you are shitting me" :3 To resume without joking, whenever you go to Hell or Heaven cannot be easily determined by oneself's senses. As we know, there are people who consider murdering innocent people a necessary thing, then there are spiritual hypohondriacs, this matter cannot be attuned to one person. That is why the old peeps back then thought of and made all the flashy rules like 10 commandments. You guys are certainly not the first to have thoughts of doubt, nor you were any closer. Skeptics existed since the religion itself, its a human thing. So, the elders thought of these "guidelines" which anyone can refer to (while we of Abrahamic faith kinda have to stick to) to a better life. They kinda sound outdated, yeah, but that doesn't mean they require changing immediately. Leave that to the theologists in charge. Religion is all about better life amongst other people, and about individual mental and emotional health. BTW, the original reply was ten times as longer, this cannot be more compact than it is.
  2. I think permabans should be only applied when the user in question is breaking super important rules of the place, and that mods and admins (anywhere in the world) shouldn't issue permabans based on bias or ancient kerfuffles only four or five people can remember. Except Korbi it isn't like that allourpermabansarejustifiedundertheintergalacticallawsection6paragraphextradip--- I know I know, but what mod/admin in the world did not abuse his power at least once? If any of you guys claim you didn't I am going to call bullshit. I am not calling out on anyone here (and I don't really know anyone who has done that so far) nor I am asking for "that time back in 1997 when a user named PhilSwiftSexTape said something bad about moderator Horus Lupercal" or any of that crap. In the end, I just wanted to say that permabans should be reserved for issues regarding serious and harmful rule-breaking, and that any call-outs and personala vendettas/kerfuffles have to be solved out elsewhere. There had been power-abuses like that since... ever, basically. I would turn the rule "Be nice to mods/admins" into not-a-serious-capitalizing-global-worth-permabanning-offense as well while at it. Yall new admins/mods of the world, you are nothing without your members filling your fanpages/forums/group-chats. Mass perma-banning because you couldn't tolerate a stupid low-level insult will net you a bad rep, especially if its somewhat connected to politics/religion/economy/race/sexual-orientation, which a lot of people freak out about nowadays, on all sides possible, all the time (Kinda learned this the hard way :/)
  3. Uhm, I guess the most harmless example to involve would be Undertale. Mostly because I didn't ship anything there. Plus, it was hot shit in 2016, but my fandomy stuff go even way more back. Heard of "Supernatural" or "Community" (slightly less harmless examples)? Might seem harmless for a lot of people, but I could never be sure with my family.
  4. Well, there was always the time my desktop computer kept overheating like a lil bitch. Okay, this story isn't really scary, but imagine living in a conservative setting and being a hardcore fanboy of many fandoms in extreme ways. So I kept some artwork, 'ships, stuff that I made noobishly, stuff that to anyone else nowadays mean nothing. Yet, I presumed well, the computer needed something better than a defrag and occasional wipe-ups, it required physical maintenance. *10 pairs of eyes look at me, all relatives and family* HMM, KORBEE, WHAT, IS YOUR COMPUTER DEAD? WELL THAT IS JUST FAAAA- The lil beetch would overheat, crashing during random moments, and if not crashing, slowing down to a unbearable crawl (half a hour to open a browser window, and another half a hour to load the window). Obviously, I kinda gave up doing anything on it, which is apparently a major sign of something wrong in my family's eyes (back then when they thought I was a loser), and were starting to conjure up overly-complicated schemes, while ignoring my word on the situation. What would be preferable to do in that situation would be to take the computer over to a service shop and have its cooling gel or whatev changed and stuff like that. That doesn't sound like anything more than a chore, except that the nearest shop dealing with that crap was 15 km away. And who says the shop would return it instantly? And who says there isn't some creep there snuffing MY fandom gold!? Even if I bothered getting the tools myself, it would be quite a journey for the car and wallet(I know I know, that stuff is supposed to be cheap). I said "Nope", made a air-blower out of two plastic bottles, took my toothbrush, and dusted and scrubbed the lil bitch's insides. It took me a while, since I don't react well to dust, but I braved through. In the end, after I removed like 90% of the dust, the lil bitch became a quiet (for the time) bitch, lending me some peace. The lil bitch didn't crash anymore afterwards, and it felt faster. I know the lil bitch requires serious maintenance, but why bother? I just hope it's Machine Spirit hold on. Ask me about my bootleg smartphones, and I am going to beat Stephen King on the horror marketplace. EDIT:
  5. I have to partially agree with OP. While he presented his opinion in quite a aggressive manner, I can see the source of his anguish. A lot of "ol' gamers" WILL complain that the newest modern games are all dull in color and visuals, while then proceeding to play their game which is also quite dull regarding color and visuals, whilst being unaware of the irony. Seriously, for every "[megawad/Old FPS] had the most varied colors/was most colorful/was a fucking rainbow" you guys can shoot out, every other modern gamer can say "[game] had the most varied colors/was most colorful/was a fucking rainbow" as well in response, and both parties would be correct. Simultaneously, there are your favorite wads which are more about the gameplay than visuals, and then there are modern games who do the same. Doom community isn't vastly different, and being old enough to consciously await the arrival of Doom does not make you "wiser" by default (you might had gathered some experience,depending on what did you do). If that was so, my grandma would kick my ass over and over on Doom, simply because she was 60 back then when it came out. NOTE: She cannot operate on computers, so don't make this a joke pretty please :) I know you guys dedicated this post to humiliate the agitated OP, but to not accept some parts of his opinion is to be as agitated as himself was when he made this post :)
  6. Well, now that I had gone on a diety thingy, I have cereal in the morning, and then, whatever with rye bread once a day later. I like putting peanut butter on bananas :3 Still I gotta watch how much I eat. I make sure to eat at least 1 warm meal a day, mostly for morale and health (eating dry and cold all the time leaves me moody), and I dodge pastries and sugar like they were the products of Devil. Lost 5 kgs so far, for a 3-week thingy. Don't mind me, I like eating everything that isn't a direct sea product (stuff like clams or squids stuff like that), and I would enjoy some pastry/candy big time in no time, but I wanna shoot down my weight so I gotta cross them out as well. My english sucks.
  7. Ehh, kinda like shitting on you by acting like its difficult, but is actually just a cheap trick. Here is a TVTropes link because I suck at explaining. (But of course, all my arguments can be charted up to noobishness I guess...)
  8. New thread name should be: "How would you use Barons of Hell effectively ?" >:3 Either way, to dip in a bit of my opinion in respek to the original thread; - Too much of the same color. 'Specially if its mud-brown or green. Can hurt my poor eyes (I know I know, Doom wasn't designed with any other color in mind, and that Jotaro Romero wanted to commemorate his dead kitty by putting the color of its fur in the code, and that Jonathan Carsmack was to lazy to rebel) - Relying on having the player using the exact weapons for every sequence of his map. I know I know, "speedrunners", "that shotgun would not make any sense otherwise", "I am a noobface", I get it. But a little variation, how is that a sin? At least I would like the illusion of choice. - Fake difficulty. I know, I know, I am a noobface that should get gud.
  9. Someone: What did you do last night? Me: Watched a movie. Someone: Oh cool, which one? Me: Umm... some stupid rom-com I cannot remember... *what I really watched last night*
  10. Yall opinions won't matter to me, Mock2 is somehow still my favorite wad. Damn, that is really some good shit... If you like crack maps/mods anyways (I know this is a jokewad, but bear with me). I snort that shit like cocaine. *snorts away on crack mods*
  11. Hello, SOSU my old friend. I am terribly sorry.
  12. Now we need a mod that replaces EVERY SOUND EVER with D_RUNNIN, like, once the sound starts, it doesn't stop until the midi ends. CueSLAANESH SPEAKS THROUGH OUR PC/LAPTOP SPEAKERS!!!
  13. Christmas decorations can be bothering, but also quite ironic and funny when there are still literally green leaves on trees and the propaganda is all like "WOO WHITE CHRISTMAS, YEAH BITCHES!", like, feels so fake and all, its a relief to know that there are people who think everyone else is stupid as fuck and that they are going to believe whatever they say. A mini victory so to say. I like the concept of Christmas a lot. Not the coated-in-red-n-white-Santas-Day, but, well, I live in a huge family that likes its traditions, so everyone kinda gathers, even if we all work and don't talk, the sensation of closeness is there. Plus, not to mention the usual stuff: chill weather, going to church, warmness, defying modern thoughts by actions of old, shit like that. You might say I am still a kiddo who doesn't know his place, and that Christmas will get boring real soon. That might work if there wasn't the fact that we love each other in the family and in general, its quite nice, and even if it gets boring, at least it won't be bad or uncomftorable. In the end, this is still a purely subjective topic, and everyone has their own experiences and opinions, there went my two cents. For the thread itself: I can hardly work/study until the deadline comes close. Days long from the deadline are filled with confusion and procastrinations, but three days just before a deadline become explosive, productive and really awesome. I know this behavior is super toxic and that it will screw me over bad in the grimdark future, but I cannot get rid of this habit.
  14. For the past several weeks, I had been sleeping 4-6 hours a night, while on weekends at least 8 hours. As a result, during the first possible pause at college, I take a power nap, that lasts 15 minutes exactly. God knows how many times my colleagues kicked me awake. This week I am rescheduling my off-time to get full 8-hour sleep at night. I might have to cut out my hobbies, but body gives and body asks. No taking without asking, bitch! Other than that, I get severely annoyed when a good song or something becomes associated with some stupid trend or meme or movement that won't even last that long. For example, "Pumped Up Kicks" became associated to school shootings and memes like that. In itself it is a great song, but god forbid you say you like it or listen to it. Another example (in my opinion, better one) is Preliator by Globus (or other way around), which is quite a epic and motivational song. Helps that I am quite religious so I like to imagine myself banishing demons with holy swords while doing homework, but look up other versions and in comment sections and then you see shit like: "#DeusVult2017" "Fucking muslims will pay" "Brothers we need another crusade" I understand that this song is that cool that you would like to kill muslims to it, but please, no. I understand the lyrics of the song (basic knowledge of Latin + just looking it up) and the song isn't about reconquering Jerusalem or attacking muslims (in most actual songs dealing with crusades, demons = muslims), it is literally a prayer with epic orchestral cover behind it. Fuck, the entire band/arrangement is just epic music, ffs. Same goes with other "dank memes" and whatever.
  15. 'Nuff has a interesting opinion, what about you though?