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  1. BIG WARNING UP FRONT: This post contains teenage drama, potential cringe energy splashes, and pathetic attempts at humor. You may feel a need to laugh, to mock, or dizziness. OP now assumes you have been warned properly. If you don't like this stuff, feel free to leave. If you like this stuff, sit down and listen.


    I know I am a newbie around these parts of the internet, and I know you may or may not feel sympathy for me because of that. But still, I can try right?

    And yeah, today for me, it was nearly a perfect Friday. I drew a portrait of this person in my dream, I did my schoolwork properly, the weather was good, and I had time to go to this rock music bar with some of my gang (usually a event reserved for Fridays). Usually they talk with the bartender about World of Tanks, and since I don't play online games anymore, I go to the back room with all the instruments(a set of drums, three electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a synthesizer which I cannot find a cable for) and play on the old Czech piano sitting by the wall.

    I can say I am a self-taught piano player. I have learned to play most of the Doom soundtrack on the piano, with my best piece being E1M1, either the slow melodic version or the fast paced ragtime version. I experiment with other songs, and the back room is usually empty during the day (real players come by evening or somewhere before noon), so I have all the peace and quiet I need to experiment and practice with.

    There is another regular that visits the place often. And I always wanted to meet her.

    Same age as me (probably a year younger), a transferred student from across the country, and kind of wacky, if we judge by style of walking, talking, and dressing. Always clad in a Adidas tracksuit, occasionally with two ponytails or none. Quite loud, probably a bit of a troublemaker, and today she brought over a laptop to the bar and was playing CoD WaW, strangely all over to the back room because the bartender complained about all the violent sounds coming from the laptop (and she couldn't bring a headset somehow).

    Oh, this is where things get spicy, right? Usually at this point in YA fiction we greet and meet and that proves to be a major plot point or something. Well, this is reality after all, and a minute after she was set up on the couch, it was like no one existed for anyone. I continued playing on the piano, and she played on the laptop.

    And like a weirdo I am, I play my best pieces in hope of impressing her. Note I haven't actually made any move or said anything, I just honky-tonked some complicated notes on the piano, hoping for that chance that the next line would be "Hey, that sounds familiar!", but it wasn't.

    I moved from Doom to Wolfenstein. Seeing no success there, I tried playing some popular metal songs (on a goddamn piano), like Metallica's No Remorse, Fade to Black and whatever popped up in my head, hoping for her to look up and notice me playing a song or whatever.

    Why did I bother with playing complicated pieces? Because I suck at interactions, I suck so goddamn hard, I wonder how the foxtrot did I manage to get some friends in the first place. I cannot simply walk up to someone, and start a chatter without some excuse, like "Hey dude, can you tell me...?" and from there I would go all like my momma, talk up stuff, ask, praise God for figuring stuff out, usual stuff.

    I had no pick-up line this afternoon.

    Wanna know something much more cringey? I didn't want a girlfriend or to sleep with her or some normal shit, I just wanted to be friends, get to meet her, see what she likes, trade info, hobbies and whatnot. Because I have this philosophy in my head, which favors making friends out of unusual or otherwise quite interesting people. Some of my best friends are special cases in themselves. Like the guy who listens to Sabaton mid-class and doesn't give less of a fuck for anyone hearing him. Or the guy who draws super amazing portraits of people but cannot find inspiration and doesn't want to try out new stuff (unlike me, who has to dip his hands into every possible art branch). Heck, my most "normal" friend is a looker of a man (honestly, he looks like he had dropped out of anime, but somehow he had never heard of anime, and has two girlfriends). So yeah, she would make a nice friend to me. Heck, I don't even know her name.

    So yeah, this could have been a perfect Friday in my opinion, if I only had guts to start a conversation. Eventually one of the gang grabbed me because I overplayed and would probably miss my bus. I paid for my coffee, and left, feeling incredibly angry at myself for being such a damn coward. I could have made a interesting friend. Heck, even if she turned out to be a cacodemon of a teenage girl, at least I would feel glad for overcoming the barrier and learning how to properly interact with people.

    Rant time over.

    A VERY BIG NOTICE: You have reached the end of the post. Hazmat equipment not required anymore. Thank you and have a safe day.

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      Voros said:

      LMAO at the whole "playing metal music on a piano". That's not something one here's everyday.

      And do you really think she's going to pause her game of CoD just look at a stranger playing the piano? Videogames require focus, so why stop focusing?

      If anything, try to play a track from the game itself, and make it loud. That should get her attention for a bit.

      I just think classical music isn't impressive to play anymore :)

      With the whole gig, I took ideas from my own videogame experience. If I hear a good song during gaming, sometimes I would pause the game and look it up online. Reason #426 I dont play online games anymore.

      And cod has a memorable song? I think cod1 had some good pieces, because it was more movie-like. Other games in the franchise? Ahh screw it, next time I am doing Commander Keen "You've gotta eat your vegetables" or whatever is it called :D

    3. 40oz


      Dont think too hard about it. Women make up 50% of the human race and plenty of them are awesome and pretty to look at. Awkward moments and failed attempts at friendship happen pretty often, especially as you get older. People realize they dont have to be friends with every human they see so sometimes they can be a bitch like that girl who couldn't tell you her name. You don't need that stress in your life.

      Sure this girl could have been totally cool. So can a lot of people. You'll meet more people as life goes on. Its ok.

    4. HavoX


      It's hard to make friends when you don't feel enlightened about doing it.

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