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Everything posted by Ghetto_booty

  1. I shideded the pant

    1. I shid

    2. Pant


    Fnafporn 2 coming... oh yeah its happeningĀ 

  2. I'm back bitches!!!880114a.jpg.c611bc21469178461e376a82139e1cd5.jpg

  3. Wtf I regret most of the things I posted here holy shit


  4. Ghetto_booty

    Original Doom songs you want to see return

    redo hanger obviously the way its was done doom 2016 was... disappointing TBH it may have been good back then but it felt bland, didn't give the original much justice, too slow to account the game play and the weird dubstep like sounds just made it sound like a boring reboot. i would bring in a traditional metal band for the sound track but that's just my opinion.
  5. Ghetto_booty

    Random Image Thread

  6. Ghetto_booty


    Same here
  7. Ghetto_booty


    damn that's pretty nice
  8. Ghetto_booty

    Random Image Thread

  9. use classic doom controls but use Z and X instead of CTRL and space bar for firing and opening doors
  10. Ghetto_booty

    Looking for weird wads

    I'm just looking for weird and obscure wads that me and my friends can play so leave some suggestions just something stupid will do.
  11. Ghetto_booty

    Freedoom app released on google play store

    Just tried it out pretty good keep up the good work
  12. Ghetto_booty

    Freedoom app released on google play store

    might try it out sounds kinda cool
  13. Ghetto_booty

    The Ghoul's Forest 3

    Great with friends
  14. Ghetto_booty

    Darkness Flaw

    Pure eye candy
  15. Ghetto_booty

    Illuminatus v1.0.0

    A masterpiece of Doom mapping.
  16. Ghetto_booty

    A crate of pickles

    Pointless but funny
  17. Ghetto_booty

    SkyBox for sharing with the community

    I'm gonna use the green factory sky box for a Dark Seed themed wad
  18. Ghetto_booty

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I have this pic of my doom avatar coincidently called doom photo
  19. Ghetto_booty

    My Soul Trapped in a WIN98 PC

    I have no idea whats going on but I love it!