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  1. Previously... on KIRBY CRO-NICHLES...


    *insert all the weird stuff I wrote in that last update, y kno, bout school and shit*








    Basically I planned to start "grinding" in the next two days, like NONSTOP BRUTAL COMPLEX DOOM INVASION STUDYING TIME where I would quit all my miserable hobbies and just... study... finish my MOTHAFUCKIN PAPER... in 30 days.


    Which is the reason I am kind off screaming. IdontwannadoitIdontwannadoit.


    Some people complain that I either too childish, stupid, or insane. I see why.


    Real people wouldn't be afraid of the Grind. Nah, they would do it. What is 30 days after all? Heck, some people finished their paper ages ago, and I am supposed to be in that percentage of students that could breeze through this like nothing. Heck how did I survive till now? Gotta be lucky.


    In a attempt to divert my mind from such causes, lemme share the most poetic thing I had ever heard in this month.


    So like, a guy in the brigade, decided to sell his textbooks and use the money to buy gas for his car. Not a big deal right?




    Like, the dude LITERALLY bartered his books for gas. If that doesn't sound like a punchline for a short post-apocalyptic story then I don't know what. Imagine living in a world like that, and you were supposed to travel south of a hot place to enter the Peace Plains(just roll with me alright), but your junkcar ran out of gas midway. So you camped on a road till a trading caravan rode by, and they decided they could give you fuel of you could give something in return. And the most valuable thing you had was a carton box filled with books of all sorts. Thing is, you planned to read the books once you had made it to the Peace Plains...


    BOOM! INSTA STORY! Just add water.


    I should shut up.

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      That was the purpose (I guess)




      Thank you for tolerating my shit.

    3. KVELLER


      I usually have a fun time reading your posts lol

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      Be a man, close your browser and get to your paper, goddammit, I'm sick of your whining lol