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  1. Prompt for all fiction writers surfing the Doomworld:


    Write a story about a soldier waking up on a field after being revived by a standard issue Field Unit Revival kit. The catch is, he forgot EVERYTHING, and I meaaan EVERYTHING, like how to walk, talk, breath, use the toilet, shoot, tactics, and his comrades have to walk him through everything while under suppresive fire or in a sniper's scope.


    The point of this prompt would be how children would have to be drafted into war from birth should the worldwide political situation escalate.

    1. bzzrak


      "John Stalvern was D_RUNNIN on a battlefield, then he got hit by a palsma rifle. His right arm sparked into the air and he fell down, unable to kill. Soon Cernel Joson stopped to revive him with a FUR kit that he caried with him self, and succeeded... to some extent. John Stalvern forgot how to breath eat, wlak, tlak, sh1t, sh00t

      and then he died due to lack of oxygen

      Don't do that kids"

      i want my nobel

    2. Battle_Korbi


      Best prompt response ever.


      Not a single mention of Trump or something.


      Clear and straight.


      Johnny died.


      11/9 -IGN



      Heh, reminds me of playing a roguelike once and encountering an enemy that could do INT-drain curses, and thinking "Whatever, I'm a minotaur barbarian, I don't need INT".


      Shortly afterwards: "You feel stupider.  You forgot to breathe!  You are dead."