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  1. Some edgy shit I wrote after watching Hardboiled. It may not make sense, do not fret, that was the purpose. Or maybe it wasn't? Note: Lotta numbers. No math.




    One. Two. Three.


    One. Two. Three. Four.


    One. Two. Three.


    Six. Five. Four. Three.




    Two. One. Reload.


















    One. Two.




    One. Two. Three.












    It's over.




    After my post-movie trip ended, I wrote this epilouge out of boredom a day later.




    The police were quick on the scene. Several noise complaints, two mentioning gunshots, one pedestrian even reported seeing flashes coming from the backstreet between Bush Row and Red Road, along with several gunshots to accompany.


    The carnage unfolded at a certain basement underneath a restaurant led by a noble Mr Chin. The police apprehended him too, under the accusement of covering what was merely a outpost of a large drug ring. Mr Chin did return home later,having cleared out things with the our Chief Inspector. He is still a suspicious fellow to me, no matter how tasty were his famous dumplings. I wish to perform some more investigation on my own hand, but the Chief Inspector has placed him under protection, and me, a grunt, have no right to try and do shit on my own.


    But it wasn't Mr Chin who was the star of the show. It was him again.


    Local mooks know him as Guilao, the "ghost-man", due to his uncanny methods of work. The Guilao isn't silent as a lot of people think, just unpredictable, and really hard to chase away once he sticks to a spot. This time he decided to have some fun with the local mooks who were just holding the basement, and were having some wine, to keep the night warm.


    But no amount of wine could warm the chills the Guilao brings.


    Multiple bodies, approximately 11 dead fools. All executed by wild shots, either the deadly heart or head shots, or something trivial like a kidney shot. One of the mooks just got a heart attack even though the bullet hasn't even catched him, just grazed his hip.


    The only mook who survived by hiding inside a refrigerator was also the one to tell the tale.


    "One of the scouts hanging outside the restaurant saw the Guilao riding wildly and nearly running him over. The scout directly ran into the hideout, even though all scouts know to run into random directions to lose the pursuer first, but I guess the scout just gave up on his life already by the time he saw the Guilao. But at least he had decided to warn us first."


    "The Guilao followed his shadow, seemingly perfectly knowing the scout would be scared enough to run directly to the hole we camped in. Zheng tried to barricade the door, and other two tried to help him by stacking a shelf unto the door."


    "But the Guilao was prepared"


    "Apparently, he brought over some dynamite and used it to instantly destroy any barricades we impose unto his arrival. Only once we heard the sizzle of the fuse and saw his face out of the small opening, we knew we had little time to prepare ourselves."


    "I became a coward to the Triad. I threw myself inside a refrigerator, and never decided to step out of it or give a clue I was in. I was silent as a mouse while the Guilao seeded death. From what I heard, he took his sweet time, and used up two magazines, like you see here on the floor. How can a assasin miss some mooks like us inside a small room multiple time still puzzles me, but maybe he was just playing. Yeah... Imagine... Guilao just wanted to play... Please... Arrest me! The Triad must not know that I live!"


    The poor mook was apprehended for curfew violation and under-age drinking. The Triad themselves would never bother with the kid. I bet the gang leader here just recruited him for a seasonal job. Being a night guard, sitting in a room, drinking wine and eating Mr Chin's dumplings, not a bad job for a small teenager who needs money. The Triad would never send a assasin after him, the kid was just so unimportant, and so naive.


    If the Triad would bother sending a assasin after anyone, it would be after Guilao. Guilao had been a nasty prick at their side for a long time, never trying to strike deep, only going after outposts and small storages. The legend says Guilao was really a "dead man", someone who had been proclaimed dead. Some assume he is a nasty spectre of a legendary assasin Ju-long Jiang, who used to operate independently, doing big jobs and taking bigger names, and had a eagle's eye when it came to firearms, until one day, his corpse was found underneath a bridge going over the Bronze River. And the corpse had dissappeared at the morgue.


    Guilao's survivors describe him having a face filled with scars and scabs, belonging to a dead man, along with tiring red eyes, and two broken teeth. Ju-long Jiang had apparently lost his legendary accuracy, and replaced it with brilliant insanity. Always prepared in defense, always unpredictable in offense.


    I am probably the only low cop who noticed a small pattern in his work. I can't really tell what, but there is this feeling I get whenever I hear about the crime scene he leaves behind.


    Bullets he use? Always the .45 ACP.


    The way he picks his targets? From left to right.


    The car he drives? Datsun 240Z.


    That is all I have, but sadly I need more. What if the mooks happen to be issued with Colts, or if the Guilao picks targets at random, and he could have stolen that Datsun 240Z. As long as I find myself by the boss's office once he issues a task to respond and investigate a new crime scene, I could pick up more clues and find out where does he live.


    All I have is this theory that the Guilao leads a double life, as in day, he could pretend to be a hobo, always begging for fruits and bread, also picking out his next target which he would liquidate at night. Then by looting the outposts he gets bullets and gas for his car he uses to charge down and scare mooks out of his way, like a lone knight on a horse in some old wuxia tale. The bastard probably thinks he is doing the community a favor by pissing off the Triad. Then the Triad would have to blow some steam off on some innocent people he thinks he is doing a favor for.


    He hasn't done my sister a favor when he shot her that night. How could he dare to mistake my beautiful sister as a mook? My sister just found a good husband, and he had to screw it up. I am righteously angry of his actions, what does he think he is? I don't care if he used to be a elite assasin, no one touches my sister and lives to tell the tale -


    - And no law or crime will stop me from finding him and exchanging -


    - eye for a eye.




    Story time over :PPPPPPPP

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Waiting for the sequel, excellent writing!

      p.s. assassin, with two asses.

    2. Battle_Korbi


      woops :p my bad