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  1. Thanks for all the replies and advice guys , will be looking into 'Doom 64 Ex' for sure from what you've all said its the most accurate version and the one closest to the original. Unless i come across a cheap N64 that is. Also the price of a Doom64 cart in the UK is only £12 at CEX which is pretty cheap really.
  2. Hi guys , whats the best way to play Doom64 these days? Other than looking for a cheap N64 to play it on is there any other way to get my hands on it? It's a game I've never payed a lot of attention to as i always thought it was just another port of the PC original. However after watching a documentary by Digital Foundry about every console port of Doom (which is well worth a watch, Check it out below) I realised its actually a fully fledged game in its own right. Anyway , any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Its all about the BFG Division for me. Absolutely love it.
  4. Very impressive. Amazed at the amount of glitches there are in this game
  5. Nice video. He makes some very good points. might check out the rest of his vids.
  6. you never know, eating greasy tacos and shirt wiping may have been how they implemented the cheat.
  7. Nice one Jimmy and MrFlibble (nice to see theres another Red Dwarf fan on the boards) Fantastic posts. Found both very helpful and gave more in-sight than any review I've come across. Duke 20th is on sale on the PS4 , may have to go grab it now. sounds like the upgrade could be worth the six quid at least.
  8. I do agree to certain extent. The use of memes and suchlike has become 'Who can make the biggest funny' , its just become internet culture. Twitter can be forgiven for this as with only having 140 characters to get your point across ,its kinda designed to be that punchline sort of community. Facebook.....dont get me started. Forums on the other hand are supposed to be a place where you CAN carry a conversation and get to know people I'm pretty new here but i've found this community to be the most engaging forum i've ever been apart of. There isn't the "my post was more relevant/funny/to the point than yours" , everyone seems to get on and theres a ton of respect for each other here. And from what I've seen on here there is that conversation that you mentioned. The members of this place should be extremely proud themselves in my opinion. I'm loving this place. Just go and visit some of the other game communities forums official or otherwise , its toxic.
  9. its gonna be a late night for sure , I'm hoping to see it live. if not , I'm sure i can count on one of you lovely folks to upload it on here.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has downloaded it and is it worth another go around? i have the 2011 re-release on xbox 360 so I'm in two minds where to purchase or not.
  11. Must admit I hardly touched the pistol at all. As for it having infinite ammo , that's just pretty much a staple of FPS's
  12. Man , that pizzatron made me laugh. loving this thread. Pizza and DOOM go hand in hand
  13. I treated myself to a copy of 'Masters of Doom' gotta say its a fantastic read so far. Would love to have been in the office to have seen Romero's face when he booted up 'Dangerous dave in copyright infringement'
  14. The scene where they awake from hyper-sleep: the women were supposed to be naked but they'd have lost several countries acceptance of the film due to the nudity, so nipples had to be taped up. There was also a scene taken out of the script where Dallas and Ripley had sex.