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  1. Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 4 Alien Trilogy Alien Isolation Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Sonic Generations Sonic Mania
  2. Make of this what you will. Also , Appologies for making the new thread , somehow didn't see this massive thread about it. My bad.
  3. If there is I'm gonna be peeved lol , I just picked up a cheap N64 to play it
  4. Doom 2 Doom Doom (2016) Doom 64 Doom 3 Final Doom (PSX)
  5. PizzaGuy

    Should I get the Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    Absolutely , it's a great little package.
  6. PizzaGuy

    Doom and Horror

    This IS what makes most horror games so 'Edge of your seat'. The fear of death and having to possibly go back and do over 10-15 mins of work. This was the fundamental thing that made Alien Isolation terrifying coupled with an atmosphere of pure dread. It had an old school save system. When you can just save at every corner that fear is gone because it doesn't matter what is lurking around that corner as you can just re-load and try again and again. So yes , this system forces you to be careful and look after your health.
  7. PizzaGuy

    Final Doom-PSX: Thoughts and Opinions

    Oh no doubt! Link cable PSX Doom was a blast though.
  8. PizzaGuy

    Doom and Horror

    I'm currently playing Doom64 for the first time and I gotta say the music in this this game is pretty disturbing at times, there's some very strange noises and effects thrown in there. as for Doom 64 and Doom PSX The key to these 'Horror' type Doom's is in my opinion directly down to the music It does give the games a huge sense of it being a horror. But does it make it Horror? mmmmmmm I'm not sure on that. Imagine playing Doom 64 with the classic MIDI style music instead, I reckon it would take a ton of that horror atmosphere away. Doom 3 on the other hand is a completely different beast. The look and feel was clearly designed with a more of a horror approach in mind from the get go.
  9. PizzaGuy

    What are you listening to?

  10. PizzaGuy

    Memorable Mapnames

    Tricks and Traps. Will always be my fave I reckon.
  11. PizzaGuy

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 - LIVE Now!

    I've hardly had a chance to watch at all this week. Gonna catch up on some of the runs. I expect Resi 7 to have been a treat , Carci is a brilliant speedrunner of the series. 2.2 million for charity is fantastic , funny how you don't hear about this in the media. But then again the concept of video games and the gamers who play them doing something truly beautiful for world isn't something they like to promote is it.
  12. PizzaGuy

    Final Doom-PSX: Thoughts and Opinions

    Its interesting to see how different players set up their buttons for consoles. I had mine set like this: L1 -Strafe Left R1- Strafe Right L2- Run R2- fire X- Use Square - Hold strafe , Like you I didn't use this once. Circle - Cycle weapons right Triangle - Cycle weapons left Also , Interesting read about 'Homage' , it clearly exists in some form for the PSX version. Would make I nice piece in a collection if anyone found it.