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  1. Battle_Korbi

    Do You have a original World?

    Well, I have, one "universe" (a la our good ole Terra Firma for one setting and this fuck-distant planet for another). Made it up in 4th year of High School, from a short story I was supposed to present on a radio show, then I just shoved all of my old stories into the same "universe", therefore it's kinda big. Details? For Earth-clone: energy bending, power armor from WW1 and onwards, and Tyranid knockoffs. Tyranid bootlegs are in the background 98% of the time, and most of the stories revolve around people living their lives. For that fuck-distant planet: medium fantasy, medium magic setting, which has elves with (steampunk-ish-but-not-really) prosthetics, tribal men with "three arms", goat-cow people (not furry material, not in the slightest, more like nightmare fuel), then typical early medieval stuff. Also, steampunk-ish-but-not-really guns (crossbreed between WW1 stuff and 19th-century firearms, coupled with magi-tek on some super super rare occasions). Supposed to be a setting for a DnD campaign or something.
  2. I'm lovin' these files, but what I am also lovin' is this excessively long title :D
  3. Battle_Korbi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I myself have a tiny case of bad luck. I'm the type of guy who will get the most bones/pepper bits/chunks of whatever in his meal, I'm the type of guy to get a 49% on an exam, and I'm the type of guy to get accused of doing nothing but gaming whenever I did some actual hard work and decided to relax a little, but then someone barges into my station. I trip occasionally, but never fall down. It never goes worse from here, I never had anything lost or burnt or whatever, it's just these tiny cases that can be enough to try and ruin my momentary mood. My script says I have to complain that nothing goes my way, but nah. I try and learn from my mischiefs, and I take failing at first try to be nothing but a bad start, and I try again and again until I get it right, like, using the power of cognitive dissonance I regularly accuse my bad luck instead of my skills, prompting me to try it again :D I still cannot find a way to combat the "49% on an exam" situation though :(
  4. Battle_Korbi

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    I also love to roleplay while playing "silent" wads (those without a bit of story in them). In fact, I do it all the time. I never play Doom to crack my fingers about on the mouse or keyboard, it kinda needs a bit of a story, and I kinda need to act along with the story (imagine reloading when there is none, taking cover, shaking the mouse while running, etc.) :D
  5. Battle_Korbi

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    A lot of things were said, and the most relatable for me is the "picking up the soulsphere first" and variants of the trope. What also bothers me a lot is custom sounds for things. Say, you got a comedic sound effect or a joke thats gonna be played everytime a thing appears on screen and does something. Cool. Just make sure it's a cool enough effect that won't get stale after the first 10 times, kay?
  6. Battle_Korbi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My speaking tic is letting off a super tiny chuckle after every sentence that isn't 100% serious. I dunno why I do it, probably to signalize people that I am feeling chill atm. And whenever I am sarcastic, I dial up my native dialect by 200% to drive the point that I am making fun of something.
  7. Battle_Korbi

    [Poll] Freelook users - do you also use autoaim?

    Since a lotta of FPS games I play are newer and by default have freelook always and autoaim never (imagine playing COD2 without freelook but with autoaim for extra giggles), I use the same options with Doom. It gets weird with Software mode on for Zdoom, but in general, always freelook, autoaim never.
  8. MAP04, don't wanna make a urban map, wanna nap. Yall are gonna like my new tricks!
  9. Battle_Korbi

    a new doom.wad? thoughts on sandbox and community

    I bet the main idea behind this wasn't really to throw away Doom 1 or Doom 2, but to kinda create a new platform for dooming I guess: a new alternative standard that would have it's own gameplay mechanics, stats, whatever, for people to make stuff on; kinda like for people who had grown tired of the "ye olde" style and seek a change, one that isn't 100% their effort (say, see others make maps for this specific new type of "Doom" and stuff). Behind that idea, I can get. Sure, it would pose a great imbalance to the "older" maps, who were tailored around Doom 2's gameplay, but, the new "Doom" would work well on it's own. But this new platform would be akin to a new FPS game, and that is, I guess, the problem here (plus all the licenses and stuff). I guess this idea is something above a regular "gameplay mod", I bet, something like for people who map for Hexen or Heretic. No matter how many similarities you try to draw together, Doom and Heretic would never be the same. And the similar situation would be with Doom 2 and "the new Doom". Thing is, I won't need to get into this since everyone else said it, but it ain't simple, and it would need to be open-source, free and whatever - but I guess, if a new "Doom" would come out of community effort, I think I would certainly like it, and probably other people as well. But it seems like it will take a plenty more time (decades at least) for the modern day Doom community to collectively get tired of Doom 2 :D
  10. Battle_Korbi

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    I don't get the joke??
  11. Battle_Korbi

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    Why do I have a feeling most of these "hard low monster count maps" are just archviles in open fields?
  12. Battle_Korbi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Someone quickly say something! (I kinda wanna hear it again)
  13. Battle_Korbi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I'm legit tired of all the cynicism and pessimism on the internet, like, where are you going to find a legit reviewer of things (music, movies, games etc) that isn't like: "Oogoo, I expected this to be total shit, but I was absolutely dumbfuckingly astounded by how shit it was. Granted, shit like this is always shit. Oogoo, shit". Like, ffs, if I could find some dude who doesn't rely on cynicism or satire to review popular stuff from at least an objective standpoint, if not, in the fair optimistic spirit of pioneering, am I right or am I right, my lads? Like, not just reviewers but everyone is expecting the worst these days and they still keep finding faults even when everything is right, and claim that something is "beyond saving" when all it takes is a bit of hard work to get something right (again, be it a game or song, whatev). Makes me wanna start my own blog/channel of optimistic reviews of stuff.
  14. Battle_Korbi

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    Wow! Thank you all for these posts, you guys are just cool and G O O D .
  15. Battle_Korbi

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    *pokes his head out of the bunker* Umm, hi, is the gender battle over, is it safe to come out? - Other than that, I am liking what I am seeing. At first I expected a Doom 2016 movie, but I am fine with this as well, kinda like a mixer between old and new, I guess it's going to be great in the end. I do still hope for the "wake up Doomslayer" plot to be a thing, and in-so-far nothing has been mentioned that would negate such a possibility. So what, a crew of generic Space Marines? Greater stories started with even weaker people before, nothing to get agitated about. If anything, I did feel agitated about the whole "Ooof if they make Doomgal then they Ess-gee-double v trash oof world is shit ooooof" because that is just a lot of hot air over nothing, lol. Now I am calm and I might check in this thread once in a while. Thanks guys, keep posting those twitter updates (I would myself but I cannot afford the luxury of time) :D
  16. Battle_Korbi

    The big fat thread of what phone do or did you have!

    I started off as a kid with a Sony Ericsson something something. It was a cool phone, I didn't spend my ass on it the whole day, and it served well until it retired from the service, as I got a Galaxy Mini (cannot remember which one), a tiny but cute smartphone which I was promptly hooked on. Like, real bad addiction. I used to joke that I stored my soul into the phone so in case I die the next person who would pick it up would be haunted and forced to carry two souls in a body. It did well, but I mistreated it horribly. It now lies in one of the drawers, tossed aside like a plague-ravaged corpse, decaying. The first phone finds itself in the hands of one of the villagers who soaked her phone in the rain, it was the same model, and I didn't mind parting from it, so I gave it to the old lady, free of charge. Then, I obtained a Chinese knock-off that I won't ever name (just mentioning it gives it more honor than it deserves), which, at first, was great, but: -It had it's batteries replaced three times in a span of a year and a half because they kept overheating. -It would kill itself over at least once a day, if not for the battery, then from something else. -The front camera died off and the face camera was about to die as well. I cast down the phone into the bowels of hell from which it came from, and got myself a Huawei P10 Lite which I now use, and to be honest, it's the best thing ever. My days of addiction were long gone, but it still finds use even with me, a casual user at most.
  17. Battle_Korbi

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Woob, time to get bashed to death: Doom 3, because I was looking for something to do over the weekend, and I needed a game that wasn't a time sink nor a game that just goes on forever. I played Doom 3, liked it, and went to see what's all the fuss about. The thing is, since I am more of an "Half-Life" type of guy, I wasn't amazed by Doom 1 or Doom 2. That doesn't mean I didn't finish them, but I never really truly fell in love with it, only got a bit of a crush with the map editor. Latest of the Doom games I played was Doom 2016, and whilst I do not know why people think it sucks, I found it to be great, even if it was a demo for the Playstation 4 (a console family I never touched until that point, last year), finished it on Ultra Violence, and loved it just as every other game in the franchise. If anything, I guess I am one of those *sigh* Doomers who find every game of the franchise to be absolutely great, even the N64 one (which I didn't finish but I kinda liked the mood).
  18. Battle_Korbi

    [GZDoom] Doom: But It's Completely Fucking Unplayable

    Nah, it isn't completely unplayable. It's just cheesed up so much on the fake difficulty it looks like so. I know its a meme mod and that it's purposely made like so, but here are few tips I gathered by playing and experimenting on this (for those brave heroes who want to make playthroughs on this, obviously, knowing this community, someone is already making a UV 100% max run with this concept or whatever): 1. Giving a small tilt to either left or right will turn you left or right, but only after a small delay during which the screen moves in the opposite direction but returns to your preferred position. Same works for up and down. 2. Crouching and or jumping can stabilize you if for a bit, requires a bit of timing and practice. The mod will move you up and down, but will move you up (jump you up a bit) once it reaches the "upside-down" version you can see up there. 3. Taking time to retreat and re-arrange your field of view is nothing to be ashamed of, with a situation like this at hand, unless you can psychically connect with GZDoom to preform what you need, you might want to take a few steps back and re-arrange your screen. Just screwed around with it, played MAP01 of Doom 2 and finished it (didn't record it though, and I didn't make a 100% run or anything). If anything, it felt like riding a tank with damaged optics. I didn't felt nauseated though, if anything, I did feel like I was playing a action shooting game and that the game bugged out and I was infinitely dodging to the right :D Fun, casual, might screw around with it more later. I'm sure it's playable.
  19. Battle_Korbi

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    Hotline Miami 2. Oh, the story is going great, a lot of things can be done with the setting and the franchise and the gameplay, I simply wonder how it would all wrap up--- Devs literally dropped a nuke and killed everyone. THE END. I mean, there was a lot of foreshadowing done in the game with regards to this ending, but it still chipped off the fanbase, because it was literally the cheapest ending anyone could ever pull. At least the fans continued making campaigns with the stuff devs gave. I didn't get to play any of them yet but I guess a lot of stories and gameplay mechanics are being explored as we speak :)
  20. Hm. I would be hard-pressed to find a shotgun I didn't like. I can freely say the shotgun from Quake 1 was just... inadequate, I dunno. I literally love every other one, even the Doom 3 one. This thread's question has me sweating.
  21. Battle_Korbi

    What is like to live in your country or city?

    Split, Croatia. Won't talk about politics either because I am kinda allergic to them, so I will just coast over to the aesthetics. It's kinda tightly packed, but at the same time not really. I live somewhere in the center of it, at the 3:4 of a distance between two primary schools. And as you guessed it, it's a pretty lively squadron of neighborhoods. Tourists and tourist guides can yabber on about the beauty of it, but that is mostly the coastline and the old part of the city. Newer parts (like 80% of it) is like your average East European city (ctrl+v apartment blocks for instance), but with a pretty big dash of Western architecture and culture sprinkled over it (mostly Italian). The neighborhood I live in is littered with kids and old people. In fact, just about every age demographic can be seen. Most of it are old people though. The neighborhood I have to walk through to get to my college is the same. And, as far as I can gather, the neighborhood with the university as well. Especially now, these days, there are a lot of people on the streets, even kids, for whom they get regularly accused by internet headlines and articles to be "inside the house" all the time (which they aren't). I myself can get everything I need, and my favorite and only mode of transportation is on foot. Not only because it's economical and healthy, but because of the vast amount of cars and little bit less parking spaces (the area at the university is the worst with this, sometimes I think there are more cars than students, even if it is a bit illogical). I have to take a half an hour commute every morning and afternoon, but it's not like I mind. I just put on my headphones and rack up that steps count, do my healthy quota, whilst observing the daily life. The local news and media made it so that what I am supposed to see are criminals, skeletons and beggars whilst traversing, but I do not. Heh. That might count for the peripheral area around the city. For me, I am set in nicely. That being said, I do miss the countryside a lot. I always wanted to live off the land and the sun, but that is considered disgraceful apparently, so I have to go to college to be an IT guy for some company in the future, yay :D The place from where I truly originated is astoundingly beautiful to behold, not to mention, calm and simple. I feel like myself the most whenever I get here on the weekends, and whenever I feel troubled whilst living in the big city, my mind often wanders to the "homeland".
  22. Battle_Korbi

    Share a random fact about yourself

    My right shoulder snap, crackles and pop time to time. No worries, it's a painless type of pop; compare it to knuckle-cracking (which has been proved to be harmless, even in the long run). Either way, this means that there is a chance you will hear a slight "crack" coming from somewhere and then see me with a stupid grin on my stupid face because the cracking of the shoulder is satisfying to me in a weird way. It's painless, my shoulder gets some action, and mostly it feels like a popping a bubble wrap. Stupid but satisfying :D
  23. Battle_Korbi

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Either way, all the hot air for only an unbiased rumor and an assumption, that's... just... dumb. I mean, okay, Doomworld kinda handled this better, but when I commented on this post on Facebook yesterday, I swear, each and every commenter on that post whipped out their copy of the Modern Dictionary Of Internet Politics 2018 Edition, closed their eyes, opened up random pages, and randomly selected words and typed them into a comment, choosing to stop when they got distracted by something else, and posting it before going away. I had seen two three reasonable souls who knew what the articles said (that there was only a female lead character, not a Doomgal), but that was it, everything else, well, you had already seen it here, folks.
  24. Battle_Korbi

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I love it how 95% of people I met on the internet follow this logic. "Female actor => Confirmed as lead character === OMG ITS GOING TO BE A PC DOOMGAL WTF!?!?!?!?" Chill, no one said anything about a Doomgal, I checked the news, a lead character can be anyone, a regular space marine, a researcher, a civ, who knows? It's a movie! And I mean it, no one said anything about the lead character being Doomguy or Doomgal. It could be a researcher who got a good idea to wake up Doomslayer though, who would still be a war-machine that surpasses humanity and limits of rage... whilst having a female actor be a lead character, whilst having a good movie at the same time. Either way, yall should chill, we don't even have a trailer yet!
  25. Battle_Korbi

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    That is what I had been saying whole day. I mean, Doom 2016 is a reverse horror movie, basically, because you play as the "monster" who is performing a genocide on the demons themselves. So, a good movie about this would be all about waking up Doomslayer. I mean, nothing guarantees it would be a Doom 2016 based movie, but it makes most sense (much like the first Doom movie was kinda based off Doom 3), unlike the "OMG THEY WILL MAKE DOOMSLAYER A GIRL ABORT ABORT". Also, there can be multiple storylines to follow in the movie: A) UAC shenanigans, Olivia Pierce wants to be a God, and Hayden is getting more and more amoral about shit, and the staff is kinda freaking out. Doomslayer gets found, and transfered over to the base. B) Demons freak out bc they just recouperated from Doomslayer's latest spree and they go invade the base to stop him from waking up. C) The two above stories collide, and the UAC staff is either trying to fight back, hide, or evacuate, and the fem protagonist has a good idea what to do and goes through a whole trial with a group of people and they cannot fight for shit, and the group gets picked one by one. There are some Space Marines who are fightning back, but what makes for a small arena in Doom 2016, that is a massive battle for survival to them. D) Doomslayer wakes up, mayhem and genocide ensues, but at what cost? A lot of ppl are dead, and the only thing the survivors can do is to try and evacuate the planet. This should be the new movie, ladies and gentlemen.