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  1. Last night I had a dream about me being with my future wife and two future kids moving into my parents' farm (which I live on at the moment), and my kids were edgy as fuck, a 10-year old daughter named Paula, and a 7-year old boy named Timothey (short Teemo or Timoth). The girl would complain about the lack of 5G internet connection, and lil' Timoth behaved like he was a guest in his own house, sat at the main couch and looked around, "behaved" because Paula fucking told him we are going to visit some people and the lil fucker believed her.


    The woman had a name, something starting with M... Mary? Martha? Mia? I called her sweety all the time so it didn't matter.


    We drove a "tank" of a car, half truck, half van, ran on biofuel because petrol was expensive as fuck, and as a freelance writer and marijuana farmer/tea brewer (apparently I had a small land plot on the farm beforehand) I didn't made much money to afford wind-cars or like my older siblings drove electric cars. Was enough to pay the bills, buy food, and by the side extra. Moving to the farm apparently unlocked the rest of my potential "w33d f@rming career", as I had more land and I was at the countryside full-time now.


    Apparently the first thing I did when stepping inside the house was dropping off bread and some groceries at the table we bought on our way here.


    *Cue family stuff like talking with wife and kids*


    The silliest part of the whole dream was the blue/yellow skyline, no clouds basically, and like, three identical cats hanging around everywhere I look outside (the gate? A cat. The backyard? Two cats. The motherfucking light post? Three goddamn cats on top of it!), bit bigger birds, little Timoth saying "FUCK!" all the time, while everyone looked for sweets in the house time by time.


    Also the landscape was severly diffrent. The usual fields outside the house were wider, and a entire wood section was replaced by EVEN MOAR FIELD. Also, there was a metal pole coming out of a mountain somewhere. And a tower as well, like a 15m tall metal pole with a dish on it on a nearby hill.


    The "tank" was fucking amazing to me. The design was... uuuuuhhhh... so aesthetically pleasing to look at. Yes, it was a "bucket of rust" but a very nice looking one! Reminded me of that jeep in Doom 3, but smaller wheels and bigger windows, doubled up with one wide back seat that takes up from end to end, kinda like the older cars. Plus there were railings, little "bumps", and it looks like something you could attach a 10mm Chaingun too.


    Maybe later I would draw how did the family look.


    And maybe, just maybe, I would write a story about this.


    I got all the details in my journal already, just thought I could share this unrelevant piece of maybe-interesting info here.

    1. bzzrak


      Probably a vision, not a dream.

    2. Battle_Korbi


      I think it was a dream because of the surreality of it. But if we take away the funny cats and birds and similar details, it might as well be a vision.