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  1. Evening Of The Undead ..... someday


  2. Things with Args !

    So palleted variations are easier to set without creating unnecesary variation things.
    Also the survivors spawn is a little less script-heavy, using Args instead.


  3. Dude27th

    Share Your Sprites!

    Refreshing !
  4. Dude27th

    Share Your Sprites!

    A gasmask wip , based on the visor from Jurassic Park (Snes, 1993)
  5. Hi ! I made a Discord server ! Join if you want ! Doom stuff/ Zamn Stuff / Spooky Stuff in general .
    Under construction but check it out !


  6. Dude27th

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Yeah , if there is room for improvement why not ? :D Also I would suggest unlockable different alternate fires, like a bar of soap just slidding through the floor, or extra bouncy water ballons. But I guess that should require diferent enemy types as well ... At least the pig looks like a flying enemy :p
  7. Dude27th

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    What the hell did I just watch ? xD But yeah , and it should be easy to make maps for it considering that the maps don't have altitude like in the Wolfenstein engine. Also [after 5 minutes of research] , it should be cool if you get to implement the money system and the other mechanics of it :3
  8. Wip Screenshot !


    1. Misty


      I don't want sound picky, but startan here looks out of place. It would look better if it was replaced in brick or wood textures in same art style as your game. 

    2. Dude27th


      You are not picky at all , but remember this is a WIP , startan2 is indeed not a texture present in ZAMN so is not going to be there  when the map is finished.

  9. Dude27th

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm planning on having a Beta release for this Halloween actually :3 and start updating monthly or bi-monthly from there. Because realistically speaking "55 Levels of Terror" it would take me an eternity to make by myself , so I'm focusing first on having the mechanics working and to make most of the stuff of the mod like "modding friendly" in case someone have better implementations of the mechanics , or want to include custom stuff into the mod. For community input in general . If that not happens I'm just going to still make it, just is going to take more time .
  10. *Please watch in 480p because R.I.P. video quality*

  11. Voxel + Voxel + Sprite + 2 Zombies who weren't invited to the bbq !


  12. Leaked screenshot of the Megadrive/Genesis port !