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  1. I feel like I am in some overly cute slice-of-life anime right now.


    Almost everyone but my brigade has to correct a lot of grades, work off their asses to finish the year, and all me and my brigade do is; screw around, travel to the nearby cities with a car AND making it back till the end of the school day, talking about summer, going out, whatever.


    Fuck, everyone in school but us is groggy as fuck. We did our shit long time ago, and the finals were done. All that remains are the SUPER ULTRA FINALS that are in another month or so. Oh, and there is like a massive quest I am on, that many are aware of: finishing my FUCKING paper.


    Also, I keep screwing around throwing heroic bloodshed movie references, skipping around and shouting like a Doomguy on sugar-berserker pack.


    Fuck, today we went to the park, the guys had a big convo about workout, and I was swinging on the swings all the time. Meanwhile all the freshmen, most of the second-third years, and half of seniors were sweating their asses of in school.


    Not to mention how much slack we are given by the teachers. I still have a perfectly clean attendance profile despite having at least one period off every day.


    And I do not sense any karmic retribution running my way. I usually do when I slack off in school. But besides those SUPER ULTRA FINALS (hereby known as they are originally said: matura), I don't feel anxious about anything. And in regards to the matura, I actually study. Thing is, I never studied for anything but for my driver's license.


    Every other time I had a exam I studied DURING the exam (I iz smaert, I iz gud, hire meeh), by either failing it on purpose (first year tactic, dropped it in second year) or by reading the textbook directly from my bag (we aren't even allowed to keep pencilcases on the table and nothing underneath) or composing a l337 ch337 sh337, basically copying the textbook on a ridiculously small piece of paper (2 inches wide, so to speak, and probably 3-4 inches long) which had entire sections worth of info on them.


    So yeah, I am actually bothering to study. And I still don't study as much. I NEED TO PUSH! I NEED TO GRIND! I NEED TO WRECK THIS SHIT UP!!! I can still haz camomille tea and cookies and videogames thx :3


    Yay I spoke my heart out.


    Basically, yeah. I am slacking off and I am in a gang of Karma Houdinis. Completely untouched by school, we ride. AD VICTORIAM!!!


    *Aggresively keeps swinging on the swings*

    1. bzzrak


      You're not grateful for tolerating your shit anymore??? :]

      I like how you're totally relaxed. That's great.

    2. Battle_Korbi


      Well basically I never force anyone to tolerate my shit, but if I ever unleash a map on this forum, that would be the first thing everyone sees. And I would thank them for tolerating it.

    3. grouchbag


      You seem like a nice enough person.That alone makes you quite tolerable in my book.Cheers! :D