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  1. CommanderKeenGamer43


    Uh Bland design, Aquarius199 hated this wad...
  2. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Terry Sux

    That was cool! m8
  3. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Demonic Adventure

    This Wad is FREAKING AWESOME! i Like some of the traps
  4. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Valletta's Doom Nightmare

    This, This right there, It's why i hate Terry Wads, The people who does it, Are stupid, It was been crappy all the freaking time!
  5. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Hell's Dungeon

    what the fuckings fuckings fuckings wastes of calooby? a brony making a terry wad, That's Bullshit!
  6. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Glitched Reality

    wtf man Another waste of calooby? Goddamit
  7. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Frozen Wastes

    Water bottle, Plate of delicious food, Bad Terry wad
  8. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Sights of Agony

    what an waste of time this wad is
  9. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Save The Road

    And the MAP02 is a fucked up version of the MAP01 of Equake.wad but all the shit is replaced with sonic, Man, Stop making those worst wads, You are being a worst terry wadder
  10. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Temple of Oblivion

    This is why Terry WADS is about to suck
  11. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Oil Plant

    Wow, that was just awesome anyways
  12. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Meme Jon Doom

    WHEW That's cool at least
  13. CommanderKeenGamer43

    Drew Pickles Doom!

    No offense but it's bad
  14. CommanderKeenGamer43


    If i was a damn moderator, I would remove this WAD totally, But the HUD and the Face looks just good, So i will give 2 stars
  15. CommanderKeenGamer43

    The New Order

    I needed to use Strife for that?