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  1. I Need Some Help With Research

    i completed the survey, but i felt like many of the questions were leading, or open to misinterpretation by either myself or the anyone reading my answers. for example, the question about video game violence leading to real violence, i said "depends on the game". this might imply that i think that there's a causation between playing certain games, and mass shootings. but i don't think that, at all. i do think that games (along with other media/art), can establish or reinforce certain ideas or norms that lead to other types of violence. the american military agrees with me to the point that they have spent significant money on it.
  2. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    happy accidents
  3. i'll look into it yes, the included gzdoomediting plugin
  4. hm i honestly dont know offhand, i haven't looked at that before, i'll have to investigate. can you send me the file that's giving you issues? @Altazimuth was the one who implemented the PKE support, which as far as i know was closely based on the existing db2 PK3 support.
  5. new version i recommend everyone download this version bc it fixes a bug with merging geometry that can potentially mess up your map changelog:
  6. Why do people care about FPS past 120?

    humans can perceive input delays as low as 2ms 1 second divided by 120 is 8 milliseconds and some change for more information on how that relates to input delay you could watch this talk by john carmack, the lead programmer of the game this website is about
  7. hey so, first off some good news, a new version is coming soon that fixes that one bug where geometry doesn't merge quite right sometimes. second off, i need to address something: i'm making an informal non-legally-binding promise to people using DBX. non-legally binding because i did not pay a lawyer to look over this, and i don't know enough about law to make sure that i'm not doing something very illegal, but if someone wants to help me to pay a lawyer to make this more official i'd be okay with that. it's silly that i need to do this, but another major doom related program is planning to implement some code that will report the user's IP address and hardware information to the owners of that project. their intentions seem good. however, i believe that this is wrong, regardless of intent. As long as I lead the DBX project, DBX will not collect information about you or your computer and automatically send it over the internet to anybody; unless it were absolutely required for some new feature. if it was, that feature would be absolutely 100% OPT-IN only. the data sent would be clearly explained. The explanation would be featured prominently on the download pages, a text file in the folder, the changelogs, and the software itself. any data collected would be deleted as soon as possible. but i do not currently have plans to do anything like that at all, ever. i unfortunately cannot promise the same for 3rd party plugins or the outside software that DBX relies on (.NET, SlimDX, DirectX, DevIL, Scintilla, SharpCompress). however, i do promise to try to keep an eye on that stuff.
  8. Doom Builder 2 Glitchy Level Panning

    i would investigate all of these options. i had a tiny very hard to see cat hair lodged in the bottom of my mouse's sensor before that lead to similar behavior. however, as the dev of dbx (one of the continuations of codeimp's good work on db2), i cannot rule out that DB is at fault. so if you eliminate all these options, can you please let us know if it's none of these? i had someone else say a similar thing with DBX and i haven't been able to definitively track it down also does your mouse use any specialized software to do stuff like change sensitivity, etc? does the problem still occur without that software loaded (if it's possible for you to test). had weird behavior with an ancient razer mouse about 10 years ago when i had the razer system tray program open
  9. 25 years of DooM

    there's still ambitious vanilla compatible wads out there for example back to saturn x, doom the way id did (or d2twid as well) in 2017, no end in sight won a cacoward, and the first 3 episodes of that are vanilla compatible
  10. WadC 2.2 released

    Steven heres some 2 things ive done with it that would be pretty inconvenient to do in a traditional editor. (i did some touching up after in DBX but the core of the geometry was done with wadc) i've been exploring making my own scripting thing as part of a doom builder plugin. i wanted to explore how wadc did things and if there's any way for me to have some interoperability between the two (unfortunately it's looking like it's unlikely, bc of how DB is architected)
  11. WadC 2.2 released

    question: is there any way to merge geometry like how doom builder does? like let's say i draw 2 intersecting linedefs, at least by default it doesnt add a vertex at the intersection. unless i wrote that by hand in the .wl file. or if i draw two linedefs exactly in the same spot, they dont merge is there no way to do this? or am i missing something

    FORBIDDEN CHEAT CODES idkaf = reveals the 0th weapon slot iddpopsips = allows the walls to walk through you idsight = see the cowering masses of thousands of hiding invisible, silent monsters that populate every level idinflu = makes the doomguy aware he is being controlled If you know more forbidden cheat codes, put them in the replies!
  13. (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    have you doublechecked you 100% have directx 9 and not 10/11/12? they install separately and don't interfere/work with each other. that confused me before, so i just want to double check. you could try running dxdiag to see if it reports any problems have you tried upgrading your graphics card drivers? i'm working on a version that should give me some slightly more detailed error information, because the older codebase wasn't logging some of the details.
  14. (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    hmm. i'm still investigating, but do you have direct3d 9 installed? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 this might fix it
  15. thanks! umm, what would a gzdoom config entail that the zdoom config doesn't already do