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  1. Hey, I found your site a while ago, I have been looking for Babylon 5 stuff.. like you do and was wondering if you know of a mirror for Babylon 5 - I've Found Her? 


    Seem the main site is down and I've been looking for ages?

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    2. Liberation


      I haven't actually but will have a look. The Empire at war mod looked good but I don't speak German :-)


      I did sink 68 hours in to the X3 Babylon 5 TC, that was a lot of time in hyperspace!

    3. Blake00


      I still haven't got around to playing that mod yet despite drooling over it for years. Shame they've stopped working on it. Can you do much in it? It was my dream to build up a factory empire much like I do in regular X3 and then command my own Omega Destroyer charging into dark shadow controlled systems.

    4. Liberation


      tbf, all it's missing really is a campaign. I spent most of my time trading data crystals/water/ice within the sol system and the other EA territories. Did start building factories as well.


      So yes you can do plenty, the combat is good but not as cool as tie fighter or the freelancer 2 b5 tc. I never met the shadows, but the draki were a pain in the butt.


      My only complaint (not including standard x3 complaints ie the ai being crap if your in the same system) is that the hyper space sections are a bit long.