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  1. Analysis of a immature penis (meta)joke:


    There is this joke that is still circulating around my parts of living. Goes like this:


    "Dumb Dude made a account on facebook, it asked him to type his password. He placed in 'dick', and it said it was too short"


    Today, while driving home from school, trying my hardest NOT to start blasting eurobeat and drifting (the curves are DESIGNED for drifting, and there isn't anyone at my hour!), I gave this stupid short joke a great thought.


    If the Dumb Dude in question decided to put the password as "mydick", it would be exactly 6 characters long - long enough for most if not all websites.


    The longer password would even be "hisdick" a one character longer. What is more morbid that "hersdick" is even longer! "hersdick" dwarfs "mydick" by TWO characters, something not even some modern supercomputers couldn't probably "brute force".


    What makes every password seem small up here is "babyspenis" apparently. "babyspenis" is still longer than "mydick" or "hisdick" or "hersdick".


    So the Dumb Dude probably at first wanted to put in "hisdick", but halfway through realized "hersdick" was probably longer and harder (to remember), and so he wanted something short and memorable, and realized that his "dick" is much shorter than the "babyspenis" in terms of logic and math and as such much easier to remember. But since Dumb Dude is indeed dumb, he never tought of "mydick", and Facebook finally told him that his "dick" is too short (of a password) to be effecient enough, causing such a humiliation that the rest of the folk around had almost forever memorised of the event of how even his own "dick" wasn't long enough to pass away as a decent one (password of course).


    At least I didn't end up drifting and crashing myself :D


    Shitty joke, I know. And yeah I even lowered my self esteem to put a shemale in the joke as well.


    1. bzzrak


      get a life lol


      (If I'm telling you to get a life, then you should be really concerned. :] )

    2. Battle_Korbi


      Me thinks since so many people keep saying me that, their collective wishes for me to get a life actually form a life which consist of so many people telling me to get a life.


      Gonna need to swap that soon :D