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  1. I want to throw away my smartphone... into a cacodemon or something...


    Always some stupid fault with it. Either Google decides to capture my phone and to claim that I had stolen my own phone, or the battery keeps disconnecting from it. The damn battery even managed to bend altough I never dropped the phone nor exposed it to more than 60 degrees Celsius. Not to mention the storage issues, really bad wifi hijinks ("if you want to connect again TOO BAAD it turns out I don't wanna!"), and despite lockening it up more securely than a virgin in a tower, the damn thing fucks some shit up on its own, like how did it once decide to slow down on its own, without any issues related to performance. It is like dealing with a suicidal emo teenager with crippling anxiety.


    I am seriously considering downgrading to a dumbphone or a brick even, I am tired of this Chinese bootleg I have. And with everyone complaining about how modern phones are insecure and all, I really doubt I am going to get my hands on a Samsung or something. It ain't like I even use the phone that much. Sure, I like to write a lot , but since my own suicide simulator of a phone trained me to not use it EVER (except when I call or text someone) I don't really have a problem ditching it.


    Well... There is one.


    I need access to Whatsapp. This study group chat I have with other four pajdaši, I still need to be part of it, especially since everyone uploads notes and dates of exams, and finals are coming up in a month or so, and as such I am in a bit of a clutch...


    Hooooooo (.-_____-.  )

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    2. bzzrak


      Just buy a new battery, for god's sake. Even the better ones cost a few pennies more than a cardboard box.

      There are dumbphones w/ SD cards, take a look at some Nokia Asha-s.



      I've broken the USB port on my smartphone, so for the last 2 months I've been phoneless*. Life without a phone is so great. (It pisses off my parents for some reason, though.)

      Though, I'll probably have to get one at some point. It'll probably be a 200X Nokia dumbphone bought on a flea market. :]

      (* -- my phone actually has 2 charging ports, but broken USB ports are something I have a very strong fear of for some reason, so I'm too traumatised to still use it. Maybe I should just see a psychologist lol.)


      All smartphones released after 2012 suck. Especially if they run Android. Android is such a failed abortion of a mobile OS, I have no idea how are its users still alive. I'd rather use even a goddamn iPhone, but I don't want people to think I'm gay.

      Also, > 4,5 inch screens should not exist. I have no idea where does this huge screen fetish come from. That's just retarded.

      [/RANDOM RANT]

    3. bzzrak


      One more random addition: Androids do tend to do stuff BY THEMSELVES. My dad's stuck with a BB Priv, that thing has its own logic. Goddamn Skynet in your pocket. If your pocket is large enough to fit a 6" screen in, ofc.

      Never buy a Priv folks, never.

    4. Battle_Korbi


      Good shit right there.


      Androids DO run a lot of processes from behind, and that is what depletes batteries a lot quicker.


      In any other aspect, without "training" a Android like a dog, it is pretty shit. When you learn to control the Android and stop it from doing stuff on its own, it is a very good phone :D


      Thing is barely anyone has time to do so.


      Which is ironic cuz the damn kids spend all the time on it hoo (im 18 and there are older kids who do tis as well), and I may sound like a cynic, but Android is good if you are looking into being a techie I guess, to figure out what ticks what, since I turned into my own phone repair serviceman with this phone and can repair other people's phones quickly enough (unless they are on fire or something then I have to dunk that stuff into a trebuchet and play "Shooting Stars" while it flies waaay over 300 meters)


      I wanna be a game/script writer, not a phone repairsman.


      Case closed.