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Everything posted by cambreaKer

  1. cambreaKer

    Random Image Thread

    if you get it you're a super badass
  2. cambreaKer

    Why do you WAD?

    well i'm really pretty sure i'm not making "wondrous and wonderful" wads but i just do them because i'm really bored also i don't do many wads because i'm currently busy with making other projects (half-life war and fps creator games)
  3. cambreaKer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    i have no idea what's that supposed to be, but i keep thinking it's an archvile for some reason.
  4. cambreaKer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    still angry...
  5. cambreaKer

    What Do You Think Of Quake's Expansions?

    i think they are pretty good, had a lot of fun playing them. also the music is just great.
  6. cambreaKer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    holy cow this guy's really mad
  7. cambreaKer

    Cursed Doom Images

    freedoom eternal leaked face texture
  8. cambreaKer

    Libre versions of other old FPSs?

    yeah, that's the one.
  9. cambreaKer

    How to get the total time of an episode speedrun?

    i'm not really a speedrunner myself, but i recommend you record demos on prboom plus, since that one has the most demo compatibility. edit: the sourceport i recommended also shows the total time of the episode at the last level
  10. cambreaKer

    Libre versions of other old FPSs?

    i remember some guy tried to make a freedoom 3 once, and i think it was built on the doom 3 engine. however the author had to rename the project and now i think it's abandoned or something.
  11. cambreaKer

    Libre versions of other old FPSs?

    did anyone ever try to make a freewolf3d?
  12. cambreaKer

    How often do you post on Doomworld?

    probably 4 per day or something
  13. cambreaKer

    Episode 2 Was the Best Doom Episode

    i don't want to fight anyone but e3m6 is better imo
  14. cambreaKer

    how old were you when you started playing DOOM?

    i was around 8 years old when i started playing doom
  15. cambreaKer

    Lookin' for some cool weapon mods

    So i'm looking for some nice weapon mods (vanilla or zdoom compatible) with modern or realistic weapons (kinda like immoral conduct). Can anyone recommend me some?
  16. oh nice, i thought it got deleted or something. well i haven't edited fonts before so i can't help you with that.
  17. no problem, but where did my comment go?
  18. try making a pk3 file in slade and making 2 folders, one named font and the second one consolefont and put the second one inside font and put the replacement 0000.png inside consolefont, save and try loading it in doom
  19. i have been also searching but didn't find anything, maybe it's inside some other font file?
  20. cambreaKer

    What's the worst port of Doom?

    atleast it has good music, saturn version is worse, it's just the psx version with a shittier framerate
  21. cambreaKer

    Lookin' for some cool weapon mods

    okay, so i'm just going to look for some myself.