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  1. ahhh goodo, sorry lol. :) As I was gonna say while I can't argue with you in the other thread that there's not much customization in my STDoom monsters from default slots and behaviors I definitely can with this one haha. I'm pretty sure that other than using the Hexen acolyte (or whatever they're called) for Chenovy wizards pretty much every other monster in QFG4-3D is based of the various awesome custom monsters on Tormentors realm667 site. There was just no way I could recreate the monsters of QFG4 using only the default Hexen monsters but then I went to realm667 and they had superfast bees, flying dragons and freaky floating ice monsters that were just perfect for what I needed. All I had to do was replace the sprites with ones I'd drawn or ripped from QFG4 and then play with their attack behavior+speeds+HP etc and I pretty much had what I wanted! I tried to get some of the custom weapons from realm667 working but that didn't go very well lol so in the end much like with STDoom I just found QFG universe equivalents to most of the default Hexen weapons which was actually a challenge I kind of enjoyed! :) And yes my retro website was started the 90s and I've pretty much kept its theme in the 20+ years since haha. Some people love it, some people HATE it with a passion lol!!!
  2. Thanks Gez I'll check them out! :)
  3. Hey, I found your site a while ago, I have been looking for Babylon 5 stuff.. like you do and was wondering if you know of a mirror for Babylon 5 - I've Found Her? 


    Seem the main site is down and I've been looking for ages?

    1. Blake00


      Hi there!


      Ahh darn, I thought I'd updated my IFH links there but I can see they're not sorry. Also missing the fb page and forum links so I better fix that too!


      Good news, yes their site is gone but on their facebook page I spoke with them and convinced them to make a indieDB page and thankfully they did it! You can find everything there now. :)



    2. Liberation


      Thank you very much, can't get enough Babylon 5 stuff :-)

  4. Thanks guys! :) Retro FTW ;) Considering your post in my Star Trek Doom thread I'm wondering whether you're trying to be funny or rude to me. I'm sorry my years of work on both projects don't meet your expectations.
  5. In a way you've almost answered your own question and I pretty much explain the history behind the mod in the OP. Parts feel like 1999 cause it was started in 1997 and worked on the early 2000s as a run of the mill default classic Doom 2 wad lol. In 2016 I converted the mod from a classic Doom 2 level to a GZDoom level. In that process the levels were completely redesigned and rebuilt (hence their modern feel) while the weapons and monsters remained relatively the same but with little improvements to the sprites here and there (hence their classic feel) and a few stats played with (eg more HP for Borgs). I realise ZDoom allows for all sorts of fancy things monsters and weapons wise however I'm not a programmer and to be honest I was quite happy with the classic setup. Hey if you know someone who's done phaser/laser beams in their level then link me lol! I have no idea how to do that and I haven't seen anyone else do it so I can't 'borrow' their code either lol.
  6. MOD FIXED! GZDoom's Graf Zahl has saved my bacon lol and helped me finally solve the mystery issues with my Mapinfo that affected my mod from GZDoom version 1.9 onwards. I've fixed the mod and it appears to work just fine with the latest versions of GZDoom! :) I've updated my download links in my original post with the updated demo files and documentation. :) Since this is just a bug fix release I've changed the version number from v0.1 to v0.1b .
  7. MOD FIXED! GZDoom's Graf Zahl has saved my bacon lol and helped me finally solve the mystery issues with my Mapinfo that affected my mod from GZDoom version 1.9 onwards. I've fixed the mod and it appears to work just fine with the latest versions of GZDoom! :) I've updated my download links in my original post with the updated demo files and documentation. :) Since this is just a bug fix release I've changed the version number from v0.4 to v0.4b .
  8. oh man this is awesome!!!! Well done sir!
  9. Blake00

    Starflight 3

    Well it looks like it was all for nothing sadly. Just over a day to go and the Starflight 3 crowdfund is barely over halfway. 30 years waiting for a sequel and its fails due to not enough media attention. So many thousands of SF fans out there (SF1 was apparently the first ever game to go platinum with 1mil sales back in the 80s) that never got to hear about this. Such a shame! But there's still hope as Greg & Anthony said in a recent podcast that they'll look at improving the demo and may try a crowdfund again in the future or secure a publisher. If you're a big Starflight fan and you come across this thread long after it's too late, come join the starflight facebook group and they'll let you know the next time anything happens with SF3 (if there's a next time *sigh* ) plus the group is following a rather impressive Starflight 1 remake from a ex-bethesda employee so all is not lost for us old SF fans!
  10. Blake00

    Catacombs 3D

    inferion_ was kind enough to link me the tool he used to extract all the Catacomb assets! Woot! https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=61795&p=1074092#p1073883 Hi there! I assume this is the same MrFibble from Dune boards and the guru behind the amazing Dune 2 eXtended. Don't tell me you make amazing Doom mods as well haha? While I don't have any Dune mods I do have a few mods of my own here at least lol.
  11. Blake00

    Catacombs 3D

    Son of a.. how did I miss that over there haha. Wow! Thanks man!!
  12. Blake00

    Starflight 3

    Showing my age here but are there any 80s/90s Starflight fans here? I loved these games as a kid. Cool to see this 30yr old dead franchise coming back to life! Not sure if it'll get funded though as so many years have passed! Plus a lot of people have never heard of Fig. https://www.fig.co/campaigns/starflight-3 Announcement Trailer:
  13. Blake00

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    Is it sad that I've watched the 45 min Cyberpunk gameplay footage like 3 times now lol? I just can't get enough of it. For those that got bored I should point out it gets way better after the opening 10-15min mission. Takes me back to so many films like blade Runner, Minority Report, Judge Dread 90s and especially 2012 version, 5th element etc. Reminds me that I need to check out that recent cyberpunk TV show called Altered Carbon! Mates keep talking about it being really good. I play a lot of futuresynth, 80s synth, retro synth music on youtube and the videos are often accompanied by cool animations of retro futuristic cars driving through cyberpunk style dystopian cities at night with glowing blue and purple nights. In the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage when you see them get in the retro sportscar and drive around the city GTA5 style I knew right away that there's gonna be moments where I break off from the main game just go for a drive at night playing some tunes haha.
  14. Blake00

    Catacombs 3D

    I had this on my first computer, a second hand 286. My friends had 486's with Doom or Wolf and I was so jealous but then I found this and suddenly there I was playing a 1st person shooter on that useless old computer haha. Was mucking around with it through dosbox just the other day too. :) I always thought it would be cool to port all the Catacombs stuff into a Doom 2 wad but never got around to trying. Especially as I've not heard of any editors for it that can extract the textures and sprites out? Plus it was daunting enough for me to try and finish Star Trek Doom and Quest for Glory 4 - 3D Hexen so the last thing I needed was a 3rd Doom project hahaha.
  15. This 2016 thread is over a year old and I've released no new versions so its a bit strange that this thread have been dug up in 2018 for a fresh load of criticisms & questions lol.. especially when nearly all of them are already answered.. you're a trifecta of skim readers haha.. but hey all interest is appreciated so okay sure I'll answer them. :) Right in the middle of the top post between the pictures and animations. They are pretty sexy so I can understand them distracting from the link. :P I'll post it again here: Blake's Sanctum – Star Trek Doom Go to the downloads section and you'll see links for the demo and the exact version of GZDoom required for it work (doesn't work with the latest sadly). Hope you enjoy! :) 1. No offense but your username is very appropriate to your post mate hahaha :P as I guess your preview through all my material must have been very 'brief'. The Plasma torch is explained on the website (weapons section), demo documentation, both video descriptions (literally in the first paragraph) and in the video itself as an annotation in the middle of the screen when I picked up the weapon. But okay here it is from the website just for you.. Plasma Torch: "Yeah we all know it’s a lightsabre but I’m trying to keep this in canon okay? ;) An overloaded plasma torch can be quite deadly in close range combat! The terrorists at Arkaria Base certainly seemed to think so. Use it when caught in a tight space or when your other weapons are low on energy." However I may change it to a Bat'leth in the future but that's far less likely to be sitting there then a plasma torch. :P 2. Yes a few people have complained about that. I had no idea that was such an important thing to people back at the time so don't worry I'll fix it in the next release. 3. Jeez you really did have a brief look didn't you haha. The type 3 phaser rifle (plasma gun) IS from Elite Force and the Tetryon Pulse Launcher (BFG) IS also from Elite Force. And all weapon slots have been filled. You're advising me to do things I've already done haha! Check out the weapons section on my website for pics and more info on all weapons if you don't feel like watching the entire videos. Lol thanks for the advice pal. I guess your visit was even more brief than Halfblinds lol. 10yrs is a bit off as STDoom is a 21.. yes.. 21 year old project. It's been a labour of love that I've worked at on & off over all those years. I realise Doom mods are yesterdays news and I know my talents are limited but I do it for fun. If others enjoy the work then that's a bonus. If others (eg you) don't they can move along to the next project. There's plenty to choose from! I'm hardly going to throw away a 21yr old project to go and do basically what EVERYONE else is doing and nor would anyone else for that matter so why bother even saying that. If I never do another version well at least there's the current demo that allows people to use all the weapons, explore parts of the Enterprise and battle of the Borg on a Borg cube. If you look at the handful of other Trek mods for Doom out there you'll see they're not even close to mine for total conversion status. Plus I already have another project which I've also released demo for, my QFG4-3D project. That one sort of exploded unexpectedly into the limelight after it was featured on Rock, Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer magazine UK & US editions so maybe that one won't disappoint you as much lol. Link is in the top post but I'll chuck a link here: Quest for Glory IV 3D Hexen