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  1. there's still ambitious vanilla compatible wads out there for example back to saturn x, doom the way id did (or d2twid as well) in 2017, no end in sight won a cacoward, and the first 3 episodes of that are vanilla compatible
  2. Steven heres some 2 things ive done with it that would be pretty inconvenient to do in a traditional editor. (i did some touching up after in DBX but the core of the geometry was done with wadc) i've been exploring making my own scripting thing as part of a doom builder plugin. i wanted to explore how wadc did things and if there's any way for me to have some interoperability between the two (unfortunately it's looking like it's unlikely, bc of how DB is architected)
  3. question: is there any way to merge geometry like how doom builder does? like let's say i draw 2 intersecting linedefs, at least by default it doesnt add a vertex at the intersection. unless i wrote that by hand in the .wl file. or if i draw two linedefs exactly in the same spot, they dont merge is there no way to do this? or am i missing something
  4. FORBIDDEN CHEAT CODES idkaf = reveals the 0th weapon slot iddpopsips = allows the walls to walk through you idsight = see the cowering masses of thousands of hiding invisible, silent monsters that populate every level idinflu = makes the doomguy aware he is being controlled If you know more forbidden cheat codes, put them in the replies!
  5. have you doublechecked you 100% have directx 9 and not 10/11/12? they install separately and don't interfere/work with each other. that confused me before, so i just want to double check. you could try running dxdiag to see if it reports any problems have you tried upgrading your graphics card drivers? i'm working on a version that should give me some slightly more detailed error information, because the older codebase wasn't logging some of the details.
  6. hmm. i'm still investigating, but do you have direct3d 9 installed? this might fix it
  7. thanks! umm, what would a gzdoom config entail that the zdoom config doesn't already do
  8. hey, i'm the dev of doombuilder-x. Do you get any specific error message? if you go open an explorer window and put %LOCALAPPDATA%\Doom Builder in the address bar, is there a BuilderX.log file there you could post for me to see?
  9. oh, dammit, the number is cut off visually. i hate the winforms library so much. the value will be correct in the meantime if you go into the linedef properties. so sorry about that. i'll add that to the list too. ty for the report
  10. understood. well, like i said, it's on the list i hesitate to call it purely "more advanced", but i think most people tend to prefer the workflow of the doom builder family of editors over SLADE3. there seems to be a lot of demand for me to port this to linux & osx but as i mentioned in a previous post on this page: the only other bit of code that relies on slimdx is some input code that would take probably like a couple minutes to rewrite some other way
  11. thanks! 1. this has been on my list for a minute, just low priority bc it would take more effort than it should 2. what do you mean exactly, something other than the existing indicator 3. i'll add it to the list. as well as dead players. i'd like to ask though: what's your workflow like with this? for example, how often do you need the map analysis to check for either of these things instead of it being part of your flow with testing ingame or whatever
  12. new version of DBX! mainly to get a bugfix out with changing textures
  13. download mirror github demopadr is a commandline tool for fixing the revenant tracer issue with demos desyncing during the demo reel on the title screen on vanilla / chocolate doom. if you want to make a vanilla compatible wad and have revenants in your demos on the title screen, they may desync, and this tool will let you fix that. you need to run it on all 3 of your demos. feel free to let me know if there are any issues. i will probably be uploading this to /idgames soon if there are none. thanks to Ryath, Vita, Edward850, and Dew for help and/or testing. thanks to Fraggle for the choco doom source code (which I used to inform myself about the demo format). thanks to id software for doom of course. demopadr is MIT license
  14. yea that's really really weird, considering that works on my end. this is why i asked you to try it out before i actually release it in a thread of its own lol. can you send me the logfiles it makes for each demo?