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  1. i downloaded this ages ago and finally got around to playing it; really enjoyed it. really digging the aesthetics & mood. METAL2 + flesh is one of my absolute favorite combos of the vanilla assets tbh. the sharp lighting was perfect. the floor-switch gimmick was unsettling in a great way. i will say that i thought the part with the slowly-lowering switch-thing where enemies teleport behind you felt a bit, idk, filler-ish, somehow? the pain elementals felt a bit anti-climactic at the end since this is 1 map by itself, but i think if there were more maps perhaps it would work better. just something to keep an eye on i guess. no pun intended one thing to be wary about if this is a multi-level mapset is giving out the backpack so early, unless you are intending folks to pistol start i guess. looking forward to what else in store!
  2. anotak

    Map making block

    get a notebook and some colored pencils or pens (i prefer pens, but whichever is more fun to use) grab one of the pens, start writing words as they come to your mind trying to think of doom maps or mapping. how does doom mapping feel? how do good doom maps make you feel? what are demons like? what are their buildings like? what are any buildings like? what is hell? what's the last cool combat part in a wad you played? what other game did you play that has an idea that could translate into doom? what was the last cool building you saw? think about spaces you've encountered in games or the real world that were fun to navigate. remember visuals in movies or art that made you feel a certain way. think about how want your player to feel. don't restrict yourself, don't hold yourself back and think "this might be a bad idea" or "this is unrelated". free yourself from any anxieties about what it is or who will see it. don't try to erase anything or scratch anything out. just keep going. don't worry about grammar or correctness. a lot of times we have plenty of ideas, we're just holding ourselves back. the mostly empty doom builder screen is psychologically unhelpful for this. do the same thing for shapes as they enter your mind; think of real buildings, think of imagined shapes that could never be a building. sketch little pieces of them, but don't commit to a big layout diagram yet. think about a map you played, and an idea it used for combat, and combine that with an idea from another map for navigation/progression. the physicality of the pen and the permanence of it is important. there's been real psychological research into this stuff that i'm too lazy to dig up right now. edit: if you're stuck on ideas for connecting spaces and keep making small areas like i used to be: i forced myself to speedmap, and make several maps in an hour or so each. i forced myself to map even if i had "no ideas". all the results were crap, but before i had all sorts of weird mental hangups about how to connect rooms and stuff that would make me just sit there and stare at doom builder after i drew my first room. speedmapping said "you have to complete this" so it made me discard those hangups.
  3. anything that supports UDMF supports gzdoom's features. although it's a bit troublesome, as no piece of software follows the UDMF spec 100% accurately. oh i believe also eureka and yadex (?) run on linux btw? but like i said, a lot of people choose to use a windows xp VM on linux
  4. it's a very big project, i'd have to rewrite the renderer completely to use vulkan it's not entirely out of the question but it's enough work to where at that point i am seriously considering writing a new editor mostly from scratch. there are many things about how doom builder was originally architected both internally and ui-wise that i think could be improved on with the hindsight we have 10 years later. i know it's not great but i know many people use windows xp running in a VM to run DBX on linux/mac.
  5. maybe you slipped up when you said the word "stress testing", but: nuts.wad is actually a good test case for stress testing doom software specifically because it is so strange. because it is an "edge case". you always test edge cases. who cares if it was a joke? that's completely irrelevant, some people play it seriously, and that's what matters. and even if they didn't, why shouldn't we let folks enjoy their joke in 60fps? however, testing it is different than what you do with the information. my earlier comment was that it is not the general case that should be optimized for if it sacrifices other maps. especially because all the ports mentioned in this thread already run it at 60+FPS, so who cares. though i suppose the people with 144hz monitors might want an improvement there. the thing is that testing it gives you a "canary in the coal mine" if something will be wrong in other situations. a serious performance problem handling nuts might lead you to investigate and find other issues elsewhere. there's a reason my set of test wads typically includes "atypical" works like nuts, planisf2 & choz
  6. i do have this un-accepted pull request for EE sitting around that sorts drawsegs by screenspace X and then binary searches the list for each sprite. it offered major improvements on wads like comatose & the given. but this other method i was investigating i suspect would be even better
  7. it has little to do with overdraw and entirely to do with clipping-sprites-by-drawsegs, though it may be possible to extend the method i'm working on to prevent *some* overdraw in certain very specialized cases
  8. that's what SoM mentioned the other day too, regarding adding sprites by subsectors. i had an idea for an alternate approach i was starting to implement last week before i got sick (still sick, unfortunately) where you iterate over the vissprites & drawsegs both in front-to-back order, and generate clipping arrays that can merge between sprites (like visplanes). ideally this should greatly reduce the cubic nature of the existing clipping algorithm (vissprites * drawsegs * columns). i'm not sure how practical/efficient this actually is; but i thought it was worth exploring
  9. for the record, i'm not sure how much this'll help, because even in the bad case i don't think the sorting is a particularly expensive part of rendering a scene in doom? you may be able to save time by being aware of how sprites are added, as in, per-sector, and doing the sorting within a sector and then you have separate lists that you can merge more easily by checking their start/end this wont rly help on nuts.wad which is just 1 big sector though but i think nuts.wad is a poor test case for doom in general; if you want to check the many-sprites cases, stuff like sunder.wad is more realistic imo
  10. https://github.com/team-eternity/eternity/blob/master/source/r_things.cpp#L1519 for reference, lee killough in '98 chose to use mergesort for this
  11. a MAJOR correction: the bsp is traversed breadth-first, not depth-first i really dunno why i thought it was depth-first
  12. you can merge those sectors and still have line down the middle all the way through (in doom builder the default hotkey for this is J with both selected) the nodebuilder is supposed to discard lines that cut across when making subsectors if they dont have textures on them, it shouldn't affect nodes too much, though i suppose the edges on either side have a vertex in the middle.
  13. i feel like this was meant to be well-intentioned comment that ended up in a quite rude spot. ultimately, it feels incredibly dismissive of the hard work i did. it is also saying "do more hard work for no pay, particularly for a game you don't even like". anyway, me working on heretic support is very unlikely. i only took up work on CRL because i was approached to work on a vanilla doom map. the SDL2 version of CRL is missing some features. the old SDL1 version doesn't work right on my machine because of windows 10 updates. so i need the proper tools to work on a map. so me and Altazimuth's fork is meant to be a relatively quick project to address these problems.
  14. anotak

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Rest in Peace, Dr. Sleep. thank you for letting us know. i did not personally know him, but "Crossing Acheron" was one of my favorite doom levels as a young child. i don't think i would be the person i am today without having played that. My condolences to his family.
  15. anotak

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    vanilla doom trick to make the flesh "twitch" thanks to visplane splits, light level quantization and a bug in flat drawing code