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Status Updates posted by Dude27th

  1. More recent footage and maybe a date for a demo ? :0


  2. Well , it took me a couple of months , but developing is resuming as usual


  3. So , I figured it would be interesting to prepare some sort of dev-kit in case that someone wanted to make his own campaing with this mod. 


    To be honest I'm surprised that it works.
    So I would try to document it well and simplify all the scripted parts so it doesn't looks too cryptic to work with.

  4. "Evening Of The Undead" progress as 14/03/19 


  5. Finishing Zombie Panic!



  6. Crucifix Test!


  7. Evening Of The Undead ..... someday


  8. Things with Args !

    So palleted variations are easier to set without creating unnecesary variation things.
    Also the survivors spawn is a little less script-heavy, using Args instead.


  9. Hi ! I made a Discord server ! Join if you want ! Doom stuff/ Zamn Stuff / Spooky Stuff in general .
    Under construction but check it out !


  10. Wip Screenshot !


    1. Misty


      I don't want sound picky, but startan here looks out of place. It would look better if it was replaced in brick or wood textures in same art style as your game. 

    2. Dude27th


      You are not picky at all , but remember this is a WIP , startan2 is indeed not a texture present in ZAMN so is not going to be there  when the map is finished.

  11. *Please watch in 480p because R.I.P. video quality*

  12. Voxel + Voxel + Sprite + 2 Zombies who weren't invited to the bbq !


  13. Leaked screenshot of the Megadrive/Genesis port !


  14. I'm kinda late for posting this here because of some irl stuff. But better late than never :3

  15. I have a Zombies Ate My Neighbors mod which now is entering BETA stage of development ^^