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  1. new version! please let me know if you encounter any issues. i have tested quite a bit but i'm still sort of worried about unpredictable consequences of changing some of the geometry code that i changed, so please report any issues. i do think the changes are worth it, i tested a wide variety of maps and the performance benefits for drawing new stuff is quite noticeable. in one extreme case, I improved the speed of adding a new sector to an area by literal minutes. i also finally finished fixing one of the more well-known doom builder 2 undo crash bugs (thank you so much Ribbiks for providing the logfile!). as well as the thing that used to cause this crap when drawing new geometry.
  2. can you post your builderx.log file (type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Doom Builder\ into your address bar in windows explorer to find it) do you have this issue in doom builder 2 or any other software? what OS are you on? what video card do you have? have you updated your video drivers recently?
  3. i might have enough testing for this version to release soonish anyway. so like you're gonna come in here, act like that shit you said to me never happened? no apology? then repeat my question back to me that i already asked, except rudely, not even having read my patch notes for the next version that i linked?
  4. it's not the same day tho? i don't want to conflict with anyone else's stuff, but i have to get this version out there. i do need more testing since i did make big changes to the geometry stuff
  5. i was thinking of running a small speedmapping session, like, maybe sunday afternoon (USA east coast)? to help test DBX how would that sound
  6. i'm expecting a new version sometime mid-late next week. i rewrote a lot of stuff related to making/drawing new geometry to fix some old bugs and also improve speed a lot. i need to do testing before i am okay with just releasing it to the public, in case i missed something. i dont have the time to during this week to test it bc of other things. exact changelog is here, the is stuff that i need to test before release
  7. btw as a general thing: if y'all notice bad performance on any particular part of DBX or opening a certain map let me know (and provide me with a link to the map of course). i consider that type of thing to be a bug and i will try my best to improve on it.
  8. nowhere to run on the internet once you become blacklisted from the life becomes ruined
  9. it shouldn't? what antivirus is it? that's really strange edit: i'm uploading it to virustotal in case i missed something, just to be sure. that's concerning. edit: the analysis is still going but right now the only things that show up are some generic heuristics that tend toward false positives, so far nothing to worry about
  10. I'm aware of that, but also DBX provides for a different set of users than those two editors. I'd rather make decisions because they make sense for DBX and the users of DBX, rather than worry too much about what the other tools do.
  11. @Linguica brought this up, that the "Deaf" monster flag name is factually incorrect (and misleads new users), as it doesn't actually deafen monsters, and proposed changing it to "Ambush". (Ambush is what the actual Ddoom source code calls it btw) I tend to agree, but I also don't want to do anything that messes with people's "muscle-memory" of the tool. Are there any objections to me changing it (or alternate solutions)?
  12. thank you i think i have it figured out for sure i'm aiming for a release maybe next week unless this is very pressing for you, then i can try to do it sooner. i just have some small features i am trying to get done and properly tested
  13. there's a reason i changed the default textures in doombuilder x, as well as provided options for user-set ones and randomly-selected-on-new-map
  14. thanks. had a chance to look some, i realized you're describing a different problem than Buur is. I think I probably fixed the problem Buur is describing, I'll double check more later. Can you give me any information what OS you're running, and maybe a copy of the broken config files vs a working one?
  15. interesting, appears to happen when i mouse over longer-length action names, like i just made a doom 2 format map and set lines to "20 S1 Floor Raise to Next Highest Floor (changes texture)" and it makes them disappear, bizarre. apologies that i didn't notice before, i don't look at that as often as i probably should and the times that i've looked the info has always been there. now that i can reproduce the bug i should have a fix coming hopefully soon. sorry there may be some delay, i am going through a very rough situation involving friends and family, but hopefully there will be a break. i might be able to look the code properly tonight, but no promises.