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  1. (-_____- )


    Today, the Grind has officially begun. As of the time this post is being written, it is 11:37.


    The original plan had a two mile march to the hills and backwards for extra motivation and inspiration redirection. However, due to severe weather changes and effects, the march had been delayed till further notice.


    After the march, I was supposed to start working on my paper. Attempting immediate action remained a attempt, as a low battery notice postponed the work.


    In other news...




    I have a feeling like there are two types of people in this world:


    A) "This map includes numerous 3d floors, slopes, and scripted sequences, not to mention obligatory custom textures, sounds, and monsters. Still thinking whenever to use the Super Chaingun or the Plasma Chaingun, so the wad is still in development, and I didn't want to put the Laser Minigun as the actual weapon oh no no NO! Hah, its only a placeholder!"


    B) "Zdoom?! *barf* What a disgrace! Heresy! DEAD SIMPLE FOREVER!!!"




    STUPID EMO BANTER IN THE SPOILER BELOW - BEWARE (if you like my bad self-analysis texts enjoy)


    Yay, I realised I am actually quite super sociable for a person but prolonged peer isolation and lack of extracurricular activites or hobbies but what I do makes me a cringe machine I am. Also, the isolation taxes me experience with human contact and fills me with paranoia, and that is why I feel so unsecure in crowded places.


    In other words: I needz attention and homyn contekt :3


    That is the only way I could solve whatever stupid issues I am dealing with (sans the academical problems, tis I am fucked up in general).


    If I only did not live in middle of nowhere and if only gas didn't cost that much money :(



    EVEN MORE STUPID FLASHBACK SHIT IN THE SPOILER BELOW - BEWARE (if you are a teacher this could be interesting)


    Once the teach' who teaches Croatian in my high school gave me a daunting task: To teach my entire class a lesson for two periods in a row.


    I'll rather be doing this again that THAT DAMNED PAPER ARGH.


    So, once I got home, I dived unto the task.


    I was supposed to give a cover up on "Avangarde" literature both in world and Croatia at the time. Basically those cringy dudes with arms dunked with paint who keep talking shit about how "living is painful" and "Derez nu God hoho", that kinda stuff.


    As I am generally quite optimistic and religious, this was a task for myself as well. How can I teach my class about some dudes who masturbated half of the day and wrote about how life is hard in the other part as most of the folks in the region are hard working stronk slavs, so they aren't completely relatable.


    Other than me, a guy and a girl were given a same but smaller task they could cover in half of a period work. As I am the "literature specialist" and "dat guy who sez fuck instead of jebo ti pas mater" in my class, it was no wonder that I had to give a massive lecture on these guys. I think this isn't a new thing in school or something, as sometimes another student would jump in for physics or math. It is interesting how kids would rather listen to other kids than to teachers.


    And... I worked on the entire afternoon. I prepared the material, lectorated it by myself, evaluated it, drew on it with a marker, and spent rest of the evening being excited/anxious about the tommorow.


    Tommorow arrived, I was me, and I was just looking over my stuff, when the teacher presented me and ran to the back of the class.


    I was stiff as fuck at the start, but as the time passed, I had grown more casual at this, throwing jokes and comments and interesting facts whenever I had to write something on the blackboard. Of fucking course, my hands were shaking like akimbo vibrators with grapple hooks on them all the time, but still, I did the job, because I AM THE TEACHER NOW I HAVE THE POWAAAAH so I didn't feel like quitting the deal.


    Sometimes the guys asked me a question or two, and one guy even adressed me as a professor (and bet how I felt about it. No I was actually beaming with pride), and occasionally I tasked someone to wipe the blackboard to look like I am getting paid for it. I gave references to the textbook (If you turn to page 420 you will see blah blah), and gave a notice if something wasn't refered right in the textbook.


    Turns out I finished my lecture a bit early (10 minutes of a 90 minute long sequence), and I felt like giving homework, but sustained myself since not even my professor gives homework anymore. I was escorted with a applause because seeing me doing actual work that could land me a job and I might be good at it apparently makes people impressed. And the teachers congratulated me on my performance ("YAY THAT KIRBY DUDE IS ACTUALLY GOOD AT SOMETHING!")


    I rode on the glory even after the boy and the girl did their turns, they tried to copy me and add their own flair, but didn't impress people as I did. The boy was silent most of the time and wrote full sentences on the blackboard, leaving a huge attention gap in between his two three lines. The girl had cut corners, and finished too early, but since they both delivered their assignments fully no one "failed" the task, but hadn't even conquered it like it was a BITCH JUST LIKE I DID.


    Yay. I might have a actual profession. Yay.


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    2. Battle_Korbi




      I was more looking at how far people go when making their own "Doom", like the A people going as far as possible from how doom "used to be played" and putting in a lot of content and scripts and making a own game so to speak and the B people who spit at anything that isn't Boom or PrBoom or whatever going far to "conserve" how the game used to be played.


      Kinda like progress vs conservatism in regards to dooming :3


      I just amped it up to make myself look like I was paid to write satirical shit :D

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      When looking at mods that revamp pretty much everything there is to be revamped, chances are that people with a PrBoom+/GLBoom+ fetish won't touch these for the purpose of recording demos and whatnot. They'll get played casually, and that's pretty much it. Funnily enough, many of these mods play a lot worse than "classic" maps, even in spite of how mork has been put into them. That's because people know how to use classic doom monsters by now, or at least have a vague idea about that. But when you look at custom monsters that people have no experience with, chances are they're gonna be used wrong, inefficiently, or simply boring and time consuming without being fun. If you want a good example of custom monsters/weapons done right, look at skillsaw's "valiant". Funnily enough, it's boom compatible, and plays differnt from many classic wads, in spite of replacing/adding only a few monsters, and boosting the pistol/chaingun.


      Then there's the "back to basics maps" which people like to compete on, and there's usually no benefit for running them outside of GLboom+, so why use any other port to begin with?

    4. really nice person 😂👌

      really nice person 😂👌

      The A-type guys should be shot in the pancreas and then forced to listen to D_RUNNIN while playing E3M1: Hell Keep until they die of blood loss or sheer terror, whichever comes first. A disgrace for mankind.

      Unless they're doing all that with Boom/vanilla, in which case they belong in the eternal Hall of Fame and should be addressed with Sir Your Majesty.


      Great job with the lesson. :]