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  1. Doom Builder X 2019.1 - map editor download link alternate mirror Doom Builder X is a map editor forked from CodeImp's Doom Builder 2 by me (Anotak). DBX is intended as a continuation of DB2, in design and spirit. Bugfixes, optimizations, and tweaks to keep DB2 up to date with new formats like EE-UDMF are the goal. I intend to preserve your workflow from DB2, and if anything I change interferes with that, please let me know. DBX can be installed side-by-side with DB2 and will keep track of its preferences separately (but will copy DB2 preferences it finds the first time it loads). DBX shares compatibility with plugins and configuration files from DB2. changelog: download link alternate mirror dbx, like db2, is GPLv3. the latest source code is here
  2. i dislike that too tbh what's the goal? is it to look more real? because doom will never look real, and it's not even desirable. is it to look more detailed? what does that mean, really? why is that an improvement?
  3. anotak

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    syringe (disclaimer: i playtested for it)
  4. anotak

    Motion sickness options

    oh yeah, actually this might be a big contributor, considering the "each time i come back it gets worse and worse" statement input lag on monitors has generally gotten worse over the years. consider looking here for your monitor and seeing what it says: https://displaylag.com/display-database/
  5. anotak

    Motion sickness options

    do other first-person or third-person games make you motion sick? here's some things of the top of my head that affect motion sickness one way or another in my experience: if you use a software renderer, try a hardware renderer, or vice versa. (hardware vs software renderers draw the shapes at the left / right edges of the screen a little differently.) if it's an option in the port you are using, mess with increasing the fov. games with too-low fov make me motion sick try switching mouse acceleration on or off. try turning vertical mouselook on/off.
  6. i chose the hom example on purpose because of that. removing the old hom effect was also, not intentional.
  7. we would laugh at the idea of reprinting a novel and swapping out the words for "higher quality" words using a thesaurus. while games & play as an art form may pre-date all other forms, the serious study of the design of games seems to have mostly only started in the 20th century under capitalism. the culture of games, especially that of fps games, especially that which was encouraged by id software, has often seen newer graphics technology as superior. devs & publishers had a strong financial incentive to endorse this behavior. improved technology is more quantifiable than other concerns like design or aesthetics. hardware manufacturers also had strong financial incentive to endorse this. marketing people happily embraced talking about graphics on the box. doom itself was no stranger to this, as we can see about all the quotes about "256-color texture mapped mazes". even consumers, unsure about what game to buy, couldn't rely on a box to quantifiably explain that it has better game design, but this box over here has a postage stamp sized possibly-fake screenshot and a bigger number of bits than this other box over there. today, this trend is less extreme (graphics advancements have slowed down and become unsustainably expensive). but, we live with its legacy. and, even today, there is financial incentive to keep it alive, as companies offer "new and improved" HD remasters. yet. imagine someone cleaning up the vinyl clicks from the samples in a hip hop track, and declaring they have improved it. imagine someone "adding detail" to a Monet painting. it's overtly ridiculous. it's a lucky accident that we ended up with the game we got. are unintended elements a part of Doom? it gets awfully difficult to point to what is and isn't intended. what i like about the game isn't what id & friends wanted or expected me to like. during the video of "a visit to id software", romero runs into a HoM bug, and he's upset, but bobby prince is watching him play and is talking excitedly about how cool the HoM looks! to make good art, it must be larger than the creator can really conceive of. you have to let it form something else in the viewer's mind. many people default to hardware renderers without seriously considering the choice, as it's simply newer. there's the obvious question: "how could an older technology be better?" or at least, it seems obvious, in the cultural lens we have. i will say though, that software rendering y-shearing makes some people motion sick, so there's a good argument there for those people to use hardware rendering. anyway: if a hardware renderer existed that properly replicated a lot of the stuff like the banding, the palette, y-shearing, etc, i would happily use it.
  8. i would not recommend saving after that screen. there's a good chance db2 can put the map data into some inconsistent state. edit: dbx attempts to saves a crash backup, and tells you where it is. i don't recommend using db2 anymore, dbx or gzdb-bf are the way to go. (full disclosure: i work on dbx)
  9. anotak

    The Egg of Human Endeavors [final, on idgames]

    i missed this the first time around, i enjoyed it quite a bit
  10. anotak

    The Roots of Doom Mapping

    good read i dont entirely agree with the patterns and categorizations, but largely i agree with the choices of wads (except 1, which i'll get to). i think for example, categorization-wise, Simplicity stands in rebellion to its "advanced"-port predecessors like RTC or Daedalus, and other wads that were taking influence from AAA games of the time. It's difficult for people who have come into the community since to really understand how influential Simplicity was, but that style (and the influence of that statement) seemed to influence damn near everything I played for the next few years afterward. I also think it's worth noting that many of the trends of the 90s and the early 00s owed a great deal to the AAA FPS games that were made at the time. This influence has mostly disappeared today. i said as much on discord: but i think the one wad that's a glaring omission is dtwid. it spawned: 1) so many spin-off projects, including some still in the works 2) i think as a community it has lead many people to reevaluate sandy peterson's style of mapping. 3) i think the fact that it (and spinoffs) was a large community project that involved so many people and really forced them out of their comfort zone in mapping, really affected how the mappers who worked on it worked. you can talk to anyone who did work on it to see that. and those ideas have spread from them to others. 4) among other things, it's incredibly the anti-Simplicity! and there isnt quite the same precursor to that. 5) it simply changed how a lot of people thought about the game, and about mapping. it's a (perhaps unintentional) revolt against the detail obsessed mess of the 00s.
  11. anotak

    The 2019 Cacowards

    grats 2 all winners! <3 as is customary, we must gripe about those we thought shouldve won but did not: in my case, that is sigil. but you know what, it's good shit that romero doesn't auto-win even if i disagree in this case!
  12. anotak

    Doom II Community Lifespan

    what caused the increase around 2009ish
  13. anotak

    Favorite avant-garde doom wad?

    given the meaning listed, i don't think any of these works have offered very much that is that new or experimental. also avant-garde typically means something much stronger than the meaning given here. but: for example, the word surreal has been used a few times in this thread. surrealism according to a quick check of wikipedia dates back to... 1917. granted, surrealism is not entirely the same thing as "the surreal", but you might see what i mean? a few works in this thread were heavily influenced by mc escher's work, a man who died in 1973 and has his paintings displayed in schools all over the world. that's not new or experimental. i will point out that one of my own works has been listed in this thread. anything that might be considered experimental about it has already been explored in great detail by various types of artists dating back to the 90s and even before. using glitchy aesthetics is not avant-garde. audio sampling to create art dates back way before i was born. off the top of my head i can consider delia derbyshire's work in the 1960s as a precursor. visual collage is an ancient art form at this point. theres a rihanna song with glitchy shit in it with 2 billion views on youtube.
  14. anotak

    Favorite avant-garde doom wad?

    i'm not really sure any doom level should be considered avant-garde
  15. oh whoops, thought i responded to that. thank you, i've been looking into these issues. the sleep mode one i'm not sure about, i'll have to see if maybe i can replicate it on a different machine.
  16. anotak

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    i dont exactly remember, was likely either crossing acheron or bf_thud!.wad ... actually i know you probably meant levels but i went to my brother's friend's house and they were playing that wad that replaced cacodemons with a photograph of bill clinton's head, i'm pretty sure that was the first mod i played lol.
  17. https://thetrashbang.tumblr.com/post/161999414860/the-lost-legacy-of-dooms-hitscan-enemies
  18. yeah that's really a huge motivator. my thought on it used to be "we'd have to rewrite roughly 50k lines of code" but the more i work on doom builder the more i think "why is there this much code duplication everywhere" constantly and yes, a map source format that is then compiled. id's editor did this, and editors for other games work like that. there are many advantages
  19. anotak

    [Limit-Removing] Parallels - Single map

    i was playing on uv last night. i really like the look of the map & the concept of the parallels. i thought the cyberdemon fight was actually not very hard despite the other comments. i didnt finish it because i couldn't do the archvile fight after. is there a light switch somewhere for that room? i couldn't figure out where cover was and where the archviles are attacking me from because i couldn't see, and it ended up being frustrating. anyway despite that, the parts i enjoyed were quite good and i would like to see more maps from you
  20. yeah, it's most certainly a big project, i'd appreciate all the help we can get. I similarly want to do something like adobe illustrator's layers, preserving curve information, etc. Right now i've been investigating various languages and gui libraries in order to get a better idea of the state of things there. Jazz has made some interesting JS prototypes for various types of tools and stuff. Absolutely 0 promises for anything at this stage, but multiple viewpoints has been a hope. Editors for other games have been able to do it for decades now. Ideally I'd like to make it possible to actually draw new sectors in a 3D view. As far as previews, yes, something to solve the issue there would be good, i'm not sure if specifically previews is the best idea. It's definitely annoying to try to hop into a big set you havent looked at in a minute and try to determine "now which one of these was it". I'll have to think about this. In any case, it would definitely be easier to implement in a new non-doom-builder environment.
  21. thanks. i'll probably have a look sometime this week, although i probably can't look too close today or tomorrow because of irl concerns. remind me if i somehow forget
  22. So in general, I guess to some degree new feature talk has to be preceded by the following thing: To be fully open about it, I've been talking some with some other developers in the community, and we've talked some about working on a completely new editor not based on Doom Builder at all. The big reason for this is that ultimately there's a lot of fundamental architectural things in DB2 (and its children, DBX, GZDB, etc) that make it difficult to debug, improve, or change in various ways. A lot of this is stuff we know now because of hindsight and aren't really things CodeImp et al could've known at the time. I also think I have some ideas that could be big improvements on the various Doom Builder(s), although eventually it'll be up to the other mappers to decide that. The reason I bring this up now is that if I'm long-term doing that, I might pull back some on new features and just focus on fixing crashes in DBX. We haven't actually committed to starting this but just it's something I've been thinking about for quite a while now. However: re: thing sprites: I'm still thinking about this long-term as to how to approach this. I'd like to do this in a way to where it's performant, as the way it's implemented in GZDB is unfortunately rather slow based on profiling I ran. (edit: I'd like to clarify that this isn't a criticism of GZDB(-BF), Max-ED got it done. This is more about the fact that the two editors have a different niche / userbase.). The thing about it is that whenever I mess with that stuff I'm often just tempted to rework the renderer from scratch in order to remove that damn SlimDX dependency. SlimDX hasn't been updated since 2012 and also is the big bad reason why Doom Builder is windows-only. Multiple test programs: I'd like some better way to approach this (and the "game configs" concept) entirely. I'm not happy about any editor's current UI for this type of thing in general. Choosing line action: I sort of want to rework the linedef properties dialogue entirely, but I'd like to do so in a way that isn't stepping on any toes or messing with people's legacy muscle memory or etc. It doesn't make much sense to me that you have to switch tabs, then click to open a 2nd dialogue to open textures. Or open a whole new window to get a browsable list of line specials.
  23. huh. would you be willing to send me a wad with that texture, so i can have a look? if you don't want to share your whole wip wad, a wad with just the 1 texture would work
  24. the only thing I can think of is that maybe your DirectX 9.0c install is broken somehow? make sure you installed this one right here. i'm really having trouble figuring out how it would crash without the logfile providing any information about the error at all, that's what's got me a bit stumped. it just gets to "Initializing graphics device...", and then nothing. i'm starting to wonder if it's hardware issue of some kind. have you had any problems at all with anything else that uses your graphics card?
  25. can you share your log file? (either upload it somewhere, or paste the contents into pastebin) the file should be in the folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\Doom Builder\ the file would be called BuilderX.log