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  1. Well , if you've been doing it for 8 years then yes, that's at least determination for making TAS so I rectract my statement. And about ZombiesTC TAS would be really nice of you! I mean I consider it buggy and broken as it is still in beta but if you like it then it would be nice from your part
  2. Dude27th

    Postal TC

    Well, it has a lot of things to improve for sure, but the music was nice and the weapons looked nice, they need some clean-up tho. And if you just replaced the weapon sprites I suggest that you try following this tutorials and make your own instead: http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorial-how-to-make-your-first-basic.html
  3. I mean , not because people expect every mod to play like a Brutal Doom clone I'm going to make a Brutal Doom clone of my work as well, do you know what I mean? Just take a look at the rest of the modding scene, most of the time or it is just another thing with stolen and reused assets or it is Brutal Doom with another theme to mask it in. You can choose to make something that people expect for sure and it's going to get the expected attention as well, but where is the originality in that? What would be the point of making something new if it's going to be the same shit that's been recicled several times? Im sad to see that you make TAS of something that you don't appreciate because you expect to get some sort of attention by doing it, and at some point I even can understand you. But I prefer to have a work that stands out for being more original rather than for beign just another person reusing the same popular formula and not being daring enough to take risks and make my work representative of what I'm offering to the modding scene. Thank you for commenting.
  4. Yeah , that is the whole point of this re-animation. Also about the ZAMN Mod yes! https://www.moddb.com/mods/zombies-doomed-my-neighbors-mod (It says ZDMN but that's the old name and I don't want to change it tbh) And with some luck I could update as well for this Halloween. I haven't posted it here because I kinda lost some of the credits and I try to find them. Some of the resources are from 2014 so.... yep
  5. Jesus dude! Why did you made a TAS about it then ? I was expecting some aprecciation to detail that someone who has played it several times could notice , but damn.... Ok then
  6. @Dimon12321 This mod idea began in 2016 or 2017 , after the release of Extreme Epidemic Edition. I decided to finish it up considering the amount of work I already have put into it and would be a nice play for Halloween, alongside my Zombies Ate My Neighbors TC mod and the other several mods that are going to be released this Halloween. I didn't knew that someone made a TAS of Zombies TC and I'm watching it right now but I didn't knew about it until you mencioned it. But considering that you probably had a lot time playing the original ZombiesTc , then what do you think about "ZombiesTC:Re-Animated"? It is not a 100% accurate port as there is some slight changes in the weapons and a couple of enemies which would change any TAS of the original but I believe that is pretty accurate regardless. Oh also The City level had a monster spawn changed.
  7. Dude27th

    Laser Beams

    No idea men tbh. Maybe some info about this pack could help ?
  8. Dude27th

    Quick Melee CHAINSAW (instead of kick)

    Well it depends in how your kick is done. I mean if the kick is some sort of Altfire of the existing weapons , you could add in the first line of the Altfire a line with "A_JumpIfInventory" and have the weapon jumping to another attack animation if the player have a chainsaw in his inventory.
  9. Dude27th

    Permanent Scoreboard ?

    Welp , I guess I'll be the first one xd
  10. Dude27th

    Permanent Scoreboard ?

    I'm the only one who tried something like this ?
  11. Dude27th

    How To Switch Gun Sprites?

    Do you have the decorate ?
  12. Dude27th

    Permanent Scoreboard ?

    I have a mod that has a score system and I would like to implement a Scoreboard with the "Top Scores" at the end of the game. Something like this: But it needs to be permanent in means that it should be information that isn't attached to the save games. So if I start a new game from the beggining , at the end it should appear the same Scoreboard as before or show it actualized with a new high score. I have an idea: But it is pretty much maniacal and cvar abusive. So , there is any simpler way to do this ?
  13. Dude27th

    Jazz Jackrabbit Doom v2.1

    Hi I played this version and it's notably an improvement from past versions ! The maps where redesigned btw? Hi feel like there is a better flow in it. And the mugshots with the hud are really nice aswell. I found some visual glitches in Level 5 tho. I think it's because the 3D floors are overlapping with other sectors , like a raised floor or something. Ahh , and you could add the flag "+NOEXTREMEDEATH" in the projectiles to prevent enemies to do their "ExtremeDeath" animation when they die while receiving too much damage :
  14. Could the music be slowed down as well ? :?
  15. It seems that you cannot asign immediately a valor for a global variable. By default they are '0'. But you can asign them a valor if you use them inside a script like: Script "LevelUp" (void) { currentLevel++; }